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Hi there,

My name is Raphael Orji, I’m a business writer who helps B2B/B2C reach out to their audience with unique content that speaks directly to their emotions.

Now listen, content is the currency of the web, you can make over 1,000% ROI if you adopt strategic content marketing, that isn’t a typo, I want to be more intentional with you.

If you are

  • A CEO who craves content
  • A business looking to boost online visibility
  • Looking to build authority and land clients
  • Looking to drive Search Engine traffic to your website/blog
  • Want to learn how to write a perfect blog content that drives tones of Google traffic/converts
  • Want to learn SEO writing, etc…

Does any of the above tick the right boxes for you?…… Follow me…..

Content marketing is the best strategy to build a relationship with your audience, despite driving traffic it has a few more unique benefits that help you build a business.

With content marketing, you attract people who may not even need to buy from you immediately.

Potential buyers discover and are attracted to your business through useful content, when they arrive at your website you offer them more information that converts.

When used correctly, content marketing is a great tool in the hands of any business.

To this end, I combine my industry experience in “Content Marketing Writing/SEO Writing” to help businesses locate their clients with relative ease.

I am a go-to leading “Authority” on Content Marketing Writing, who uses Search Engine Optimization to attract the right buying audience without experimenting.

My content creation process is simple: I bridge the gap between where your readers are at the moment and where exactly they want to be, on your business website of course.

Who I work with…

I work with B2B/B2C who wish to drive leads through the sales funnel until they become paying customers using web content.

As a busy CEO, I create a content strategy and implementation that genuinely meets your business goals since you do not have the time to do it yourself.

I work with Digital Marketers looking to create unique and great content in B2B/B2C niches.

SAAS companies looking to promote their products with Content Writing, Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

But wait…. I’m not done yet…, I offer the following services;

1. Blog post content writing

If you are a B2B or B2C I need not tell you the benefit of blogging or having a blog section on your website, blogging is an active tool that keeps you close to your audience.

You become an authority by publishing content that practically solves their problems, at this point you move a step closer to your clients as well as gain trust.

I’ll write and publish SEO-optimized content on your website and ignite a floodgate of traffic with my industry experience, I’ve made that happen a couple of times, let me replicate it for you.

2. Ghostwriting

I understand how busy you can be as a CEO to produce a piece of content, it is never an easy task for you. Don’t worry about that either.

I’ll write you top-notch content you’ll go ahead and publish on your website that not even a single soul would find out I did.

3. Copywriting

Are you looking to get a copy that sells out like wildfire, I can make that happen repeatedly.

4. SEO writing

If Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search Engines cannot locate you, your content marketing effort is as well defeated, though you have an option to go for Ads, but how long would you rely on Ads?

Search Engine traffic is the best form of traffic for an ideal long-term content marketing strategy.

All there’s to it is, that I’ll write perfect content with my combined industry experience as well as white hat SEO practice to give you the visibility and open the floodgate of Search Engine traffic you cannot resist.

5. Blog post instructor

Writing is an art, however, blog post writing is many steps ahead.

I teach beginners and expert writers how to write a perfect blog post that endears the audience and spurs engagement and real human interaction.

You will not succeed as a business if your audience does not engage with your content enough.

Let me show you how.

6. Keyword Research

They say content is king, but I assure you that “Keyword” is the kingmaker.

The basic step into your content should be a valid keyword your potential audience hovers around.

Additionally, you need to master the secret behind keywords you can rank for as well as those you may not rank for.

Doing your keyword research right ensures you do not waste your time writing content nobody will get to read, let me do this for you in line with your industry requirements while you focus on your daily task.

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