How to access FCMB salary loan in simple steps

How to access FCMB salary loan in simple steps

FCMB salary loan – This is a loan made available to salary earners and account holders, the basic is that customers perceived as being qualified access short or middle term funding before salaries are being paid.

Customers and salary earners could have pressing cash needs before payday, which is not unusual giving to several and unforeseen development that’ll come up from time to time.

In this guide, I will show you how to access this loan without hassle, it’s time saving and stress free provided your salary account is domicile with FCMB.

Other things you’ll learn in this guide include but not limited to;

  • FCMB Payday loan
  • FCMB loan code
  • FCMB micro loan
  • FCMB car loan
  • How to apply for FCMB micro loan
  • FCMB micro loan code
  • FCMB credit card and there likes.

With that out of the picture now, do give me your undivided attention as I promise to make this a very interesting and educating piece.

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FCMB salary loan is order wise call Salary Plus loan, which entails that an applicant should have the following eligibility;


  • You must have a salary account domicile with FCMB
  • You must have been receiving salary in this account for a period of 6 moths
  • Have a categorized employer.

How to access FCMB salary loan/ Salary plus loan

Kindly visit your FCMB branch or any other branch having met the above listed eligibility, talk to a relationship officer about this facility.

You will be required to write an application letter for this facility, fill a loan application form then backed up by other documents as deemed necessary by the bank in line with this loan.

On completion of documentation and everything ascertained ok, your salary account would be credited with value applied.

Salary Plus Top-up

As a salary plus loan customer, you’re entitled to Salary Plus Top-up, which is a loan scheme available to existing customers who operate a salary plus loan.

Pre-qualification is done based on criteria such as up to date salary and no missed repayments on loans within the last 6 months.

This loan can be applied for in two ways;

  • Loan top-up through FCMBOnline
  • Salary Plus top-up at the Branch

Loan top-up through FCMBOnline

You will have to top-up your salary loan using the FCMBOnline via the following steps;

  • Log on to FCMBOnline
  • Click on customer loan
  • Click on salary plus top-up
  • Select your current account number
  • Confirm loan amount as requested and applicable
  • Check the box for terms and conditions
  • Submit request, your loan will be disbursed within 8 hours

On the process of this transaction, the maximum amount you can source will be displayed on your mobile screen, this is however dependent on your existing loan.

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If by any means, you are not satisfied with the eligible loan amount, you have the option to opt out of the top up application process in good faith for the salary loan.

Also do understand that you cannot reduce the eligible amount as seen or viewed on your mobile screen during application.

On disbursement of this loan, a repayment schedule will be sent to your email, this include tenor and monthly installment where it applies.

Salary Plus top-up at Branch

Follow the below guide to top-up your FCMB salary loan

  • Haven arrived at the branch, inform the teller of your transaction, who in turn requires to have your account number
  • The teller will input your account number on the system to confirm your eligibility for the loan
  • Eligible amount will be displayed
  • If you’re comfortable with the loan amount and condition as shown, you then confirm go ahead and ask the teller to treat
  • The teller submits the request to head teller for confirmation and authorization
  • On completion OTP is generated and sent to your registered phone number for second level confirmation
  • You read out the OTP for the teller who then inputs in the appropriate column,
  • Your loan is disbursed within 8 hours alike.

Terms and Conditions

The bank will charge interest on the loan amount at the rate offered to the customer on the display screen per annum, the interest rate will be on floating terms subject to changes in money market conditions, for the period of the loan.

The bank is entitled to charge penal rate if by any means you fail to pay any amount owing to the bank in terms of this agreement.

FAQ on FCMB salary loan

FCMB Payday loan: Payday loan is a form of facility the bank offers its salaried customers who accounts as well residence with bank. This loan is expected to be repaid on the next salary day.

This facility does not require collateral on the side of the customer or the borrower, however documentations and necessary application are required for the facility to be granted.

FCMB loan code *329#: It has become a common practice with Nigerian banks to issue loans to their customers via USSD code, this type of loan is structured for effective implementation without hassles.

FCMB has a loan in this category called Fastcash, it’s a paperless and credit facility with no collateral required for your emergencies and urgent needs.

It is an instant loan which application is centered on USSD code *329#.

Feature and Benefits

FCMB Fast Cash is strictly for existing customers with the following benefits;

  • Instant access to funds
  • Up to N100,000 loan amount
  • No paper work is required, just apply through *329#
  • There’s no collateral needed
  • You can apply as many times in a year.

FCMB car loan/Auto loan

This is a credit scheme which allows qualified individuals to part finance car acquisition for personal use, as a customer, you can own a car and pay over a period of time.

Standard Auto Loan: This enables you to purchase vehicle from auto dealers who are seen to have agreed Service Level Agreement with the bank.


  • You can borrow N500k to 7,500,000
  • Payment period is stretched over 12 to 48 months
  • You will have to contribute just 20% towards this purchase
  • There is a comprehensive insurance on the car, throughout the loan period
  • There’s no security/collateral required
  • Prices are competitive without hidden charges


  • Individuals in structured employment
  • Self-employed individuals with regular income

FCMB Credit Card: With FCMB credit card you will enjoy life without boundaries, pay for anything, anytime anywhere.

FCMB has Classic and Gold class of credit card

Classic is for Civil servants, Engineers and Bank workers, while Gold is for Oil workers, Multinationals, Business owners etc. These cards have varying benefits for the users.

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FCMB Micro credit loan

This is a convenient, paperless micro credit facility without collateral for emergency and urgent needs.

This can also be referred as toFastcash, the application is through USSD code *329#.

How to apply for FCMB Micro loan

  • Dial *329# from your registered number
  • Select ‘5” for “Fstcash
  • Select “1” for “get loan”
  • Enter your BVN
  • Select amount, if complied your account will be credited.


FCMB salary loan has been so instrumental in aiding salary earners with quick funds for emergency needs. It cuts across varying facets of human endeavor that has been so far appreciated even the more.


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Raphael Orji
Bawa zainab

I applied for fcmb salary top up loan yesterday but my account has not been credited

Raphael Orji
Elvis Egbe Iyamu

Good morning pls i want request for a loan and i dailed the *329# code but its saying “u have been denied access to this Service, pls contact ur bank for more information”. Below is my email address and phone number for reply pls. 08035088044

Hello Bawa, do excercise patience, it will soon be credited

Raphael Orji
Ekwuru ige

How many weeks does it take to approve the loan.

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