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How to convert MTN airtime to cash or transfer to your bank account in Nigeria [updated]

MTN airtime to cash – Did you credit your phone with an airtime amount meant to be transferred to another bank account, or let’s say you intend to top-up your mobile line with say N500 and you end up transferring N5,000 or N50,000 in error.

If you have the aforementioned challenges or related type and would want to get your money transferred back to your bank account so it can be used as planned, then this post is for you.

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Like I stressed above, if you find yourself in any of the above situation here in Nigeria, do not panic yet, this article is structured to show you how you can convert this airtime back to cash in your bank account, so relax, there’s hope.

Just before we proceed, I will show you how to convert airtime to cash using the following parameters avalable in Nigeria

  • Eazymobile
  • Ogdams
  • Gosub
  • Zoranga
  • MTN Share and sell
  • Aimtoget
  • Cheetahpay

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You just choose which ever is most suitable and convenient for you to surmount this task.

1) How to convert airtime to cash using eazymobile in simple steps

If by any means you found yourself in the web with excess funds on your phone than necessary,  you’re possibly looking out for the best conversion platform in town?

As a business, you receive airtime from clients for payment of goods and services, probably have difficulty converting such voucher to cash, then get your account credited with same?

Did you receive airtime as a gift from a friend or loved one and wish to have it converted to cash?

You’re probably receiving donations on your platform via airtime, but need to have same converted to cash and credited to your bank account?

Let’s say you have MTN airtime and wish to swap it to Airtel etc?

If any of the above sounds like you, “Eazymobile remains your best solution.”

As one of the telecom service providers in Nigeria, a number of services is being provided by eazymobile which include but not limited to;

  • Airtime conversion to cash
  • Data purchase services
  • Money transfer
  • Airtime top-up
  • Bitcoin exchange, investment, holding etc.

Why use Eazymobile

  • It has one of the best competitive industry rates which range from 20-30% for every MTN/Airtel and GLO/9mobile vouchers respectively. This means to say that for every MTN/Airtel voucher converted you’ll receive 80% of the initial value transferred, while for GLO/9mobile you’ll receive 70% of the value as well.
  • It has a user friendly interface, even a toddler can access it
  • Minim transaction limit is N500, the lowest seen ever, with a maximum daily transaction limit of N5,000,000.
  • Transaction on eazymobile platform is very swift and fast.

How to convert airtime to cash

  • Visit eazymobile HERE to create your account first, if you are a returning user, kindly log in with your username and password
  • Click on “Airtime exchange” and select “Airtime to cash.”
  • Kindly follow the listed procedure as seen on the webpage to complete the airtime conversion.
  • Add your bank account details by clicking on the account settings, then select bank between the options, then add a bank as it applies to you.
  • Click on “Withdrawal” to get your fund withdrawn into your bank account.

For questions and enquiry, kindly send your concerns to;


Phone: +234 9021 666608

2) How to convert airtime to cash using Ogdams

Nothing sucks like overstretching your budget in a difficult economy, what is even more frustrating is one’s inability to get a simple tech issue solved by lifting just a finger from the comfort of your home in a modern tech advanced world.

That said, if you by any means recharge your phone with airtime more than budgeted or looking to convert surplus airtime as received from clients for payment of goods and services or whatsoever into cash then credited straight to your bank account, Ogdams does it the most seamless, lesser fee with advance security features in place.

Ogdams presents a very unique and user friendly interface that ensures you consummate transactions without playing around to locate features that should be so evident and clear.

The system has been tailored in a fashion that even a toddler can use it in the below simple steps;

  • Kindly visit Ogdams HERE or download the app
  • Click on register to create an account, refer to the email submitted for confirmation and activation of your account.
  • Click on the menu icon as seen on the left hand side to display arrays of options, wherein you should further click on; select “Airtime to cash” from the side bar
  • Select your choice of network (MTN, GLO, Airtel or 9mobile) for conversion, as well select amount as seen. A number will be provided for you to transfer the airtime, do afford to complete all forms accurately.
  • Your A2C wallet will be credited almost immediately
  • From this point, you can then withdraw to any preferred bank account by selecting “Withdrawal/A2C wallet to bank from the side bar menu.
  • Your money will be credited to the designated bank account instantly, as simple as that.

