How to access up to N5 million Zedvance loan in Nigeria

How to access up to N5 million Zedvance loan in Nigeria

Zedvance loan – If you wish to access a flexible loan to surmount your financial challenges, Zedvance could be a perfect fit for you.

If you’ve not heard of Zedvance before now, then read carefully.

Zedvance is one of the leading loan companies in Nigeria, it prides itself in meeting customers’ funding needs at a very little or short notice.

At zedvance, the customer comes first, committed towards giving you the best financial services you’d ever think of in recent times.

They understand the urgency of your needs, that’s why they deliver services to you in record time without compromising on quality.

At Zedvance, you can `access a loan of up to N5 million with a flexible repayment period of up to 18 months.

To even think you can access quick loan without collateral at Zedvance puts it at the forefront of wish loans in Nigeria.

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How to apply for Zedvance loan in Nigeria

Zedvance loan is one of the easiest loans you can access without stress or hitches, as well be satisfied with the services rendered.

Zedvance has three types of loan packages namely:

  • Zedvance Nano
  • Zedvance Payroll
  • Zedvance for business

Zedvance Nano loan

This is a structural digital financing service targeted for small amounts usually lower than the micro financing loan.

It’s an instant short term loan designed to take care of those moments where you need to bridge gaps in finances for a short while. The repayable term for this loan is 15 days maximum.

This loan can be accessed by both salary and non salary earners, you can get Zedvance nano loan of within N2,500, N5000, N7,500 or N10,000.

Based on your credit history, you can scale up to N100,000.

Repayment is automated, deductions occur on the customer’s account on due date.

FAQs on Nano loan

Q1) How can I get Nano loan

It’s simple, you can download MoneyPal from Google Play Store to apply.

Q2) Who can assist me with loan processing?

You can call the customer care service centre via 07001001000 or send a mail to for support.

Q3) Can I pay off my loan before the due date?

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Yes you can, early repayment is also available for customers who wish to repay prior to the repayment date. You can pay to Zedvance limited Access Bank account 0690282997.

Q4) What if I miss my repayment date?

If you don’t pay on due date and the loan becomes overdue, you will be reported to Credit Bureau and default may affect your credit eligibility in the future.

Zedvance Payroll/salary loan

This loan is structured to empower salary earners.

This is a personal credit granted to salary earners employed by either a private or public organization for a monthly loan repayment. These loans are typically backed by salary payments and provided repayment instruments are used to achieve collections till loan expiry.


Sector Min loan amount Maximum loan amout Maximum loan tenor
Public sector N20,000 N3,000,000 24 months
Private sector N50,000 N5,000,000 18 months


You can apply for payroll loan  HERE chat with Zee on WhatsApp via 09060003933.

FAQs on Zedvance Payroll loan

Q1) What are the required documents/loan requirements for Zedvance payroll Private Sector Loan Application?

  • Complete filled loan application form
  • Valid means of identification (National Id, Driver’s license, International Passport, Voter’s card)
  • Employment identity card
  • Employment letter
  • Utility bill, not more than three months old.
  • Passport photograph
  • Up-to-date bank statements of not less than 6 months
  • Official email.

Q2) What are the required documents for a Public Sector Loan Application

  • Completely filled loan application form
  • Work identity card
  • Other valid means if ID same as above
  • One Passport Photograph

To access this loan, kindly follow the below steps and get your bank account credited at the speed of light.

  • Visit /  Apply Here or download the Zedvance app on Google play store
  • Click on sign up to get onboard the platform.
  • Having completed your registration/sign up, it’s time to apply for your loan proper.
  • Click on apply for loan
  • On the next slide you will see application form where you will have to input the sector you work with either Private or Public sector, state where you work, input your bank salary account/the bank where your salary account is domiciled, your NUBAN account number, net salary amount and any existing loan you’re into.
  • Having inputted the above details, click on continue. On the next slide, you will be notified on your eligible amount, tenor etc, then apply.
  • Your loan application will be reviewed and disbursed thereafter.

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Zedvance loan interest rate is around 3.5%, management fee is charged upfront. This loan is very flexible both in application and repayment module, the only con is that it’s available at limited places for now. These places are Abuja, Lagos, Oyo and Rivers state

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