How to access Housing loan with Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank in simple steps

How to access Housing loan with Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank in simple steps

Raphael Orji Raphael Orji July 19, 2019

How to access Housing loan with Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank in simple steps

Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank is a mortgage financial institution licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to see to the activities of mortgage banking and related services in Nigeria.

Brief History of Imperial Homes

To convey a better understanding of this financial institution in question, it becomes necessary to walk you down the series of events that gave birth to this bank.

Imperial homes was incorporated in 1992 and was then known as Citizens savings and loans limited.

However, in the year 1997, it got a new birth and was called Patriot Building Society Limited.

Fast forward to 2007, Guaranty Trust Bank acquired the company and changed its name to GT Homes Limited. Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank then commenced operation in January 2008.

Imperial Homes has a core business in provision of cutting edge services to the housing and mortgage sector within the financial services industry, however with specific focus on;

  • Savings and Deposits
  • Mortgages
  • Loans and Advances
  • Real Estate

Haven stated the above, I wish to treat this topic as though you’re reading about Mortgage Bank for the first time and will like to grab every detailed point that would satisfy your curiosity or search.

What is a Mortgage Bank?

This is a bank that primarily or exclusively offers loans to clients to purchase real estate/homes/buildings especially private residences.

The bank loans it capital to clients and either collects payments with interest or sells its loans on the Secondary market.

Now you understand the primary meaning and definition of a mortgage bank, it’s not rocket science.

It then becomes necessary to understand that you can actually own a house here in Nigeria through the help of a mortgage bank and particularly in this article “Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank.”

How to access the Imperial Homes Housing loan in Nigeria

As you are aware, sourcing a loan with any bank does not come without its obligations and difficulties, considered little task to overcome to scale through.

Follow the below guidelines to access Imperial Homes mortgage loan

#1. As an applicant of Imperial mortgage loan, you will have to open Imperial Homes Mortgage account with the bank.

Haven opened the account, you are expected to 1) Save up to a minimum of 20% (equity contribution) of the loan amount required. 2) Keep a minimum balance of equivalent of 2 months mortgage payment.

#2. Submit a completed Imperial mortgage application form.

#3. Submit an offer letter signed by the prospective seller of the property for which a mortgage facility is being sought.

#4. Submit documents of the property to be purchased.

#5. For a new building project, you are required to submit additional documents: 1) Bill of quantity from a registered quantity surveyor 2) Certificate copy of approved business plan.

#6. You will have to provide a proof of income, which could be; 1) Most recent 3 months’ pay slip, certify by your employer 2) Most recent 6 months bank statement of account.

For companies, they will have to provide;

  • Corporate profile
  • 3 years audited financial statements and cash flow projection
  • Most recent 6 months bank statement

#7. Proof of employment, as an individual applicant, you will have to submit copies of your employment letter, confirmation and promotion letter.

#8. You may present a copy of life insurance policy, optional though.

Note: Mortgage loans are only accessible to Civil servants/salary earners and duly registered firms or companies.


Head Office: 28 Sake Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Abuja Office: Plot 266, FMBN Building, By Ceddi Plaza, Central Business District Abuja.

Telephone: (01) 2716122-4, (01) 2918501-3

Email:[email protected]


Lists of Mortgage Banks in Nigeria

Aside the subject of discuss here, there’s a handful of mortgage banks in Nigeria licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

  • Abbey Mortgage Bank
  • AG Homes
  • Akwa Savings
  • Aso Savings and Loans
  • Brent (Skyefield) Savings
  • Centage Savings and Loans
  • City Code
  • Coop Savings and Loans
  • Delta Mortgage Finance
  • FBN Mortgage
  • FHA Homes Ltd
  • First Generation Homes
  • Gateway Savings
  • Global Trust
  • Haggai Mortgage
  • Home Base Mortgage
  • Infinity Trust
  • Jigawa Savings and Loans
  • Jubilee Life Mortgage
  • Kebbi State Homes
  • Lagos Building and Investment
  • Mayfresh Mortgage Bank
  • MGSL Mortgage Bank
  • Mutual Alliance
  • New Prudential
  • Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank
  • Omoluabi (Livingspring)
  • Platinum Mortgage Bank Limited
  • Refuge Homes
  • Resort Savings and Loans
  • Safetrust Savings and Loans
  • STB Building Society
  • Trustbond Mortgage Bank


Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank limited website

Platinum Mortgage Bank Limited

This is a bank created for improving the welfare of Nigerians via the vision of efficient and a stress free and quality housing delivery services, which should as well be at affordable prices.

Trustbond Mortgage Bank

This is a subsidiary of Intercontinental Homes Savings and Loans Limited which emerged in the wake of Bank recapitalization dated back to 2005.

Trustbond Mortgage Bank has continually challenged itself with a customer first kind of business and service delivery at all times.

Mortgage Banks in Lagos


The following are Mortgage Banks operating in Lagos

  • AG Homes
  • Brent (Skyfield) Savings
  • Centage Savings and Loans
  • City Code
  • FBN Mortgages
  • Global Trust
  • Haggai Mortgage
  • Home Base Mortgage
  • Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank
  • Jubilee Life Mortgage
  • Lagos Building and Investment
  • New Prudential
  • Refuge Homes
  • Resort Savings and Loans
  • Safetrust Savings and Loans
  • STB Building Society
  • Trust Bond Mortgage Bank

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