For questions and enquiry, kindly send in your concerns to;


Phone: +234 90 666 85702

3) How to convert airtime to cash on Gosub

One of the best and fastest ways to convert your airtime to cash in Nigeria is through Gosub

We however consider them the best given the following,

  • High conversion rate
  • Fast payout to your preferred bank account
  • Professional and friendly customer service
  • Verifiable customer reviews as seen on their Twitter handle @GosubNg
  • Simplicity
  • 24/7 service

How to use Gosub to convert airtime to cash in simple steps

Step 1: Register on

Step 2: After registration log in to your account, visit the Airtime to cash page under the Airtime menu

Step 3: Fill the Airtime to cash form following the instruction on the page and submit your request.

Step 4: Transfer the exact amount of Airtime on your request to the exact phone number displayed by the system while you were filling the form

Step 5: After transferring your airtime, the bank account detail you specified on the form will be credited automatically within 5 minutes.

You can also watch a step by step tutorial on their YouTube channel (Gosub Limited) for clarity.

Note: If after 5 minutes you didn’t get your cash equivalent in your bank account which could be attributed to network delay from your bank end or any other unforeseen reason.

Kindly reach out to the customer support via 09064172909 also available on WhatsApp to confirm your transaction status.

It will be resolved promptly as always.

4) How to convert MTN airtime to cash, then credit your bank account using Zoranga

Zoranga is about the fastest way to convert airtime to cash by Nigerians, this platform even helps online businesses create a simple way Nigerians can pay you via airtime.

For the record, with Zoranga you can convert MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and GLO airtime to cash, it then stands to say that virtually all major networks in Nigeria are enrolled on this service. Thus the problem of network monopoly has been solved.

Now follow the below steps to convert airtime to cash using Zoranga

  • Sign up on zoranga
  • Sign in having signed up
  • Click on make deposit in the option, you’ll see 1) Deposit with MTN Share and Sale 2) Deposit with 9mobile transfer, kindly click on deposit with MTN Share and Sell if you’re dealing with MTN line.
  • You will be asked to enter the mobile number you want to send money with, additionally, a number will as well be provided, where you will be required to send the money first, copy and save this number so you can use it when the time comes.
  • Input the amount you wish to transfer and click “Deposit” then “Confirm” your transfer.
  • Refresh the page in 5 minutes time to see if the transfer was successful

Having done the transfer to the supposed number, you will then have to commence your money transfer to your bank account in earnest

  • Select the option transfer money, enter your bank account details correctly, then transfer the money to your bank account.

Note: The MTN Share and Sell transfer, which constitutes the pioneer transfer before transferring to your bank account proper attracts a charge of 30%, transfer to your bank account however does not attract any charge.

5) How to convert MTN airtime to cash using the MTN Share and Sell

MTN airtime to cash

Before you can use your MTN Sim card for MTN Share and Sell, you will first and foremost migrate

To MTN Beta Talk.

To migrate to MTN Beta Talk kindly text BT to 131 or dial *123*2*1# to migrate to MTN Beta Talk tariff plan. First migration within 30 days is free while subsequent migration within 30 days period is billed at N100

Now to transfer cash to your bank account using the MTN Share and Sell, follow the below directive

  • Kindly text 0000 1414 1414 to 777, where 0000 is your default PIN that must be changed to now 1414 as seen, what this means is that 1414 will be set as your Share and Sell PIN. This is just an example, kindly choose a 4 digits PIN of your choice order that 1414. 777 is MTN transaction code
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message that your PIN has been changed and may now commence transferring airtime to other MTN lines.
  • To transfer airtime to another line, Text “Transfer Recipient’s Name Amount Pin to 777, Assuming you want to transfer N2000 to 07034847816, it should done as follows  text“ Transfer 07034847816 2000 1414 to 7777”, recall, 1414 is an assumed PIN, kindly replace it with your real PIN.
  • MTN will send you a text message asking to confirm the transfer, kindly confirm by sending YES to 777.

