How to become an Opay agent and make money from it in 2020

How to become an Opay agent and make money from it in 2020

Raphael Orji Raphael Orji December 20, 2019

Become an OPay agent – The need for financial inclusion has driven passion for technology in rendering financial services to a more defined, but yet a very high altitude.

There has been a growing need to fill the void of financial services in the rural communities, aimed at the under-banked and un-banked, thus the concept financial inclusion.

In a plane and lay man’s language,

Financial Inclusion is the practice in which financial services are made available to rural dwellers who ordinarily wouldn’t have access them, given to their locations, which are far away from the urban settling where banks and other financial institutions abound, the said services are offered with the aid of technology based instruments like POS, Card readers, mobile phones, software etc.

These group of individuals are referred to as the under-banked and un-banked.

How does this relate with “How to become an Opay agent and make money from it in 2020?”

If you are looking for additional means of income, or have a shop with relatively good patronage or all out for a major source of income, if this however sounds like you, then the guide you’re about to read will serve your purpose without reservation.

Do grab your popcorn voraciously and read through this guide as it promises to be an eye opener.

Who owns this OPay even and what is it for?

OPay is a payment platform developed by Opera software. This platform enables a user to shop and pay for goods and services through mobile or web browser, isn’t that awesome?

OPay is currently available as an Android application which allows fast, easy, secure payments and money transfers.

It as well supports card payments with Mastercard and Visa, as well as transfers from banking apps.

OPay is a subsidiary of Opera Software, the grand marketer of Opera Mini.

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About OPay services

According to OPay, they have the responsibility to make opportunities accessible to everyone, by delivering on promise of financial inclusion in Africa, to safely and conveniently connect people with the places, opportunities, and experiences that they truly care about.

They went a step further to demonstrate that, they are more than a payment Company. They believe everyone should enjoy financial and social inclusion alike, without regards for physical boarders, boundaries or social status.

On why they do what they do

Over 60% of people in Africa remain unbanked and can’t access the most basic financial services to invest in their education and businesses, which is believed to have limit their full potentials as a people.

Nobody should be denied access to participate in the world economy because of their circumstances or background.

OPay Services

OPay renders the following services, and has demonstrated genuine commitment in recent time within the African settlements mainly South Africa, Kenya and now Nigeria.

  • Oride- This is on demand bike services it renders from your doorsteps with prices you can afford. With Oride, getting around town just get easier.

How to use Oride in simple steps

  • Download the OPay app on Google play store
  • Choose your destination, open the app, enter your location, confirm your location and request for a rider.
  • Review trip and payment information, click the “take a ride button,” check and confirm the rider details before starting the trip.
  • As soon as you arrive at your location, payment will be made through your wallet or your preferred payment method.

Other services OPay renders include:

  • Airtime recharge/data top-up
  • TV subscription/GOTV, Star-times, DSTV etc
  • Payment of electricity bills
  • Money transfers/send and receive money from any bank in Nigeria
  • Food and groceries.
  • Sports betting

Now you understand a few services you can render using OPay as well make a fortune come 2020.

Who is an OPay agent?

OPay agent is a merchant licensed to render OPay services to customers in need of such services, these are the un-banked and under-banked be it in the rural communities or urban areas as the case may be.

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Assuming you are using prepared meter, it happens you do not remember to recharge your line/or buy power card, it’s almost 8:00pm at night.

At this time, you cannot visit any power business center in town, the banks have closed for the day, you were in dying need of power, given to the fact that there’s supply everywhere in the neighborhood, the frustration gets even worst.

Suddenly a friend called to your house and enquired why you were so moody, you narrated your ordeal, he eventually took you somewhere in town, just a shop you knew existed but never care to enquire what services they render or what they sell.

It happens to be an OPay agent, fast-forward, you were able to buy power unit for your household and restored your supply that same night, that’s one of the many ways OPay can better your life.

However, for every business, there are requisite requirements you should possess to go full fledge, OPay is not an exception to such rule, otherwise there’s no orderliness and modus.

To become an OPay agent and make money, you ought to have met certain criterion

Requirements to become an OPay agent

  • Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Utility bill (water bill, NEPA bill, tenancy receipt) not more than three months from the day of application.
  • Valid ID card in any of the following order: driver’s license, national ID card or international passport.
  • One clear passport photograph
  • You should at least have a small shop where you attend to customers
  • If your business is registered, fine, if not, no harm.

How to register/become an OPay Agent

Follow the below steps:

  • Visit https://operapay.comfrom your mobile browser or download and install the OPay app on Google play store.
  • Haven arrived the interface, click on “Menu” then click on “become an agent with OPay”
  • Take a few minutes to fill your information as contained in the form displayed which says: are you an existing mobile money agent, phone number, first and last name, your email address, state of residence, check the square box and click on “sign up.”

Haven completed the above task, the following information will be displayed on your screen

  • Opay will contact you, please prepare the following documents
  • Your BVN
  • Utility bill not later than 3 months prior to registration as a proof of your address
  • Copy of any of the following ID card: national ID card, driver’s license or international passport
  • One passport photograph.

You’re expected to keep the above details handy, pending the time OPay representative will contact you as regards your application for OPay agency.

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From there, terms and conditions will be spelt out along-side other necessary documentations, thereafter you’re expected to start rendering OPay services to its customers.

FAQ on how to become an OPay agent

Q1. How do I make money as an agent?

Answer:  You earn money by providing financial services (withdrawal and deposits), bill payments, airtime or data bundles purchases or charging your customers with your discretion for services rendered.

Q2. How do I get point of sale system (POS) in OPay?

Answer: To get POS system for your OPay account:

  • Download OPay
  • Fill in the OPay agent form to upgrade your “know your customer” KYC level.
  • Start performing transactions

OPay will provide you with POS system within 4 to 6 weeks once they can monitor your transaction volume on transfers and other services.

Q3. When I have an issue, who do I talk to?

Answer: You can chat with OPay team whenever you encounter any issues.

The chat feature is on the bottom left corner on the home page of the app

Q4. How much does it cost to register an OPay agent?

Answer: Registration is absolutely free

Q5. How much does it cost to get a point of sale (POS) system?

Answer: A POS system is free of charge. OPay will never ask you to pay for it.

Q6. Why do you need BVN?

Answer: PayCom (OPay) is a financial services provider regulated by the Central bank of Nigeria. For this reason, there is a stipulated KYC (know your customer) requirement that the CBN has mandated financial institutions to collect from their customers after which they can begin to transact certain volumes.


OPay agent POS: Is a point of sale machine given to an agent by OPay, to enable such agent to render services to OPay customers.

Opay agent commission: Thisis how much an agent stands to earn per transaction consummated, this commission is contained in the details of service OPay will make available to you before commencement, and however, you can set commissions on your own discretion depending on your location.

OPay contacts: You may choose to talk to OPay representative by calling +234 9066 722 924 or send them an email on [email protected]

Become an Opay agent and enjoy the benefits that abounds in this business in 2020, technology is taking the trend, the banks are already feeling the heats emitted by Fintech companies like OPay in Nigeria and African countries at large.


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