Change of receiver name on MoneyGram

How To Effect Change of Receiver Name On MoneyGram Transaction

Change of receiver name on MoneyGram

How To Effect Change of Receiver Name On MoneyGram Transaction

Raphael Orji Raphael Orji August 6, 2018

How To Effect Change of Receiver Name On MoneyGram Transaction

For the benefit of newbies who may ask questions like, what is MoneyGram? Let me start well by the introducing the concept MoneyGram itself.

MoneyGram is one of the age long means of money transfers, this ordinarily infers money is being transferred from one person to another especially people residing in different countries.

Example: Say a student from Nigeria who lives and works in California USA decides to send money to his love once in Nigeria. MoneyGram is one of the numerous avenues he can use to send this money home in the name of whoever he chose as beneficiary.

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From the detailed explanation above, three parties are involved in this money transfer process; the sender, the receiver and of course MoneyGram company acting as the channel or intermediary. Hope that is clear at this point?

In this guide, I will like to show you how to surmount the following possible challenges which normally come up on MoneyGram transfer:

  • How to effect change of receiver name on MoneyGram transaction
  • Correction of receiver name on MoneyGram transaction
  • Cancellation of MoneyGram transaction
  • MoneyGram refund process
  • MoneyGram toll free number


There has been questions making rounds from my readers inquiring to be properly guided on how best to change receiver name on MoneyGram.

Like I’d said earlier, receiver is the beneficiary in whose name the MoneyGram transfer is being sent. Sometimes issues could arise which could warrant the beneficiary not being able to receive the payment at the MoneyGram agent location. Among these issues are

  • The beneficiary could had exceeded his/her threshold within the stipulated period allowed in their countries. What this mean to say is that, once a beneficiary has reached or exceeded receivable limits they cannot receive any more funds till the period elaspses.

Example: A beneficiary in Nigeria is entitled to $5k USD in a period of 90 days, once this threshold is met they cannot receive MoneyGram transactions till after that quarter.

But so long he’d been receiving funds which has not amounted to the above value, he can carry on transactions. Hope that’s clear?

  • ID card mismatch, this is a scenario where the receiver name on the beneficiary’s ID card does not conform with what is obtainable on the computer. In this case, the beneficiary will not be paid.
  • The targeted receiver could had moved out of the country to stay elsewhere for a long time, the receiver name must be changed, otherwise no other person can access the fund.

To effect change of receiver name on MoneyGram transaction, the sender should kindly take the following steps:

  • Pick your ID card and the MoneyGram reference number and head to the agent location.
  • On arrival inform the MoneyGram agent of the development. He will require the aforementioned details from you to enable him do a mail to the appropriate MoneyGram department immediately for possible resolution. However, in most cases, they will not accomplish outright change of name instead will choose to refund your money, in scenario where they agree to change the name, you’ll provide a fresh name which implies you now intend to send to a different beneficiary other than the one you routed for initially.

The money should be ready within 24hrs after the name change has been completed.

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Change of receiver name on MoneyGram and correction of receiver name on MoneyGram are two different things.

Correction of receiver name is effected when the following had occurred:

  • If the receiver name is being misspelled as contained in his ID card. In this case it calls for correction before the money can be paid.

Example: If a Money Gram transaction is being sent to say Kenneth Uzo Chukwu who has the written name exactly on his ID card. Say the agent mistakenly type the receiver name as follows

Keneth Uzo Chukwu.

The receiver cannot not be paid, from the above name you can see that the agent typed Kenneth as Keneth hereby omitting letter “n”. It is now the responsibility of the beneficiary to contact the sender and inform him of the development which ought to be corrected pronto. Hope that’s clear?

  • Where there’s transposition of First name, middle or last name, the MoneyGram transaction cannot be paid.

Example: Suppose Kenneth Uzo Chukwu is the beneficiary here, the receiver name is in this order First name= Kenneth, Middle name= Uzo, Last name= Chukwu.

If the agent mistakenly writes the surname where he’s supposed to write the first name, the transaction cannot be paid viz versa, until he effects the correction.

So it’s the soul duty of the beneficiary to send his correct name and sequence to the sender before the MoneyGram transaction is been sent in the first place.


