How to check Zenith bank BVN on MTN


How to check Zenith bank BVN on MTN in few steps

How to check Zenith bank BVN on MTN is a recurrent question that has continued to stare bank customers right in the eye every now, after and then.

By virtue of banking as a Nigerian, one should have at least post 2014 understand the importance and use of BVN in the main stream financial institution.

BVN is has come to stay as well if you do not have one yet, visit your preferred bank to enroll for a BVN, or being faced with challenges regularizing your account in recent times with the appropriate BVN details, I have written a guide on how to “Correct BVN change of name in Nigerian banks.”

Better still, if you have a BVN profiled already, however, not linked to your bank account yet,

Kindly read this guide on “How to link BVN to your bank account yourself” without visiting the bank for this task.

Subsequently, most customers have issues with the phone number linked to their BVN, in most cases, you cannot retrieve your BVN using the viral method is you no longer have access to such phone number.

If this feels like you, kindly read this guide “How to change BVN phone number” to access your BVN using the viral method immediately.

You may have landed on this web page because you are looking to have this question answered “How to check Zenith bank BVN on MTN” or any other issues around the BVN, rest assured they are sorted.

How to check Zenith bank BVN on MTN

I stand to make you understand that banks and telcos have been into formidable partnership aimed at availing bank customers as well as telcos customers the fastest and easiest services electronically.

For example, when you consummate transactions on your bank account, you receive SMS alerts from the bank enabled by telcos through a mutual service.

On the arrival of the BVN, their partnership gets even stronger, given they have a common gateway where the customers can easily consummate transactions.

Given this, there’s this gateway between the NIBBS portal handling the BVN and the telcos to help customers retrieve their BVN via their phone through a short code.

If you are looking to retrieve your Zenith bank BVN on your MTN SIM card, that’s an easy task even.

Before we proceed, you will need to have the exact MTN SIM card you used to enroll for your BVN in your cell phone already, having certified this, follow the below process;

  • From your registered phone number dial *565*0#
  • Hit the send button
  • Your 11-digit BVN will appear on your phone screen in split seconds.

Note: You should have at least N20 on your SIM card to access this service successfully, otherwise you will need to recharge your phone first before you proceed.

How to check BVN on MTN

You can check your BVN on MTN line by dialing *565*0# 48 hours after you have enrolled from a designated center/bank. This attracts a service fee of N20 across board.

BVN code for all banks

You can access BVN for all banks using the USSD *565*0#, there are no unique codes attributed to various banks to check or search the BVN.

Zenith bank BVN update

If you are looking to update your BVN with Zenith bank for whatsoever error or correction, you will need to visit Zenith bank to regularize or update your BVN.

You will have to complete a Zenith bank BVN update form in the branch, after which your BVN will be updated.

How to get BVN number

To get 11-digit BVN number, you will first and foremost have to visit a preferred bank, get enrolled on the BVN platform. Thereafter you will be issued a ticket ID.

Your BVN should be sent to your phone within 48 hours of such enrolment, better still visit the enrolment branch to collect your BVN if you did not receive it on phone.

Example of BVN number

BVN is denoted by 11-digit number usually 229876XXX56 as the case may be.

How to create BVN number

Unfortunately, you cannot create BVN yourself, the NIBBS has been conferred with the sole responsibility.


Bottom line is, you can check BVN enrolled at any Nigerian bank with the using any of the telocs with the USSD *565*0# provided such BVN is linked to the SIM card in your phone.

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