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change BVN phone number


How to change BVN phone number in simple steps

How to change BVN phone number in simple steps

How to change BVN phone number – At the emergence of BVN in 2014, Segun went to one of the Lagos branches of his bank (name withheld), to get profiled for his BVN as mandated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), that every account holder should comply.

He opened his first bank account in his 18th birthday, as at the time of the struggle for BVN, Segun was “19” he hardly had a phone.

En route to his BVN registration, he used his mother’s phone number at the contact form provided at the bank.

Three years down the line, whenever Segun wants to retrieve his BVN via the *565*0#, he gets a negative response, “As to no BVN attached to his phone number.”

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Having approached his bank in one of his usual visits, he lamented his ordeal, on a spot check it was discovered that the phone number on his BVN was quite different from that, in his bank account.

To cap it all, the phone number on his BVN happens to be that of his mother.

At this point Segun will have to change BVN phone number, being that his banking experience around BVN cannot continue the way it is at the moment.

Why you may need to change BVN phone number

  • You no longer have access to your old line, which BVN was primed with
  • The line eventually got lose or stole
  • Your BVN was primed on someone else’s phone number
  • You now have a new line, linked to your bank account, which should as well be extended to your BVN etc.

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How to change your BVN phone number

To accomplish this task effectively, it becomes necessary to make reference to factors surrounding this exercise in a more elementary way, this will convey a better understanding and appreciation of the topic under consideration.

Highlights on dynamics revolving around change of BVN phone number

The idea to change a BVN number comes in two dimensions

#1. A situation where the intended/new phone number is already existing/linked to your bank account for transaction alert purpose.

#2. A scenario where the now preferred phone number is totally different from the phone number linked to your bank account for transaction alert purpose.

If the first/former is involved, kindly follow the under listed steps to get the issue resolved.

  • Visit any of the bank-braches where your BVN was primed

By the above statement, it means that assuming you enrolled for your BVN in bank A.

Kindly visit any of the bank A’s branches very close to your location.

You must not go to the particular branch where your enrolment was effected in the first place.

Haven said that,

  • Having arrived at the branch, walk straight to the customer service desk
  • Tell the officer you want to have the phone number on your BVN changed
  • Upon this request, you will be given a “BVN incidence/correction form,” to fill.

The incidence form contains and requires you to provide the following information accordingly;

#1. Date


#3. You bank account number and phone number

#4. Surname

#5. First name

#6. Other names

#7. Gender

#8. Your date of birth

#9. Your email address should you have any.

Having filled the above, you’re expected to give your incidence/correction report.

Here you are expected to state in clear and legible terms why you want your phone number changed.

In the end, sign accordingly at the tail end, this action indicates authorization to the bank to proceed with the changes on your express instruction.

If the second/later is involved, you have a little task to accomplish as well as shown in the below guideline.

  • Having arrived at the branch, walk straight to the customer service desk
  • Tell the officer you want to have the phone number on your BVN changed

Being that the new phone number you now want linked does not exist/is not linked to your bank account already.

The officer will first and foremost give you an additional form to the BVN incidence/correction form.

The additional form this time is called “the extended customer information update form.”

You are required to fill these forms correctly and appropriately.

The essence of the extended customer information update form is to further signal that you have decided to effect changes to your bank account, expressly done on your approval.

The bank will file these copies in her archives, just in case you turn out to refute or decline a knowledge of such instruction tomorrow.

And by implication, your now new phone number should be added/linked to your bank account for transaction alert purpose.

Note: For this category, you will likewise fill the BVN incidence form in addition to the extended customer information update form.

There’s no compulsory sequence in the details of arrangement on the said forms across banks, the forms and information may differ in appearance, but the details compliments.

On completing and submission of the said forms, the change BVN phone number is expected to be effected in less than 24 hours, if there’s delay, it should then last latest 48 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions on how to change BVN phone number

A close search shows that bank customers have continued to ask the below questions,

  • How to change BVN phone number online Access bank
  • How to change my BVN phone number online first bank
  • How to change my BVN phone number online FCMB
  • How to change my BVN phone number online Zenith bank
  • How to update BVN data
  • How to retrieve BVN without phone number
  • How to change my BVN phone number online Polaris bank

Question 1-4 centers on changing BVN phone number online, particularly for Access bank, First bank, FCMB, Polaris bank and Zenith bank.

Unfortunately you cannot effect this task online.

This is giving to the fact that BVN is such a sensitive information, once accessed wrogly by unauthorised users, account could be manupulated, which could lead to loss of funds.

This task remains the sole responsibility of the bank at this time.

How to retrieve BVN without phone number?

I assume you already know yourt BVN could be retrieved by dialing *565*0# from the very phone number your BVN registration was enrolled on.

In any case you do not have access to such phone number, kindly visit the nearest branch of any bank your account is domiciled with.

Make your account number available on a piece of paper, then sign your signature, the customer service officer should be able to provide your BVN having confirmed that the aforementioned account really belongs to you.

