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How to complete FX transfer via GTBank GAPS portal

How to complete FX transfer via GTBank GAPS portal

FX transfer which otherwise is referred to as Foreign currency transfer is a practice where domiciliary account holders can transfer USD or other foreign currencies as suitable from their own domiciliary account to another account of same status.

In this guide, I will discuss exclusively FX transfer via the GTBank GAPS portal in the most seamless way you’d ever seen.

Note: To benefit from the GTBank GAPS portal for FX, you ought to have/or just commenced operating a domiciliary account with the bank.

You should be using the GTBank FX transfer, this also allows you to initiate approval in the other end it’s noteworthy to understand that this service can be accessed through the GTBank business GAPS portal.

To get started/effect GTBank FX transfer on GAPS portal

  • On the portal click the “Single transactions” as seen
  • The next step you will need to take is to click on “Initiate fx payments”

Now the fx transfer could be intra or interbank. In this case, the intra bank means fx transfer targeted at another GTBank account, while the interbank transfer are targeted at other banks.

  • In this case, select “Fx transfer GT to GT” or “Fx transfer to other banks” this is dependent on where you intend to route/send the money.
  • In the next slide, you will need to select your GTBank account to debit from the list of options available
  • Select the account number system which are usually NUBAN or regular. Having done this, you will have a provision to input the receiver’s account number
  • In this case kindly enter the account number alongside selecting the receiver’s bank, additionally you will have provision to input the sent amount, having done this click on the “Add to batch” button as seen on the portal.

You have completed the first leg of the transaction at this point, in the next and final step you will be required to approve your transfer before it finally gets sent.

How you can approve your FX transfers on GTBank GAPS

On the portal, locate the approval icon having completed the above step.

  • Click on “Approve transactions” there’s another instruction that says “Approve fxtransfer,” please ignore it.
  • Kindly select your transfer awaiting, you will be redirected at once to a new page, on this page select or check the “Auth” box
  • Finally click on “Submit” button and your account will be debited to effect the transfer.

This is pretty easy to execute, don’t forget to share this post, the comment box is available for your concerns.

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