MoneyGram transaction can be cancelled in event where MoneyGram deem it fit that they’re not comfortable with the transaction or at the express notice by the sender himself. However, if the sender demands the cancellation of a said transaction himself, he would be made to understand that he’s going to forfeit the charge he paid during the transfer process.

But in event where MoneyGram decides to cancel the transaction, the sender will receive full settlement to the tune of the amount he paid initially that’s the principal and the fee.


MoneyGram refund takes place after the beneficiary could not receive the money due to any of the aforementioned problems.

If MoneyGram International deem it fit to refund your money, you will have to call them on phone. Be mindful they’ll ask you very sensitive security questions to ascertain if the remittance was actually effected by you in the first place.

On successful verification they will send 8 digit reference number other than the initial one you have. With this reference number you will head back to the agent location who will pull the transaction and credit you back to the tune of the amount refunded.


To communicate with MoneyGram effectively it should be on phone which has proved to be very seamless and easier. Just follow the voice prompt as being referred to hook up with the customer service representative. You have 90 days to pick your MoneyGram transaction otherwise it will be cancelled and refund effected. The phone number is +17203625024.  


Change of receiver name on MoneyGram transaction is not a difficult one provided you’re not trying to steal someone else’s transaction. Feel free to communicate with me on your challenges on MoneyGram transfers and I will attend to your inquiry almost immediately.

27 thoughts on “How To Effect Change of Receiver Name On MoneyGram Transaction

  1. I sent 100.00 twice to a person in Nigeria.I trust this person. He says he can’t pick up the money because is middle name is on the same line as his first. Can he pick up the money if it is put that way. They say his middle name must be in the middle box.

    1. Hello Pamela, you’re welcome here.. I wish to notify you that Bank Verification Number (BVN) is now the official means of identification for MoneyGram transactions in Nigeria. The banks are soul agents of money transfer in Nigeria unlike ordinary agents who operates in kiosk or little shops in other countries, as such particular attention is being paid to ID cards.

      I want to understand that your beneficiary’s first and middle name were written together as first name on his BVN or ID card. For him to access this money, kindly take any of the following steps:

      1. Go back to the agent location in your country where you sent the money from, demand to correct the receiver’s name. On this correction, write his first and middle name together as first name.

      Example: If his name is Kenneth Ade Musa where Kenneth is the first name, Ade is the middle name and Musa is the surname. Kindly write his first name as: KennethAde last name: Musa. It then stands that you’ll not include middle name anymore in the transaction.

      2. The second approach is, kindly advice him/her to try another bank, he might just be lucky to get paid. Then take note to use same name arrangement when next you wish to send money to your beneficiary in Nigeria. Hope that helps? Let me know it goes.

  2. Hello bro.. A friend sent me money from south Africa via money gram but I have not been able to pick it up because there was an error in the receiver name.. He added my middle name to my last name. Which is why I have not been able to pick the cash.. But he said he has gone to the bank to make the correction but he was told by the bank why can’t correct it that’s it only forex exchange that can make the correction.. That the money Has letf their banking system already.. That they will have to write to forex exchange to make the correction..

    I don’t really understand this.

    1. Hello bright, thank you for stopping by.

      However empathize on your ordeals at the moment.
      Name correction should be a go get approach in money transfer so long the sender has been informed that the beneficiary cannot access the fund on the premise of name arrangement.

      This report is strange.

      The officer who sent the money should be able to write the bank MoneyGram department with the right name sequence as provided, and this shouldn’t take up to 24hrs to be effected.

      Have you tried visiting any other bank to cash this transaction? Kindly give it a try you could succeed, but if on the contrary the sender should cancel the transaction and resend such with another bank.

      Hope that helps? Let me know it goes.

    1. Thank you very much Michelle,
      Your challenge is a simpler one.

      Kindly contact your sister and inform her about this error.
      She’ll in turn visit the agent location where she sent the money from, the agent will have to correct the name and your sister will revert to you, then you’ll pick the money finally.

      Hope that helps?

      1. My uncle made mistake in placement of my name, He put my first as last and last as first. Pls sir i want to know the time duration before the correction will effect

        1. Thank you for being here Nifesi,

          Usually names are corrected within or less than 24 hours of communication.

          It can only linger if the sender could not get back to the MoneyGram agent and communicate such anomaly in time.
          Hope that helps?.

