How to buy electricity unit online


How to buy electricity unit online and load prepaid meter in simple steps

How to buy electricity unit online – The advent of prepaid meter adds a bit of technicality to accessing power supply in recent times. However, the process of accessing supply does not involve a herculean task either.

It has been a popular opinion to move away from estimated billing as has been the practice for ages, why exactly? The answer is an open secret. We all have been paying for services not rendered via the estimated billing method of electricity supply.

Not even public outcry at different occasions cut any ice to this effect until recently the Federal government sees the need for a paradigm shift and this birthed and engineered the process of prepaid metering where consumers pay according to supply consumed and not the other way round.

In this guide I am going to show you how to buy electricity unit online, load your prepaid meter and access power at once.

If you do not know how to go about buying your token and getting power restored whatsoever, it’s not abnormal neither is it considered out of order.

How it all started

In fact I was once like you, what necessitated this guide was when I was searching how to buy electricity token online.

It happens that I use to buy through this POS guy in town, in this occasion I ran out of supply in the peak of Christmas period. I reached out to him on phone to help me get it sorted as usual and it happens he travelled for the holidays without his POS machines even.

When I enquired why he didn’t travel with his device handy he said he needed to rest full time without being distracted by anyone. So it dawns on me that I was on my own.

But necessity they say is the mother of invention, I’ve solved literally 90 percent of my problems online so this wasn’t any different.

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My little boy was on me to restore power and I needed to prove to him that I have the ability otherwise he’ll believe that I’m broke and make a mess of me for not making adequate preparations for power in the peak of Christmas, trust this tech generation of kids they are verbally outsopken, a 4-year plus boy that operates my laptop and mobile phone as if he’s handling pencil and eraser.

Thank heavens I get down to business and had my power restored to the full excitement of the entire household.

How to buy electricity unit online

In this guide you will learn how to buy your power online and get same loaded to restore your supply like I did.


Step one: Visit and sign up though optional some times

Step two: Having arrived on the quickteller home page locate the “Find a beneficiary or a biller” column

Your 11-digit meter number

You need a valid phone number through which you will receive OTP and the electricity token

Valid email address

Your functional ATM card through which you are expected to send and complete your payment and

An internet enabled mobile device

Step three: Depending on your service provide type in a DISCO that applies to your region, example we have Eko electricity, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, EEDC, etc.

In this case my service provider is the EEDC so I go for it. However be mindful enough to select prepaid category since there’s also a postpaid category on the website. If you choose postpaid it won’t be successful instead go for the prepaid subscription.

Step four: Enter your 11-digit meter number, phone number and email address, amount of token you wish to purchase in NGN then click “Next”

Note: Kindly include a service fee of N100 to your subscription amount otherwise it won’t be successful.

Step five: In the next column you will have to enter your card number (PAN Primary Account Number) usually 16-digit. Select your account type savings/current, card expiry date, Card Verification Value represented by CVV usually a 3-digit number at the back of your card.

Then enter your card 4-digit PIN to automate the transaction.

Step six: You will receive a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) in the phone number you provided in step four above. Enter the OTP in the column advised and click on “Continue.”

Having completed this your payment will be sent, and your 20-digit electricity token will be sent to your mobile phone, the next thing you will have to do is to load your prepaid meter with the token purchased.

How to load your prepaid meter

If you are using a prepaid meter it usually comes along with a POS like box through which you could load your token as a final step, see the below image for reference.

LCD keyboard used for loading electricity token

Step one: Observe and ensure that there’s power supply even in the neighborhood, it’s expected that you don’t have supply in your apartment that’s not a problem it will work even without power in your apartment. Just plug the POS like box to any power socket in your house, but ensure your power change-over is on NEPA as we fondly call it.

You need to put finger batteries in that POS like device, observe to ensure the plus and negative ends are placed properly for effective result.

Step two: Type in the 20-digit electricity token that was sent to your phone earlier then hit the arrow button on the device.

Your power will be restored having seen “ACCEPT” once the connection is successful within seconds, ensure to on your bulb to observe the arrival of power supply.

That’s it, as simple as that.

How do locate my meter number?

This is about the easiest of tasks you can perform using the LCD monitor that appears like a POS box.

Kindly type 65 from the keyboard

Hit the blue button on the keyboard

Your 11-digit meter number will be displayed on the screen

How to check my prepaid balance

On your keypad dial 07

Hit the blue button

Your unit balance will be displayed on the screen.

Related terms on how to buy electricity unit online

Having used the test credit on my prepaid meter, the token isn’t coming on when pressed, how do I resolve this?There could be an issue of open circuit, as a result of factory settings or fault. You may have to contact your DISCO for further advice and assistance
When energy purchased via smart card is inserted in the meter it reads zero, what could be the issue?There’s this possibility that your smart card chip is having partial contact or is loosed, while you may not rule out network downtime at the point of procurement. You may have to contact the DISCO customer care for further assistance
Why error E5 on the monitor?This infers that the smart card or monitor has developed fault, visit the DISCO customer care unit
Why error E9?Either the monitor card is faulty or it’s not properly connected, contact the DISCO customer care to get this resolved
I lose my smart card, what do I do?Kindly locate your nearest DISCO office with a receipt of your last recharge. You could get your smart card replaced at a fee
In event I relocate from my current location can I move the prepaid meter I’m using?No, you can’t. Kindly negotiate with your landlord for a balance where you have a cordial relationship.

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