How to activate/register for the UBA USSD code

UBA USSD code – One cannot underscore the importance of quick banking in the prevailing digital age, you should at once consent the fact crowd banking has been outpaced by events and trends that whoever wants to enjoy seamless banking has moved.

Given this, if you are a new or existing UBA customer who hasn’t enrolled on the UBA USSD code platform, I make bold to say you’ve been doing yourself a great disservice at that.

Today, you will learn how to activate your USSD profile and start enjoying the benefit of services that comes with it.

What is UBA USSD code

Like any other bank in Nigeria, the USSD code is a set of numbers through which the bank makes available it services to you in collaboration with the telecommunication network provider.

The idea behind this service is to ensure you can have access to bank services from the comfort of your home without having to visit any UBA branch for such transaction.

The code is denoted by “919”

Services you can access via the UBA USSD code

  • Airtime top-up
  • Transfer
  • Check balance
  • Pay bills
  • Increase limit
  • Buy data
  • Cardless withdrawal, etc.

Benefits of the UBA USSD

  • It’s swift
  • Safe and
  • Saves time


To start using the UBA quick banking you will first and fore most need to meet a few requirements like

  • UBA debit card/prepared card
  • A mobile phone not necessarily internet enabled
  • A UBA bank account and
  • An active phone number linked to your UBA bank account for SMS alert purposes

However, you may as well get activated with or without the UBA ATM card as the case may be.

How to activate UBA USSD code via the ATM card

  • From your registered phone number dial *919#
  • Select option “1” to sign up for the USSD code
  • Kindly select from two options in the next slide
  • You may select “Prepaid PIN” strictly for users on UBA prepaid already
  • There’s an option to select account with PIN if you are not on prepaid
  • Enter your UBA 10-digit NUBAN account number
  • Enter the last 4-digit numbers on your ATM card
  • Create transfer PIN by choosing ant 4-digit numbers you can memorize, confirm your PIN in the next column, you’ll be notified of a successful registration
  • The PIN in question will be required at every instance of transaction on the USSD profile for transaction authentication.

How to activate the UBA USSD code without the ATM card

You will be needing just a UBA account number and the secure pass to get this activated.

Kindly read how to create/activate UBA secure pass, then come back and continue with the on-boarding.

How to send money via UBA transfer code

This function usually comes in two facets either you’re sending to UBA account number or to other banks.

To send money to a UBA account number

  • From your registered phone number dial *919*3*Account number*Amount#

In a situation you want to send N10,000 to an account number 2221628999 the arrangement should be

*919*3*2221628999*10000# hit the send button, in the next slide you are required to enter your 4-digit PIN which should authenticate/validate your transfer, the sent amount is usually written without a coma.

To send money to other bank accounts

  • From your registered phone number dial *919*4*Account number*Amount#

Assuming you’re sending same amount as above to an account number other than UBA, the arrangement should appear thus:


How to check UBA account balance

You cannot rule out the fact that at times you need to get up-to-date with your account summary as a function of credit, debit and other transactions that occurred in it.

Given this, you need to access your account balance for possible reconciliation.

  • From your registered phone number dial *919#
  • Enter “6” to check your account balance
  • Follow the on-screen instruction with your 4-digit PIN finally to access your balance.

How to buy airtime/top-up your phone via the UBA USSD code

To top-up for self

  • Dial *919*Amount#, assuming you wish to top-up N2000 it should be *919*2000# hit the send button followed by your 4-digit PIN.

Top top-up for third party

  • From your registered phone number dial *919*Phone number*Amount#, assuming you want to top-up a third party with phone number 07034847815 with same amount as above it should be *919*07034847815*2000# hit the send button followed by your 4-digit USSD PIN. The third party will be topped-up with value.

UBA customer service

You probably have enquiry or complaint to make, it’s necessary you reach out to the customer service department of the bank for clarity and directive.

Phone: +2347002255



You certainly must be losing out big time as a UBA customer without using the UBA USSD code, the on-boarding process isn’t that difficult. Let me know if you have difficulty so we can get it sorted at once.

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