28 comments on “How to change BVN phone number in simple steps

Raphael Orji
Isola Samuel oluwatoba

I had need to change phone number linked with both my bank account and BVN. The changes had been effected at the bank.
But some organisations ignored the changes effected with my BVN and still recognise the old number which is no longer mine. One of them asked me to provide ” BVN data page” before acknowledgement of the change.
What’s wrong.

Raphael Orji

Hello Isola,

You will need to advise these organizations on the latest changes.

Possibly get a letter from the bank duly signed, stamped and delivered to back up your argument.

They should carryout due diligence on you, if they insist you may have to drag them to court which I’m sure they won’t like.

Raphael Orji

I lost my phone number that I use to register my bvn and I want to change my number

Raphael Orji

Hello Atanda,

Do visit your bank with the listed requirements.

Kindly follow the directive as seen in the above guide, your phone number will be changed to your now desired number in minutes.

Best of times.

Raphael Orji

I lost my phone number that I use to register my bank I wanna change it but I visited my bank they said that I should show form list that i use to register but I register through agent, what’s can I do pls

Raphael Orji

Hello Babajide,

Kindly write down your issues in simple sentence so I can understand you.

As it stands, I couldn’t comprehend the real issue from your submission please.


Raphael Orji
Jack ekine

I have changed my phone number on my bvn but still not getting any otp I want to know why sir.

Raphael Orji

Hello Jack,
Kindly confirm that you proceed with customer information update on your account to have your initial phone number linked to your account changed to now existing BVN number?

If not, kindly change that too and start receiving your OTP.

Raphael Orji

This is my third attempt of going to bank on this same issue and I still can’t receive OTP on my new sim.

Raphael Orji

Hello Isaac,
Kindly change the phone number linked to your bank account to your now existing or preferred BVN phone number.

Thank you.

Raphael Orji
Tajudeen Ridwan

Please help, there was an error on my on my name while registering for BVN and I have corrected it about 4 and half years ago and all my linked account are working fine but the problem is with getting national ID, the corrected name is still not relfecting, the wrong name is still showing this hindering me from registering for national ID card. Went to my bank, says it not from them that maybe NIBSS. please help me…

Raphael Orji

This is a strange situation.

However, you may need to lias with NIBBS to get this resolved.

Raphael Orji
Nionio education

Sir I want to change the number which was used to prim my BVN because I lost my phone alongside my sim,but the customer service is telling me to go and swear an affidavit first before it can be changed.. please what should I do?

Raphael Orji

Hello Nionio,

The customer service officer may not have gone completely out of order.

In the meantime, you may have to visit another branch to see if such requirement will be waved, which is not certain.

If you succeed without the affidavit fine, if they insist kindly get one.

The bank needs that to stay away from possible litigation in the feature.

Raphael Orji
Paul Ehis

how can i change my BVN phone number, as it is affecting me now, a verification code is always sent to the number attached to my BVN. Which i no longer have, as it was stolen. Urgent response please.
thank you.

Raphael Orji

Hello Paul,

Kindly go back and read the article in-between lines.

Everything you want is contained and explained in simple terms.

Raphael Orji

So apart from the bank that I did the enrollment I can’t change it in any other bank which am banking with? And secondly is it possible that they change it without requiring for affidavit?

Raphael Orji

Dear Kingsley,

Strictly on your enrollment bank please.

The affidavit is a basic necessity for this task.


Raphael Orji
Aiwekhoe omorede franca

Can’t I change my BVN online without going to the bank

Raphael Orji

Please I need help I went to the bank to change my bvn phone because I lost the old one and I was told it will change in 24hrs time and this is more than 24hrs now and it has not been changed to my new phone number. I don’t know what is the problem, I was expecting to see message that it has been changed but I didn’t.

Raphael Orji

Hello blessing,

Kindly exercise patient, it will still reflect.


Raphael Orji

Bro. Good morning,last Friday around 2pm l went back to the bank to know why my phone number hasn’t been changed, because I filled BVN form last Wednesday of which the my bank customer processed and told me it’ll be effective the following day been Thursday.

So on Friday I went back she told me that she forgot to attach my affidavit that I had to photocopy it and fill another form up till now the phone number hasn’t been changed

Raphael Orji

Hello Kelvin,

Since it’s assumed she has done it or probably not. Let’s assume it will be treated today being Monday.

It’s her carelessness that has been stressing you around.

Hopefully, on or before the close of business on Monday or early hours of Tuesday, your number should have reflected

Raphael Orji

I no longer bank with my enrollment bank, hence I can’t remember my account number with them.

Now I need to change the number linked to my Bvn to my new number that I get alert on and that I use for transactions, with any of my recent bank account. Is it possible?

Raphael Orji

Please I went to the bank where I enrolled for my Bvn to change my bvn name but they insisted I should change the account name also and I also change the phone number for both, and besides they ask me to bring the necessary things I have done it but as from dat very day I did it they told me it will reflect within 24hours now is Going to 1 week now it hasn’t reflect and I need to withdraw from my account wat will I do?


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