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How to activate Fidelity bank token in Nigeria

Fidelity bank token is a transaction authenticator as well as PIN where Fidelity bank customers are required to supply before certain transactions could be consummated, usually transfers above certain thresholds require the Fidelity bank token to be completed.

Why do you require Fidelity bank token?

You should understand that the token in question is a security feature wherein unauthorized users are prevented from gaining access into your bank account.

Need not tell you that internet fraud is on rampage, scammers and fraudsters have occupied the center stage of the Nigeria’s banking industry.

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With events of theft and loss of funds unfolding every day, one has to apply caution in multiple folds to ensure the security of funds in the bank.

The concept of Fidelity bank token

The Fidelity token is required to complement your online banking, in this case the need for a token is necessitated by the use of the Fidelity online banking.

As you are aware, the mobile banking is used for the following services and more

  • View account summary
  • Account management
  • Bulk payment to up to 1000 beneficiaries at once ideal for salary and vendor payments
  • Robust bill payments like DSTV, PHCN, quickteller merchants
  • Manage transaction limits
  • Funds transfer intra and interbank
  • Set up multiple authorization levels on Fidelity corporate online banking
  • Foreign currency transfers, etc.

Most often, completing these transactions require a Fidelity token.

Types of Fidelity bank token

The Fidelity token is sub-divided into

  • Soft and
  • Hard token 

These tokens have same function, wherein their diversity lies in the fact that one can be generated on mobile device, used anytime while the other is a hardware that must be carried around to access its usefulness.

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How to activate/register for Fidelity bank token

  • Head over to Google Play/App store to download the “fidelity token”
  • Install the app and sign up
  • Provide Fidelity online banking details at the appropriate columns to get set up (Available in Android and iPhones), this is for the soft token mainly.

To activate the hard token

Kindly visit a Fidelity bank branch in your location or send an e-mail to to make your request.

Frequently asked questions on Fidelity token

What is invalid token response?

Ans. This usually occurs when your token is out of synchronization and needs to be synchronized.

Kindly contact Trueserve via their help line on

070034335489 or 09087989069 to get your token synchronized.

Where this is not the problem, it may be a case where the token response was used after it timed out. You are advised to use the token response within 30 seconds of its generation.

OTP non-receipt

Ans. This may occur when the customer changed to a new phone number without informing the bank to update this new phone number.

You will need to visit the nearest Fidelity bank branch if you are in Nigeria.

Contact Trueserve via 070034335489 or 09087989069.

How to create transaction PIN

Ans. Transaction PIN allows authentication of N200,000/day.

  • Log into Online Banking app
  • Go to settings, create PIN
  • Follow the prompt displayed and provide correct answers where necessary

What is One-time Password?

Ans. An OTP is a secured passcode used only once under very short time window for Fidelity online banking authentication for some select services e.g. New user setup, password change etc.

What if I forget my login details?

Ans. If you forgot your login details you should contact Fidelity bank via e-mail or telephone by walking into any Fidelity bank branch.

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If you forgot only your login passwords, you may use the forgot your password link on the mobile app or on the online banking home.

Why do I get error message “Invalid username or password?”

Ans. In this case you are inputting an incorrect username or password, most likely an incorrect password.

Do initiate a password reset using the “forgot password” alternatively visit the nearest Fidelity bank branch or contact Truserve via 070034335489 or 09087989069.


It’s easy to activate Fidelity bank token, however, you are expected to have enrolled on the online banking since the token is an authenticator to complement the online banking transactions at a time.

The token/PIN being generated in this case must be used within 30 seconds otherwise it becomes invalid. Have questions and enquiries, use the comment box.

It’s your turn now, thanks for staying around.

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