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G2glite Review – See how to make money with just N300 (grass to grace)

G2glite Review – See how to make money with just N300 (grass to grace)

G2glite review, giving to the economic situation of the country, my readers have continued to enquire into genuine programs that will guarantee earnings without scam or stress.

In actual sense I will say no earning comes without stress, but some businesses are less stressful compared to others while possibility of being scammed has always been a trend.

However, the program I’m about to introduce to you can be categorized as one of those businesses you can venture in with minimal and less stress.

Introducing to you is an income program in town called g2glite, which is order wise referred to as “grass to grace.” A hot program that has been creating wealth in town, and I do think you need to key in.

What is this G2Glite

This is simply empowerment, but yet an income program termed Grass to Grace, created to help Nigerians take charge of their financial life, moving them from their poor state to where they actually want to be financially while fulfilling their dreams.

Who owns this program

This is virtually a product of Neo Cybertech Solutions Company, with the full aim of enriching and alleviating its members from poverty, Neo Cybertech solution is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to carry out its business with full approval.

RC number: BN2529379, this company has been around for about 5 years, with passion to better human existence to as well eradicate poverty, G2Glite was created and had since commenced touching lives.

Follow me gradually, and you’d be sure convinced that this is a lifetime opportunity you must grab with both hands and should never let slip off your hands.

How does the G2Glite program work?

I do expect this question before now, have you heard about mini importation? You probably have, but if not, listen.

This is the practice of buying products/goods at cheap prices from foreign manufactures, you in turn import the products to Nigeria, directly to your location. You do not need to pay tax, or custom duty of any kind in mini importation. Your products ordered will normally arrive Nigeria within 5 days of being shipped from the parent country.

That’s not all, you will mostly have to sell these products with over 100% profit.

G2Glite will teach you how to start your own mini importation without having anything to risk.

Others will charge you out of this world for a knowledge like this, but here you will get to learn it free. This is just one aspect of the income stream that awaits you in this program, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Don’t embark on mini importation without going through this tutelage order wise you will get your fingers burnt, there are rules in this business, with that in mind, it pays to learn under the tutelage of grand masters.

You need to understand things like hot selling products, lightweight products as they impact to shipping charges, most importantly how and where to sell these products repeatedly and make millions out of them.

More so, G2Glite also have an amazing income offer that works on 3*2 matrix model which will enable you make a lot of money within a short time with a meager investment of just N300 if you’re dutiful to it, yes you heard me right, can you believe that? Come with me gradually.

Does this Neo Cybertech Solution come G2Glite has a physical address/where are they located

To answer your question, it’s a YES.

You can visit their head office at: No 19 Tiwadayo , Challenge road Gedu Estate, Oyo State Nigeria.

Contact line: +2349056272635 WhatsApp preferably.

Email address:

You may contact them with the above details for challenges and clarity going into this business, their response rate is awesome.

Now take a look at the G2Glite complete plan and how it works

For joining this program with a onetime payment of N300, you will make money in the following arrangement with the 3*2 matrix plan

Stages Income Incentives
Stage 1 N1,050 N500 airtime credit
Stage 2 N2,850 N1000 data subscription
Stage 3 N7,800 N3000 food provisions
Stage 4 N19,050 N8000 food stuff
Stage 5 N48,000 Brand new tablet N20,000
Stage 6 N137,250 Brand new laptop N54,000
Stage 7 N363,000 Shopping voucher of N145,000
Stage 8 N955,000 Educational funds N388,000
Stage 9 N2,452,500 Dubai Shopping N933,000
Stage 10 N6,388,500 Holy land visitation N2,615,800
Stage 11 N17,239,500 Family trip to abroad N6,955,800
Stage 12 N45,600,000 3 bed room flat with a brand new car N27,960,000


The above table describes how much you stand to make both in cash and incentives, it’s no child’s play, you can achieve it.

Has anyone made money from G2Glite, if yes, show payment proof

Payment Proof

IDUserDate PaidPaid30stereoboss82019-08-28 15:50:04₦1050.0029stereoboss72019-08-28 15:48:19₦1050.0028stereoboss62019-08-28 15:45:23₦1050.0027morgan2019-08-28 08:42:45₦1070.0026oriaku2019-08-27 12:31:18₦1000.0025amelia2019-08-25 04:28:23₦1065.0024bezos2019-08-25 02:43:26₦1065.0023stereoboss42019-08-24 06:40:15₦1050.0022stereoboss32019-08-24 06:38:35₦1050.0021stereoboss22019-08-24 06:36:28₦1200.0020stereoboss12019-08-24 06:34:50₦2495.0019bobby1012019-08-23 09:36:29₦1095.0018jesus552019-08-23 08:23:33₦1100.0017saintpresh2019-08-22 18:18:52₦1920.0016emmaplus2019-08-21 16:47:01₦1075.0014zealous2019-08-19 23:18:37₦1065.0013saintpresh12019-08-16 15:44:14₦1000.0012jidmik2019-08-14 11:42:05₦2435.0011amaraluv2019-08-14 10:48:48₦1065.0010carrie2019-08-14 09:43:44₦1000.009williams4ry12019-08-13 16:17:26₦1000.008moneybrekete2019-08-13 10:15:11₦1000.007saintpresh2019-08-09 05:14:45₦1100.006saintpresh32019-08-09 05:10:57₦1000.005saintpresh12019-08-09 05:06:58₦1100.004beckychila2019-08-07 18:15:55₦1000.003igbojp2019-08-07 13:31:40₦1065.002jidmik2019-08-05 13:15:03₦1570.001chilakem2019-08-05 10:48:37₦1000.00

How then can I start/join the G2Glite program?

  • CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, on successful registration, activate your account with N300
  • You now have a referral link after account activation, use your referral link to register more three persons under you with N300 each (this will enable you to earn fast and go up geometrically) you may however skip this process if you can easily refer 3 people to register with N300 each.
  • You are free to get 3 people who will repeat the process you did above.
  • You can as well have only one account and grow faster by introducing friends on social media platforms. Have a word with them, convince them to register with your referral link.
  • Bloggers I need not tell you the opportunity that abounds in this business, you can tell your readers about this program and watch your earnings grow as they join, do as well help them to succeed as you do by showing them strategies that will help them grow faster.

Wrapping up

What distanced the rich from the poor is information, after that comes action. You’ll always tarry in your broke state if you choose not to try your hands on anything especially genuine life changing programs like this. What is N300 that you cannot risk for a life changing opportunity, it’s up to you.

Stop begging and borrowing, not still convinced? I don’t know how else to persuade you, but one thing is certain, time is ticking and time is money, all things works for those who believe and do something about it, if you let this g2glite  opportunity slip away, you will live to remember this day, REGISTER HERE NOW.

If you have challenges on your route to registering, kindly chat me WhatsApp: +2347034847816,

Will equally show you how to get your account activated immediately on the portal. Will carry you along on the growth matrix, do well to register from the links I’ve made available, that way you’ll be my down line and we’ll all grow together.

For bringing this good news, I will appreciate if you can return the favor by sharing this post, kind regards and good luck.

4 comments on “G2glite Review – See how to make money with just N300 (grass to grace)

Raphael Orji
Suleiman Mohammed lailai

I like to know how going to change everything in BVN.

Raphael Orji

I’m looking forward to open bank bank account since I don’t have one,or is there other ways I can get registered and get activated without a bank account?


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