How to activate chime card


How to activate Chime card in few easy steps

How to activate chime card, unlike traditional banks and financial institutions Chime offers just a suite of products that enables its users to make informed decision on what exactly they want.

Basically, Chime presents three unique products, all of which have full unique options for its users real time.

You have the

  • Chime savings account
  • Chime checking account and
  • Chime card

The Chime card

Chime offers a credit builder card available without a credit check, tailored for users who are looking to build up their credit.

The Chime card helps you in the following arrangement;

  • To move money from your Chime checking account to your credit builder account
  • You can make purchases with the amount moved
  • You are at liberty to pay back whatever purchase you made on time to further build your credit.

Chime does not charge interest, annual fee or upfront security deposit for using its card. Make certain, there’s no preset spending or credit limit, in this case you can decide how much credit you want to allot to yourself. To apply for the credit card you will need Chime checking and qualifying deposits of $200 or more to apply for the credit builder card.

Your Chime debit card works anywhere Visa is accepted, you can as well add it to your Apple Pay or Google Pay mobile wallet.

With the Chime card you can access over 60,000 Money pass, Allpoint and Visa Plus Alliance ATMs.

In any case you lose your Chime debit card, you can disable transactions within the Chime app, you are not charged for replacing such cards.

How to activate Chime card

You will need to activate your physical Chime debit card first when it arrives in the mail following your request for a card on the Chime app.

You can access your temporary digital card in your app, while you wait for your physical card to arrive. However, you will need to activate your physical card on arrival so that your physical card and temporary card numbers will match.

Note: The moment you activate your physical card afterward, your temporary card will no longer be accessible.

Follow the below steps to access your temporary digital card in your Chime app

  • Open your app
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Scroll down and tap “Debit card”
  • Select “View your card” to see your temporary card number and details. You can now make use of your temporary digital card while you wait for the arrival of your physical card.

How to activate Chime Visa physical debit card

Now your physical card has arrived following your application on the Chime mobile app. You will have to get this card activated before it can be subjected to further use.

Follow the below steps to activate your card on the Chime mobile app;

  • Log in to your Chime app and tap “The green card status button”
  • Tap “Activate card” and you are done.

How to activate Chime card without app

Peradventure you did not see the option to activate your card in the app, you may have to activate it online following the below steps.

  • Log in to your account at
  • Click the “Activate card button”
  • Enter your Card Verification Value (CVV) usually 3-digit number
  • Click “Call now”
  • Enter the verification code received during the call as well as your 4-digit PIN
  • Click on “Done.”

Chime customer service

For issues and enquiries call: 1-844-244-6363



The above guide gave a detailed insight on how to activate Chime card, however, you can access the temporary digital card on your Chime mobile app, put it to good use pending the arrival of your physical card having applied on your app too.

Kindly be informed that the moment you activate the physical card, your temporary digital card will stop working instantly.

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