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How to access GTBank Beta Health Policy in Nigeria with N500 only

Beta Health – Are you aware that over 90% of Nigerians do not have health Insurance as at 2018 index, it was recorded that only 5.1% of its population had access to health Insurance policy, measure this result with a population of over 200 million people, that’s way too abysmal.

In the light of this, I introduce you to latest invention in town called “GTBank Beta Health.”

In line with its commitment to ensure that common Nigerians have access to quality healthcare GTBank has taken a step further to launch a health policy termed Beta Health strictly to meet the health needs of the poor.

Beta Health is a healthy policy and invention of GTBank in partnership with AXA Mansard /Lead Way Assurance targeted at low income earners who evidently aren’t operating any health insurance policy because they can’t afford prevalent premiums.

How does it works

This health policy entails that you can register for yourself and third party, which could be your wife, husband, kids or extended family as the case may be.

It’s a very flexible one and accommodating as well.

The policy is made in such a way that you can access it by paying only N500 monthly as a premium, you heard me right, it then means that for one full year, you will have to contribute N6000k only as health premium, isn’t that interesting.

Don’t know of any policy in town as cheap as this.

Treatments covered in Beta Health policy

With this policy, the following treatments and services have been taken care of:

  • Malaria treatment
  • Typhoid fever
  • Ante natal care
  • General consultations etc.

As you are aware, Malaria forms the bulk of sickness that has claimed so many lives in Nigeria and Africa.

Internationally, malaria is responsible for approximately 1-3 million deaths per year. Of these deaths, the overwhelming majority are in children aged 5 years or younger, and 80-90% of the deaths each year are in rural sub-Saharan Africa. 

                                            Betahealth Logo Gtbank For Everyone


Malaria is the world’s fourth leading cause of death in children younger than age 5 years.

Malaria is preventable and treatable. However, the lack of prevention and treatment due to poverty, war, and other economic and social instabilities in endemic areas results in millions of deaths each year.

With this in retrospect, we are not ignorant of the death toll of Malaria in Nigeria, this is why it forms the basic ailment to be treated on Beta health policy, given that a number of victims either lack basic funds to tackle the ailment or are ignorant of its damage.

On the launching of Beta health,

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Guaranty Trust Bank plc, Mr Segun Agbaje, said, “We are delighted and proud to launch this healthcare initiative which we believe will have a tremendous impact in people’s lives. Beta Health is more than just a banking product, it reflects our passion for enriching lives and commitment to expanding access to the essential services which everyone needs to thrive.”


For us at GTBank, this is just the start. We will continue to build on Beta Health to provide greater access to more robust and comprehensive healthcare plans that serve the pressing needs and fit the lifestyle of our customers and people in the communities where we operate.”


Requirements to Access Beta Health

 To access this health policy, you need to be a GTBank savings account holder, the policy is likewise accessible by intending account holders.

 If you do not have a GTBank savings account already “Click here” to get one now via your cell phone.

 How to get registered on Beta Health

It does not involve a rocket science, having registered for a GTBank account, you can start using this policy immediately.

 This products is accessed via the GTBank 737 USSD, just in case you are not up already, “Click here” to get set up then continue.


  • Dial *737*52*500*50#
  • You will see: Who is Beta health policy for?
  1. Self
  2. Others friends and family (enter beneficiary name)

N500 would be deducted monthly for one year, enter your 737 Pin for Beta health policy and Authorize sharing your details with AXA Mansard health.

Once done, your health policy has been activated and premium will be taken from your GTBank savings account every month.


Which hospitals can this policy be accessed?

 You have access to over 1000 hospitals on this policy nationwide, “Click here” to view the list of hospitals and states.


GTBank better health will no doubt go a long way in changing the narratives in the health insurance sector, there has been nothing of this nature, and obviously the first of its kind, why not take advantage today and save lives.

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