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Flash funds app: Here comes the number one badass tool hackers use for fake bank alert

Flash funds – Are you aware that about 69% of Nigerians live in abject poverty, are you equally aware that according a recent report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria unemployment rate hits 33.5%?

According a recent report, Nigeria will soon be heading into another phase of recession, recession typically leads to an increase in youth unemployment rates, leaving young people to face more difficulties in finding jobs.

When this usually happens, it leads to a corresponding rise in crime rate, which is the situation Nigeria finds herself at the moment.

The upsurge in cyber-crime rate in Nigeria is taking a serious toll on her international image, not to hold brief for the youths who commit this crime, but to as well call out the government who has downplayed the importance of good governance enriching their pockets, denying the teaming youths of their legitimate honest livelihood.

Most of these youths owing to their low self-esteem resort to crime to ameliorate the situation.

Having said this, I wish to bring to your notice an advance technological app used by smart hackers to send you fake SMS alert aimed at defrauding you all together.

For the record, I’m writing this guide for the purpose of education, to help you be on your cautious and safest mode at all times while transacting with anonymous customers/buyers.

That being said, the opportunity and education this guide provides might be misused, in this aspect, Financengr is not an accomplice and affirms that such persons are strictly responsible for their actions (and are on there own).

What is fake bank alert?

This a scenario where a customer arrives at your shop, business premises, makes purchases and decides to pay you via bank transfer since the Central Bank of Nigeria is advocating for cashless economy, you then make your bank account available, the customer effects the transfer, shows you successful transaction on his phone screen.

In the other end, you probably receive a credit alert to the sum of the purchase, the funny end is that this money disappears from your account within or less than 24 hours.

You’ve parted with your goods, the buyer is no-where to be found, he’d zoom off into the thin air.

Such a smart fraud, you’re left in pains, which going forward you may not consent to any cashless transaction of any kind, to this end the aim of cashless policy has been defeated.

Flash funds a typical fake bank alert SMS app

This is an app fraudsters use in defrauding their innocent and unsuspecting victims, it’s a multi-dimensional app that had ever existed in recent times.

As you may be aware of other existing apps that perform this function such as Xcaret100, CardCumbo and their likes, Flash Funds is the upgraded version which makes sending fake bank alert very easy and seamless or worst.

Flash funds works in the following arrangement;

  • It sends fake bank alert to virtually all countries, which means it has a widespread and has been updated to do even more.
  • It has over 200 templates from different banks, which makes it easier to identify, retrieve and trick customer’s detail in event to present such alerts in a well customized manner void of suspicion.

You can learn more about flash funds Here

At the rate we’re going, things have so degenerated for worst that if the financial institutions aren’t keeping on top of their games, customers could loss more funds to this mishap, which invariably puts an end to digital banking in our drag footed bank product consumers.



6 comments on “Flash funds app: Here comes the number one badass tool hackers use for fake bank alert

Raphael Orji
Biebo Brian

Good evening sir my name is biebo brian and I’m an officer of the federal republic of Nigeria from the Nigeria Police Task force nd I’ve been going through your articles which are nice until I came across this app that you’re talking about that you say our. Youths are using it to defraud people of their money please I’ll love you to send this app to my email for proper investigation and more research because this is so disheartening.
Thank you

Raphael Orji

It is disheartening that is why you need it right?

Raphael Orji

I need the flash fund tools urgently

Raphael Orji

Please i need the app urgently, is it possible i get it today?

Raphael Orji

Please i really need this app latest today

Raphael Orji

Please i need this app urgently is it possible to get it today please


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