How to activate/register Keystone bank transfer code

How to activate/register Keystone bank transfer code

Keystone bank transfer code – Are you a Keystone bank customer, do you wish to send money to other banks, check your account balance, buy airtime, etc using the Keystone bank USSD?

If this feels like you, you just arrived at the right web page for the aforesaid information.

In this guide, you will learn how to do it yourself even if you hate learning because it has been written and presented in the most elementary way that even a 6-year old can implement it.

Away from that now, you need to understand the concept of the Keystone bank transfer code.

Keystone bank transfer code

When we talk about the transfer code, it simply refers to the USSD acronym which implies “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.”

These are the set of numbers used by the telecommunication network providers and the banks in alliance to ensure you have access to financial services from your most simple and smallest mobile device.

Given this, you can implement the USSD operations from your mobile phone without data service.

What this means to say is, you do not have to worry about the complexity of internet operations or technicality that comes with using advanced android phones, this task can be carried out with your Nokia 3310 if you still have access to it, (smiles right)?

Transactions you can execute with the Keystone bank transfer code

  • You can send money
  • Airtime top-up
  • Check account balance
  • Open an account
  • Pay bill, etc.


To enroll on the Keystone bank USSD, ensure the below are in place

  • You must be an account holder with the bank
  • You should keep your account number handy
  • You will need a mobile number linked to your bank account (preferably the SMS alert contact number)
  • A mobile phone.

If you have access to the above details, congratulations in advance you are one step away from getting onboard.

But before that, you will need to get activated first to use the Keystone bank USSD.

How to activate/register for the Keystone bank transfer code

You can do this in simple steps too,

  • Switch on your mobile phone
  • From a registered phone number linked to your Keystone bank account dial *7111*0#
  • Follow the instruction as seen on your phone screen to complete the signup.
  • You will need to choose a 4-digit PIN strictly memorable and only known to you as will be required to authenticate your USSD transactions subsequently.

How to send money via Keystone bank transfer code

You can either send money to a Keystone bank account or other banks.

For each of these transfers, kindly adhere to the below guideline.

To transfer money to a Keystone bank account

From your registered and linked phone number to your bank account dial *7111*Amount*Receiver’s account number#


Assuming you wish to send N10,000 to Mr. Denis who likewise has a Keystone bank account number thus; 3054560483.

The correct sequence to send the money should be by dialing the below on your mobile phone;


You will be required to insert your 4-digit PIN to authenticate/complete the transfer, that’s for intra bank transfer.

To transfer money from Keystone bank to other banks

Kindly follow the same process as seen in the above illustration, having detected an interbank account number, your screen prompt will guide you on further details to complete the transfer.

How to check Keystone bank account balance

Banking has been advanced that you do not need to visit a branch to accomplish certain tasks against what it used to be a few years back.

You can now check your account balance from the comfort of your home while relaxing.

From your registered mobile line, dial *7111*1# to check your account balance, this comes with a little service fee of around N20.

How to buy airtime with the Keystone bank USSD

Topping up your phone should come in handy without stress, given the top-up feature of USSD, the paper voucher is gradually phasing out.

The USSD feature ensures you have access to airtime real-time, even at midnight when you cannot go out to make a purchase.

However, the service comes in two phases,

  • Topping up your mobile line and
  • The third-party service

Topping up your mobile line

From your registered mobile line, dial *7111*amount#

Assuming you wish to top-up your account with N1000,

It should be *7111*1000#

Your phone will be credited will value immediately.

The third-party service

Dial *7111*Amount*Phone number#

Assuming you wish to top-up a third party’s phone number say 07034847816 with N1000

It should be *7111*1000*07034847816#


Your banking will only get better with the Keystone bank transfer code, you are at liberty to carry out these tasks from the comfort of your home and say goodbye to crowd banking.

Are there issues and concerns you’d wish addressed on this topic, let’s get talking in the comment section?

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