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How to become a Firstmonie agent in Nigeria

How to become a Firstmonie agent in Nigeria

Firstmonie agent – Are you an entrepreneur, business owner or a startup in Nigeria who wish to make extra income by rendering financial services to the unbanked and under-banked, if this is you, then the article you’re about to read will help you enormously.

The Nigerian premier leading bank, First Bank of Nigeria in its innovative provisions towards rendering financial services to the rural unbanked populace, which is aimed at deepening financial inclusion has taken a giant stride to recruit more merchants as Firstmonie agent.

In case you’re new to this concept:

Firstmonie: Is a mobile channel through which First Bank expresses its commitment and passion to broadening the opportunities and access to financial services for every Nigerian and African, targeted within the low income segment. This segment could as well be referred to as unbanked and under-banked.

This service is electronic based, which enables mobile phone users to carry out transactions like sending and receiving funds as well payment of bills and a host of other related services.

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Firstmonie agent: This is an individual empowered by First Bank of Nigeria to carry out Firstmonie services un-behalf of the bank.

Now you know the concept and what is expected of this service. With this, First Bank is empowering individuals who do not have a bank account, to as well bridge the gap between high tech service and low literacy clients.

Services you can carry out with a Firstmonie Agent

  • Account Opening
  • Cash Deposit
  • Airtime Purchase
  • Bills Payment
  • Cash withdrawals and Money Transfer

If you have a thriving business in your community, becoming a Firstmonie Agent will bring additional income into your pocket.

Features of Firstmonie Agent service

  • It has a simplified access to account
  • The service is very cheap and affordable
  • It’s regarded as Human ATM being that it decongest the banking halls as well reduces the need to travel to a First Bank branch to carry out a transaction
  • Large scale agent network
  • It empowers individuals without bank account to initiate and access financial services
  • It has a vast and transparent delivery channel, for the administration of social intervention scheme.

Having gone through the above, the next question you’d probably be asking in your mind is “How then do I become an Agent and render Firstmonie services in my community since it’s pretty cool given to a handful of unbanked and under-banked persons who cannot access or use modern technology to carry out financial transactions, better still do not have a bank account.” In the light of this, the below refers.

How to Become a Firstmonie Agent in Nigeria and Requirements

  • You must own an existing business in your community with good patronage
  • Your location ought to be visible and accessible
  • Should afford a minimum working capital of N50,000, the more the better
  • You will have to complete an agent registration form and execute agreement duly as obtainable
  • You’ll be required to provide a copy of valid ID. Which could be any of the following: Voter’s card (PVC), National ID Card, Drivers’ License or International Passport capable of being verified
  • Regulatory information like “Business Registration documents.

Additionally, if you’re an unregistered SME individual, registered businesses limited liability companies, Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Cooperative societies as well Cooperates with retail chains and large distribution networks can enroll as Firstmonie Agents.

Haven acquired the above prerequisites, kindly walk into any First Bank branch in your location and communicate your interest to become an Agent, you’ll be attended to promptly.

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How to contact First Bank for enquiry on Firstmonie

You can reach First Bank Nigeria via:


Call: 0700-34778-66643, 01-4485500, 0708-062-500

FAQ on Firstmonie Agent

Intending agents have a lot of questions bothering them, prior to enrolling as First money agent. In view of this, I will do justice to such questions here.

1 ) First Money Agent Commission: As an Agent, you earn commission as customers carry out transactions at your point, this is why you’re into the business. For a single transaction an agent performs, he /she earns N45. The more the merrier.

2 ) Firstmonie POS charges:Against perceived speculations, an agent does not earn while a customer uses the POS, the customers rather are being charged N100 per transaction threshold.

3 ) Firstmonie Agent app: Visit this LINK to download app


If you think of a seamless financial service that had benefitted rural dwellers, the less electronically know how, the unbanked and under-banked, think of a service that had promoted financial inclusion as well barricaded the distance between high tech service and low literacy clients, Firstmonie Agent service is the answer.


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[…] You may also like: How to become a Firstmonie agent in Nigeria […]

[…] You may also like: How to become a Firstmonie agent in Nigeria […]

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