Zenith bank USSD code


How to Activate/Register for Zenith USSD code, reset the PIN, block account, etc.

Zenith bank USSD code – Zenith bank is arguable of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria, given this, the bank has been at the forefront of innovations towards seamless banking in Africa’s most populous nation.

If you are a Zenith bank customer looking to sign up for the Zenith bank USSD code to enable you to carry out transactions like;

  • Transfer money to friends and family
  • Fast and efficient Self-help service
  • Alternate channel without using the internet
  • Pay bills
  • Request check, airtime top-up, etc

If this feels like you, this content is strictly tailored to lead you by the hands into the discovery of simple ways to get started at the lace of shoestring, it’s that easy that even a 6-year-old can implement it.

What is Zenith bank’s USSD code?

The Zenith bank USSD code, as well as the Eazy banking, is a set of codes just like other banks, that enables you to carry out various transactions in real-time from the comfort of your home without visiting the bank.

Some of these transactions have been highlighted above; send money, pay your bills, airtime top-up, facilitate online banking settings, etc.

Requirements to activate Zenith bank USSD code

  • Zenith bank ATM card
  • Active Zenith bank account
  • A mobile phone as well as an active phone number linked to your Zenith bank account

How to Register/Activate Zenith bank USSD code

Step one: From your registered phone number /linked to your Zenith bank account dial *966*00#

Step two: Enter the last 4-digit of your ATM card Primary Account Number (PAN) as seen on your card.

Step three: Confirm your account details as shown for review

Step four: The next thing you will need to do is create a 4-digit authentication PIN that’ll always be required before you consummate any transaction via the USSD platform. Be sure to remember it and do not disclose it to a third party.

Step five: Confirm your 4-digit PIN in the column required.

Haven succeeded with the activation, a confirmation SMS will be sent to you which indicates that you are now welcome onboard.

How to reset Zenith bank USSD PIN (*966*60#)

If in any case, you forgot your PIN or it’s compromised, you will need to reset your PIN to maximally stay safe at all costs.

  • From your registered phone number linked with your Zenith bank account, dial *966*60#
  • Select option “3” to reset the USSD PIN
  • Create a new PIN, Enter your now preferred PIN
  • Confirm your new preferred PIN
  • Enter the last 6-digit of your ATM card PAN.
  • Your PIN reset will be complete and you can now use the new PIN subsequently

How to register Zenith bank USSD code without ATM

Why would you want to register for the USSD without an ATM card? You probably didn’t have one, so why not visit the nearest Zenith bank and request a card, it’s pretty easy.

As much as I can confirm at this time, you cannot sign up without an ATM card.

However, I hope you are not trying to sign up for the silliest of reasons, trying to force entry into an unauthorized account. I’m glad to disappoint you big time if that’s the case, we don’t aid fraud here, kindly use the exit button and good radiance.

How to block Zenith bank account via the USSD code

Zenith bank like most Nigerian banks has successfully launched its Unstructured Supplementary Service Data account control code.

If you are looking to block your Zenith bank account on an incident of theft, or in event of suspected unauthorized access to your account kindly dial *966*911# from any available phone number and follow the on-screen prompt to block and restrict access into such account automatically.

Zenith bank transfer code (*966*Amount*Account number#)

If you are looking to send money to friends and family, you sure can use the Zenith bank transfer code denoted by *966#.

From your registered phone number

  • Dial *966*Amount*Account number#
  • Select the beneficiary bank name
  • Enter your 4-digit USSD PIN
  • Hit the send button and receive a transfer successful message.

Zenith bank USSD code for account balance *966*00#

If you want to check your account balance, simply dial *966*00# on the mobile phone number linked to your Zenith bank account and follow the screen prompt to receive your account balance.

Zenith bank USSD code for airtime

Are you looking to top-up your phone or that of friends and family with airtime?

To buy for self- from your mobile phone number linked to your Zenith bank account dial *966*Anount#


*966*1000# to load airtime of N1000 to your phone.

To buy for a third-party – from your mobile phone number linked to your Zenith bank account, dial *966*Amount*mobile number#


*966*1000*07034847816# to load airtime of N1,000 for a third-party.

How to activate my Zenith bank account

Has your Zenith bank account gone dormant, you can get it reactivated by dialing *966*0#, selecting option “5” to reactivate your account follow the on-screen to get your account reactivated.


There you have it on how to register and activate the Zenith bank USSD code for various transactions without visiting the bank for the least of service.

Let me know if you have challenges whatsoever, and let’s get talking in the comment section.

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