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6 ) How to convert MTN airtime to cash using Aimtoget

Aimtoget lets you convert airtime of all networks to cash in less than 5 minutes. With Aimtoget, you can convert airtime of MTN, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel  to cash in less than 5 minutes.

Although we strongly recommend instead given that their customer support is active 24/7 and resolve issues fast.

All you need to do is register for an account on paygold to convert your airtime to cash, login, fund your paygold wallet with airtime of any network then withdraw into any bank account of your choice in Nigeria, withdrawals are instant.

Now you can follow the below steps to convert your MTN airtime to cash

  • Having registered on Paygold
  • Log in
  • Go to fund wallet, and select airtime option as seen
  • Select network, input amount and phone number you’re transferring from
  • Transfer the airtime to the displayed number as provided
  • Then confirm your transfer, your wallet will be credited in less than 5 minutes.

How to withdraw to your Bank account using the aimtoget platform

  • Go to withdraw on the mobile app or web
  • Input the amount you want to withdraw
  • Select the bank you want to withdraw into, if you haven’t input any bank details before, kindly input one
  • Then proceed withdrawal
  • For questions on this, kindly send your enquiries to

7) How to convert MTN airtime to cash using the Cheetahpay

Cheetahpay is the cheapest, fastest and most reliable way to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria.

Cheetahpay is opened for business 24 hours of the day and everyday of the week including weekends.

They are trusted by thousands of Nigerians to safely monetize their airtime at the cheapest rate possible.

Recharge card PINS are also accepted.

How it works

Cheetahpay works in two ways, namely the Dashboard method and the Quick Cash method.

How to convert airtime to cash using the Cheetahpay

  • Sign up on cheetahpay
  • You may have to copy the web address to your browser if it’s not coming up.
  • Click on deposit button on your dashboard
  • Select deposit mode, either airtime Pin or airtime transfer
  • Fill the form accordingly
  • Manually transfer the airtime
  • Recheck cheetahpay balance after 2-5 minutes
  • Then request for withdrawal

How to request for withdrawal on Cheetahpay platform

Having credited your cheetahpay wallet balance, you can now request for withdrawal by

  • Clicking on the withdraw button
  • Fill in the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Withdrawal is expected in 5 mins, expect your bank account to be credited soon.

Recall your account number and bank details are contained on the withdrawal page.

Airtime Flip

AirtimeFlip makes it possible for you to convert airtime to money deposited into your bank account. It is one of the fastest airtime converter in Nigeria with 99% automated transaction.

Kindly visit  airtimeflip to commence usage.


Having known that you can now convert MTN airtime to cash in Nigeria, kindly help inform your friends, these services are very helpful when you mistakenly recharge your phone with airtime amount you can’t afford. Recall, you can as well convert your airtime pin to cash in case you have the pin, it’s your turn now, goodbye.

33 comments on “How to convert MTN airtime to cash or transfer to your bank account in Nigeria [updated]

Raphael Orji

Thank you, Raphael. It was quite helpful. I noticed that Cheetahpay site is not loading and that airtimeflip are not always available. do you have more alternatives?

How do I get in contact with you for a writing gig?

Raphael Orji

Hello Jude!
Glad to know the article was helpful.
The Cheetahpay link has been updated at this time, you may have to copy and paste the web address to your browser. Thank you for calling my attention to it.

You may contact me directly by doing a mail to:
Or call 07034847816. Not available on WhatsApp at the moment.

Kind regards.

Raphael Orji

Airtimeflip and aimtoget are the best, you will get your money instantly within 2 min, zoranga is also good but there payment waste time like an hour before you get paid for your airtime, but please don’t dare go to cheaterpay, they will ripp you off your airtime, the guy is an Igbo guy, he will adjust the price and reduce the payment, just imagine where by I sold 40,000 9mobile to him at the price of 24000, that was what I saw on the website before vi transfer him card, after the transfer I saw 20000 on my wallet, I now call him to ask what happen, he said there’s price adjustment. The is a scam. My 4k his still with him. That was my first time of visiting his website and I will never visit his page again….. cheetahpay is a scam please ignore that website or else he will ripp you off your airtime, I won’t warn you again.