  3. some one sent me money from south africa and the sequence order of my name was mistakenly arranged she changed it that same day but she mistakenly omited my middle name again so she had to change it to the correct sequence the next day the third time and she showed me the slip the order of the sequence was correct and the bank is still saying my middle name is not still showing i want to know if it was because she changed the name three times and it was a day after that made the bank not give the money to me

  4. Thank you for being here Enahoro,

    Let me start by saying that what really matters most in money transfer is first and last name.

    Most banks don’t pay attention anymore to order of arrangement provided the name on the transfer is contained on the ID card you presented.

    Kindly try another bank, you’ll most likely succeed. The thing is that some tellers are just too adamant to current dynamics, which bank is that by the way.

    Sometimes it could just be the Teller’s perception, when you try other banks or branches in cases like this, you will most likely get paid.

    Kindly get back to me let me know how it goes.

  5. Good day, A friend of mine sent me some money from philippines, but i could not receive the money becos of the name on the moneygram transfer is not properly arranged the same way with that of my Bvn. I tried another bank and the bank said, the transaction is tied to the first bank i used initially for the transaction. What do i do?

  6. Good day, a friend sent me money from the philippines i could not pickup the money because it was not orderly arranged with that of my bvn. I tried to use another bank @unity bank and they said i can only use the first bank i used initially for the transaction. Please advice me on what to do

    1. Hello Daniel,
      Thank you so kindly for visiting this blog.

      Your issue is a mild one, kindly go back to the bank and ask the teller to print your BVN copy.
      When he/she does, write your name as it appears on the BVN as in this order
      1. First name
      2. Middle name and
      3. Last name indicating it correctly,
      Send it to the sender exactly the way it’s been arranged, so he/she can regularize by visiting the MoneyGram agent location in Philippine.

      One thing with MoneyGram is that once it has been viewed no other teller can access it elsewhere.

      Hope that helps.

  7. Someone sent me money from Australia and omitted my middle name thereby writing only my first and last name…when he sent me the receipt , I realized the mistake and ask him to correct…He has informed me that he has corrected it that my middle name has been included … worry is that when I track the transfer online only the two names still show ….my middle name is still missing….
    I am wondering if the correction needs time to go online or can I go collect the money as he already told me he has made correction ???

    1. Hello Leonard,
      Thank you for being here.
      Ideally, your first and last name should be good to pick your money transfer. Some of these neck breaking rules are instituted by these front tellers who pay your transfers. Middle name shouldn’t be a problem so long the first and last name are intact.

      However, MoneyGram name change/correction takes 24 hours to reflect. Try to pick your money first after 24 hours and see how it goes.

  8. how can my name be corrected in money gram bcos have been having issues with my name since on Monday,she have corrected it but the old is still showing.instated of james Abakpa,she in put Abakpa james

    1. Hello James,
      I understand the situation.
      Advice the sender to go back to the MoneyGram agent location where the money was sent from and lodge the complaints.

      He/She will then supply the correct name sequence, which the agent will then effect the correction.

      As for the delay, it could usually take upward of 24 hours and above to reflect. So be patient if the correction has been effected, it will soon reflect.

  9. she have have corrected it since Monday but the name have not reflect since then is up to 72hrs the name have not changed

    1. Hello James, This transaction has been viewed by another agent from your end, so it could take up to one week or less, depending on their uptime against the initial 24 and above hours I stated earlier.

      It goes 24 or less hours when it hasn’t been viewed from another location, so be patient.

      If it’s too urgent that you can’t wait, kindly advice the sender to file for cancellation and retrieve the fund, then use another agent while paying attention to name sequence.

  10. since have view the transaction,can the send collect his money Back from money gram if am not able to collect it bcos of the name,bcos the name have not reflect to the new name she changed

  11. i received money in south Africa via moneygram. i cant seem to find an agent. at the banks they need me to open an account, can a recipient name be changed so that someone can collect the cash for me if they are with the bank

    1. Hello Liz,
      Thank you for being here.
      On your question,
      Sure you can send your transaction in someone else’s name provided you know them too well not make withdrawals and deny you afterwards.

      Ensure the receiver has every necessary details the bank requires.

      To your success.

  12. Hello I just want to ask If I send money using brightwell navigator and used money gram how do I update the name of my receiver?

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