Giftalworld Review – Is the program legit or scam? See things for yourself inside

Giftalworld – The easiest way to make money these days is online, either legit or scam, those who work smart will continue to cash in for long decades ahead, this is pure reality, there’s no mincing words about that.

If you have a knack for online investment, giftalworld could probably had cross your mind at one point, as a Nigerian who struggles tirelessly to earn every damn kobo, as well ensure  money is invested with a viable program capable of remitting ROI.

If this by any means sounds like you “Good news” your problem is half solved.

Recall, it has been my thing to tip my audience off about viral programs in town.

The times are damn hard, the more you want to make money to solve your problems, the more predators are hiding by the corner waiting to see you let loose your guard, before long, they’ll strike and you’re back to point zero again, if you’re gullible enough the circle continues.

On this note, I’ll be writing a review about a program in town that has continued to generate viral emotions, confusions and diverse misconceptions amidst other trends.

Do yourself enough favor by relaxing, clear your mind of any form of ambiguity, concentrate and make the most of this review so you can make informed decision thereafter.

Are you ready? We are hitting the ground immediately.

What is Giftalworld?

According information I gathered about them, they said “Giftalworld is a reputed website that let’s you make money online.

It claimed to be delivering legitimate services and keep you entertained always, opening up new avenues where you can earn money in a comfortable way, bringing you the latest piece of information that always allures you with a range of niche, it lets you earn money by reading news online.

Interesting right? Let’s dig on…..

Who owns Giftalworld?

Honestly, the identity of the real owner of program is still a mystery, every effort to solve this puzzle has continued to hit a wild rock.

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But recently they listed a group of co-founders being led by one “Opeloyeru Abubakry (CBO & President)

How Giftalworld program works

They claim you’ll earn money on the platform by reading news online, you share daily sponsored posts and campaign adverts to make money.

How to join Giftalworld

You become a member by registering on their platform, which link I will not drop on this post, put your profile details on the registration page then pay N3000 registration fee, that does it, interesting.

Earning per activity level

  • Once you sign up, you receive bonus of 3000 points
  • Reading news earn you 50 points
  • Comment on post you earn 50 points
  • Daily login bonus is 200 points
  • You earn 250 points for sharing sponsored post
  • You earn 250 points for sharing daily campaign adverts
  • You earn 1500 as referral bonus, so they say.

What users are saying about this program

I filled form on 15/9/2019 for gas withdrawal but was not paid. I complained but no reply, you can’t comment on their Facebook page as they closed all comments.

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Your comments have to be approved by them before it gets published thereby blocking any complaint for others to see, I wonder where all the payment proofs are coming from – Osuorji Leonard

I applied for GAS withdrawal for almost three times, but I was not paid, I tried to complain on WhatsApp group chat but it was closed due to lot of complain – Adebisi Kabiru Rotimi

Shitty innovation, NNU failed, how can this be worthy of investing a dime into, I made a review video on this- Oyedapo Obaloluwa.

Giftalworld is scam don’t waste your time and energy. I registered and after registration I cannot do anything on the site again – Peri 18/02/2020

This scums are scam. They just collected my hard earned money, after one month of sharing their advert on my Facebook and Instagram, wasting my data and time for one month I was never paid a kobo – Ezege 1/03/2020

Las las Giftalworld na clean scam because it tells people that they pay for non-referral while it’s a lie. They only pay for referrals while all your surfing and reading of news go in vain – John King H 11/04/2020

Please nobody should fall for this scam, I had a first-hand experience with them few days back, it seems they are genuine before but not now. Most of the testimonies you see on social media are (arrangee) testimonies to lure people, please beware I just lost my N3000 to them – Samson. 06/04/2020.

How sustainable is this program?

This boils down to understanding how Giftalworld its money to stay afloat, having studied the platform closely, think their major stream and direct revenue comes from referrals, despite having Google AdSense and possibly generating AdSense revenue by directing their traffic to ads, they so much rely on referral.

Apparently they are not sustainable, that has always been the case with such program, once they stop getting referrals, the program will crash.

What does scam adviser has to say?

”The trust score of is extremely low. This is a strong indicator that the website may be a scam.” It has a trust score of 10%.


Is giftalworld legit or scam?

Honestly I wouldn’t conclude if this program is legit or scam, but one thing is certain, they cannot be trusted.

The option to or not invest is however your choice to make, keep your eyes glued on the user experience highlighted above it says a lot about them.

Did you have personal experience with giftalworld, kindly share with us via the comment box below.

6 comments on “Giftalworld Review – Is the program legit or scam? See things for yourself inside

Raphael Orji
Pella kris

Who can i join the giftalword

Raphael Orji
Pella kris

How can i join the giftalword

Raphael Orji

Giftalworld is pure scam. You only get paid when you refer people, unlike what they said that you get paid when you accumulate a certain point. I and majority of my friends have accumulated over 300,000 Gas point each and has never been paid, going to three months now.
As for now, the first site has crashed and they immediately opened a fresh one, still scamming people.

Raphael Orji

Hello Jane,

Thank you for confirming that this scheme is pure scam just like I projected

Raphael Orji
Kikelomo Abiola

Giftal investment is a real scam, a friend invested 50k,she was later asked to send in another 30k for registration, she never recovered her money back. The word of Yoruba is very true.
Eni n wa ifa
O n wa ofo

Raphael Orji

Hello Kikelomo,
I know it will come to this, that’s why I wrote this review in the first place, to sound a note of warning.

Thank you for lending your voice.


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