Raphael Orji

Hello Leks,

That was an ugly experience you had.

We’ll watch closely and probably delist if they continue that way.

Raphael Orji

It seems it really happening that way cause I have been debited #5000 and it hasn’t reflected nor to showing on my wallet

Raphael Orji

I just sent aimtoget airtime but they are not responding, I believe AMTOGET are scammers for now

Raphael Orji

I just sent aimtoget airtime but they are not responding, I believe AMTOGET are scammers for now until I receive my money back….

Raphael Orji

Hello Israel,

Could you please tell us your final experience with them please.

Raphael Orji

I would have come to this comment arts before using that easymobile. They’re thieves. Sent airtime there, they collected 3%, no problem. But what I saw at my wallet was another different thing. So annoying but it’s well. Never again! Please reedit that write-up and stop misleading people

Raphael Orji

30% I mean

Raphael Orji

Why would they charge such fee, so I will lose up to 35% just to send money to my bank from my mtn?, they are criminals

Raphael Orji
Isaac Oludare

The information about MTN share is not correct as at today. All other plans can except for Beta Talk and Yanfuyanfu

Raphael Orji

Hello Isaac,

Thank you for pointing out.


Raphael Orji

amtoget is legit but they take some time

Raphael Orji

I transferred to ogdams over 6 hours ago and i still haven’t seen anything in my wallet. Customer care is not responding to my messages as well.

Raphael Orji

Hello Juanita,

Could you please share your final experience with dams?

Let’s know if you were later credited and if they possibly communicated a reason for the delay.


Raphael Orji

Eazymobile mobile is a scam never transact with them they will just get hold of your money and you will never get it again,they will charge you without your consent l

Raphael Orji

Hi Papsonjay,
We just received your review on EazyMobile.

Kindly narrate your experience with them, we’ll follow up, investigate and verify, if they are falling shot of expectation and below industry standard, we can as well take the best decision for everyone.

Kind regards.

Raphael Orji

Cheetahpay is the biggest scam in Nigeria
I repeat never try it
They will credit you fast on your first transfer just to win you trust
After that
They’ll deal the hell out of you

Raphael Orji

Hello Bright,

We are pleased to receive your review about them here.

Could you possibly tell us how the business finally went?

Subsequent complaint by other users will have them removed from our list.

Kind regards.

Raphael Orji

Seems non of this platforms is working..

Raphael Orji

Non of this platforms are working

Raphael Orji

I just used they are the best on this list and they have a very friendly and professional customer service. is faster and they also have the best rate

If you want to convert your airtime to cash without stress, use it worked for me, I am confident that it will work for you too.

Raphael Orji
Tunde Omoniyi

Thanks for this post.
I just used I got my money back, their service was fast with good rates too.

Raphael Orji

Too much stories, was the place I sold my MTN account balance which I bought from my bank in error, I got my money bank to my account in less than 5minutes. No stress, very simple steps.

Raphael Orji

Thanks for this man you’re doing good.

But the fees are much Compare to what I was expecting,

Do you have any other alternative?

Raphael Orji
Ayo Johnson has reduced to credit my account even after updating the transaction status on their platform has successfully… Have even chatted the customer service and has been mute for the past 5hours… All this platforms na scam jare… Abeg they confirm the information before you post such sensitive information else you’re aiding them. That’s my experience with them so far sha.

Raphael Orji

Dear Ayo,

Your experience is strange, I’ve used gosub personally as well as other users too without complaints.

Kindly shoot me a mail via with your transaction amount and phone number through which you transferred the money.

Awaits your response.

Raphael Orji
Ayo Johnson

Other testimonies made me give them a try but to my surprise it’s roughly 24hours now and have not receive a dime… Coming through with the mail tho.

Raphael Orji
Ayo Johnson

I hereby recall my initial statement about

My transaction has been completed. I learned the delay was a network glitch from my bank. Gosub legit die! Definitely referring them…

Raphael Orji

I converted my airtime through and the payment came faster than I expected thanks.


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