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How to complete your western union change receiver name

How to complete your western union change receiver name

Western union change receiver name is a necessity so long western union money transfer is still available for its numerous customers across the world.

I’m bent on revealing and proffering solutions to so many huddles that have come to stay with the western union money transfer.

In this guide, I will detail you as well on the following:

  • How to change name on the western union account
  • Western union change sender name
  • Western union receiver information
  • Western union change pick-up location
  • Western union chat with us and many more as we proceed.

Considering Western union change receiver name, may I quickly run down this brief example

Say Mr. John Bright who stays in Texas USA, sent his brother Kenneth Okoye $500 through western union money transfer for family upkeep or emergency in Nigeria. It’s strictly expected that Kenneth Okoye should provide an ID card bearing the exact name match on the traction at the agent location which is usually the commercial banks in Nigeria, otherwise such transaction cannot paid out for any reason.

If for instance Kenneth Okoye was inputted in the transaction from the states, the beneficiary whose name is Kenneth Okoye is expected to provide a valid ID card in the same capacity without a single alteration or compromise before such transfers can be paid out, hope that’s clear.

In event where the beneficiary cannot provide exact valid and matched ID card to claim such funds, the sender will be communicated who could be advised to cancel such transaction and request for a refund of the sent amount.

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To avoid the issues with Western union change of receiver name, kindly have the followings in mind as criterion to execute a proper and stress free western union money transfer transactions.

  • You need a valid ID card to receive western union transfers in Nigeria and beyond, which could involve any of these; Permanent voters’ card (PVC), NIMS national ID card, International passport, Drivers’ license and the BVN print out. All capable of being verified/subject to verification on the bank ID portal.
  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), this is usually a ten digit number required to un-code the western union transfers.
  • A completed western union form, the receiver is expected to duly fill this form without any error as well with complete information as required on the form.
  • Before now, you must be an account holder with the bank, but this clause has been lifted. You can now pick your funds from any commercial bank rendering this service especially Polaris bank.
  • The sender name must be carried along which should be supplied by the sender, also test question and answer if any. Below is a sample of a western union receive form.
western union change receiver name
western union change receiver name

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Say Ade Bolarinwa who stays in Canada sends $350 to his younger brother Rasheed Bolarinwa specifically for his school fees.

Rasheed on arrival to the bank to pick the Western union transfers, filled a western union transfer form as provided by the money transfer officer. All parameters written.

The money transfer officer inquired for his ID card and he provided say a Drivers’ license which was duly verified and certified OK.

The officer logged to the western union portal to consummate the transaction, on the process he finds out that the receiver name on system is Kolawole Bolarinwa instead of Rasheed Bolarinwa as contained on the beneficiary’s ID card. But the sender name as provided by the beneficiary is Ade Bolarinwa which is correct

This transaction cannot be paid out.

The beneficiary should contact the sender, and report the scenario. The sender will now go back to the western union send location and demand to make the correction which is changing the name to Rasheed Bolarinwa instead of Kolawole Bolarinwa.

Western union change receiver name however comes in different dimensions, if say Rasheed Bolarinwa above provided a different ID card entirely not containing any of the names Ade Bolarinwa included as the receiver name, western union will not tolerate outright change of receiver name, instead will opt to cancel the transaction and refund Ade Bolarinwa’s money, hopes that’s clear?

It therefore stands that western union receiver information should be well communicated to the sender, knowing the fact that senders are less prone to western union sender name error except where the beneficiary forgets such details.

  • Western union change pick-up location occurs when say from the example above Rasheed Bolarinwa stays in Enugu and Ade puts the pick-up location to be Lagos. Rasheed cannot pick the money in Enugu except he relocates to Lagos or Ade will be forced to change the location to Enugu or remove location preference entirely. This is a security measure put in place to avoid theft of such funds from strange locations.
  • Western union receiver information, It’s expected that the sender should be duly abreast and communicated the receiver’s information before hand to avoid correction issues. The receiver should however make sure he has the correct acceptable form of ID before opting to send his name for western union transfers as there are no rooms for outright western union change receiver name.
  • Western union change sender name is hardly in practice as the sender must have prerequisite requirements including correct sender name as identified by the ID card before such transfers are being effected from the agent location.
  • The western union chat us is a privilege offered the western union transfer customers to reach the western union itself in events of difficulties trying to complete the transfer process at any point. Kindly visit https://www.westernunion.com get their contact on the website and hint them on your challenges, that’s all.

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I wish to advice that encountering an issue or challenges en-route to western union money transfers does not imply you should panic or lose hope or think you’re about to lose your money as the case may be. There are routines as I’d mentioned earlier, it’s therefore left for you to abide strictly by these provisions while handling your transfers to avoid the western union change receiver name syndrome, to as well save yourself unnecessary pressure that comes with this trend. Thank you so kindly for your time, and do not forget to drop your questions in the comment box below, share this article as well.

5 comments on “How to complete your western union change receiver name

Raphael Orji
Katushabe barbrah

As for my case, afriend sent me money from Washington, it so happened that I don’t have any of the above requirements to recieve the money. And when I contacted him he had already left to New York.It is not possible for him to change reciever’s names now.please advise.thanks.yours Katushabe barbrah from Uganda.

Raphael Orji

Hello Katushabe,
Kindly visit your local Western union vendor and enquire if there’s any way they can help you out.
Order wise run around and get a required ID card in your country.

I believe there must be something they can do for you.

Raphael Orji
Ukama kingsley

Please a friend of mine once sent me me money last 2 years but because i didn’t have an ID i told him to use my brother’s name which was successful so this year he sent me money with my brother’s name which is Ukama Emmanuel udoka but now he is no longer in Nigeria so he can’t withdraw the money …so i want to know if the sender can change the name from ukama Emmanuel udoka to my name ukama kingsley obinna, please help me

Raphael Orji

Hello Kingsley,

This process is very much obtainable.

The sender should cancel the transaction and resend it with your now preferred name.

Additionally, ensure you have a primary ID card bearing your now preferred name accordingly.

Hope that helps?


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