GTBank GOTV payment

How to complete your Gtbank GOTV payment using 737

GTBank GOTV payment

How to complete your Gtbank GOTV payment using 737

Raphael Orji Raphael Orji March 22, 2019

How to complete your Gtbank GOTV payment using 737

Gtbank GOTV payment – As you may be aware, there are many ways in which you can pay for your GOTV subscription in Nigeria.

This post is strictly meant to teach you how you can pay for your GOTV subscription using the Gtbank 737 code, which is also available for transactions other than GOTV payment.

By the end of this guide, you should be able to address the below key issues as well

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  • How to pay for GOTV using 737
  • How to pay Dstv subscription with gtbank 737
  • Gtb code for Dstv subscription
  • Gtbank payment code


The below steps refers:

  • Dial *737#
  • From the menu, select option “6” which says cable TV
  • Enter your GOTV IUC number, click send. This will lead you to a screen it says 1) Access, 2) Compact, 3) Family, 4) Premium HD Xtraview, 5) Compact plus, 6) Compact HD Xtraview, 7) Premium, 8) GOTV plus, 9) GOTV value, 10) GOTV max, 11) GOTV lite. From the listed options above, kindly choose your package as appropriate and applicable. Remember that these packages come with different prices, you will however see these prices before you proceed with your payment.
  • Example: If you select “8” for GOTV plus, you will see “To pay NGN 1900 for GOTV plus, enter your 4 digit PIN.”

Having entered your 4 digit PIN, your Gtbank GOTV payment will be effected with the value and your subscription completed. That’s just it, the process is super easy that even a toddler can execute.

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This process is very easy, you may choose to use the process for GOTV above, replace the IUC number with your smartcard number, that should be able to aid complete your subscription. Alternatively

  • Dial *737*Smartcard number*Amount you want to subscribe with#
  • Example*737*1568912003*15000#where “737” is the Gtbank USSD code, “1568912003”is your smartcard number assumed and “15000” is the tune/amount you want to subscribe with.


The 737 code remains valid for this subscription 24/7.


The 737 code is as well the Gtbank payment code for your money transfers and other bill payments, and gtbank transactions.

  • For account opening *737*0#, follow the screen prompt
  • Fund transfer *737*Amount*NUBAN Account number# then follow screen prompt
  • Airtime Top-up *737*Amount# on your phone
  • Airtime Top-up to third party *737*Amount*Recipient’s number#
  • To check account details *737*6*1# on your mobile phone and follow the screen prompt
  • To create a transaction PIN, dial *737*5#, input the last 6 digits of your Debit card, then create your 4 digit PIN.
  • To withdraw cash without your debit card, dial *737*3*Amount# and follow the screen prompt to generate your withdrawal code and authenticate your request with your 737 created PIN, enter your withdrawal code into any Gtbank ATM to retrieve your cash. See more HERE


GTBank GOTV payment and other transactions are easily executed with the help of Gtbank 737 code, the bank has a very robust technology and a leading bank in ICT within the Nigerian banking hemisphere. Virtually larger percent of its’ transactions had been centered around the 737 code which can only get better. Enroll today and enjoy the benefits of a robust and seamless banking.

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