How to activate OPay card in Nigeria (Card request)

How to activate OPay card – Are you an OPay customer looking to own, activate and start using the OPay payment card, if this feels like you, this guide will show you how just to get started.

About OPay

OPay is a leading mobile outfit for payments, transfers, loans, savings, and other essential services for every individual considering the need to promote viral financial inclusion.

Given this, OPay provides financial services as well as doubles as a Fintech Company that can issue out a payment/debit card for its customers to complete payments for goods and services as well as withdraw cash and send money to friends and family quickly.

OPay is committed to deepening financial inclusion through technology and enabling shared prosperity, OPay prides itself to be more than a payment company as well as beyond banking.

Currently, OPay boasts 18 million registered app users as well as 500,000 agents in Nigeria who rely on its services to send and receive money, pay bills, and many more.

What is OPay debit card?

The OPay debit card affords its customers the leniency to make quick and easy payments both online and offline stores.

The beautiful thing about the OPay debit card is that transactions consummated do not attract or involve charges, you as well as stand in a pole spot to earn cash back on your withdrawals, as well as make free transfers.

The cashback here is a financial compensation you receive from OPay out of your transaction amount for using the OPay services, this is a kind of incentive designed to encourage patronage and loyalty.

Features of OPay debit card in Nigeria

  • The OPay card allows you to complete purchases across e-channel terminals like; POS, web, ATM, etc.
  • All transactions are denominated in NGN
  • Widely acceptable in Nigeria since OPay is a duly licensed and approved Fintech company in Nigeria
  • In even you lost your card, you do not stand a chance to lose anything
  • Unlike other cards in Nigeria, you do not pay a maintenance fee on OPay card
  • You get cash back on withdrawals, as well as receive free 90 transfers per month.

How to apply/request OPay card

As a user who wants to gain access to the OPay card, you will first and foremost apply and receive the card first.

Kindly be informed that before you could apply/request for the OPay card you will need to have a functional OPay account first.

Kindly download, install and sign up for an account on the OPay app if you aren’t an existing user yet. The app is available for Android and IOS operating systems.

Having signed up for an account, kindly follow the under-listed steps to request an OPay card.

Step one: Log in to your OPay account via the app on your phone

Step two: Click on the icon “ME” then click on “Request for OPay debit card,”

Step three: There’s a column for a referrer, kindly leave it blank

Step four: Select a location where you want your card sent, it’s called “Pick up location,” complete every detail as displayed on the form

Step five: You will be required to deposit N700, supposedly the ATM card fee. Your card will be mailed to your location and you are expected to receive it through courier service within 24/72 hours of such application.

How to activate OPay card via the app

Having received your card, the next thing you will need to do is “Activate your card” to get it ready for use.

Kindly follow the below guidelines to activate your card

Your card activation is usually done via the OPay mobile app

  • Open your OPay app, log in with your user details
  • Click on “ME” as seen on the action page
  • Click on “OPay debit card”
  • You are required to enter the card’s Primary Account Number (PAN) otherwise referred to as the card number, this is the 16-digit number crested on your card, having entered your card number click on “Activate”
  • You will receive an OTP to the phone number linked to your OPay account, enter the code in the required field and submit, your card will be activated and ready for use.

How to activate OPay card via customer service

If by any means you do not feel comfortable activating your card through the OPay app, you will need to call the OPay customer service for immediate and swift activation.

Call; +234 (01) 8888329,

WhatsApp: +234 916 599 8936

Email: ,

 OPay debit card limit

The debit card limit depends on your KYC level, for instance, if you have upgraded to level 3, you stand to transact over N5 million from your account per day.

However, level 1 and 2 customers are limited to certain transaction thresholds, to get the bespoke experience, kindly migrate or complete your KYC to level 3.

How to reset OPay card PIN

To reset your OPay card PIN kindly follow the below instruction

  • Locate an ATM and insert your OPay ATM card
  • Enter your current PIN, the very PIN you are using at the moment and want to change it may be it has been compromised or whatever
  • Having entered your PIN, click on proceed and wait for the machine to display a list of options
  • From the options displayed locate and click on “Change PIN,”
  • Enter the very new PIN you are looking to start using
  • Confirm the PIN in the next column and proceed
  • You will receive an on-screen prompt that your PIN has been reset successfully.
  • Start spending the money on your card now, congratulations.

How can I get my OPay card?

You can only get an OPay card if you are an existing customer, however, if you’ve signed up with OPay getting a card is easier.

Follow the recommended steps in this content to apply and receive your OPay card at once via the OPay app, expect delivery within 24-72 hours of your application to your very location.

OPay activation code

The OPay activation code here may be referred to as the one-time password sent to your mobile number linked to your OPay account while activating your OPay debit card.

Is OPay card free?

Opay card is not free please, having applied for the card your OPay account will be debited with N700 for the card.


There you have it on how to get the OPay debit/payment card, activate and start using your card for transactions of choice.

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