Fintech Company deepens services to boost cash-less initiative in Nigeria

Fintech Company deepens services to boost cash-less initiative in Nigeria

Fintech Company  – A financial technology company, Itex Integrated Services Limited, has expanded operations in Nigeria, with a view to boosting the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN’s) cashless initiative.

Itex, which designs and deploys solutions to diverse customers, also unveiled a new brand identity that reflects its growth and transformation.

With the Nigerian government’s push for a cashless economy, and the payment industry’s shift towards electronic payments, Itex expanded its service offerings from payment channels to include PayVice, TAMS, Internet Payment Gateway, Afrimart and others.

Speaking in Lagos at the launch, the Managing Director and CEO, Itex Integrated Services, Ernest Uduje said: “Itex has continued to pioneer the payment landscape in Africa. As the fintech sector continues to grow, Itex is well positioned to provide innovative solutions to clients across Africa. The new brand further demonstrates our commitments to transform our sector to offer more digital products and services. During this growth phase, the company will continue to expand its client base and technology partners. Consequently, fintech start-ups will be able to accelerate their business growth by leveraging Itex’s robust infrastructure and network.”

In partnership with the CBN, and the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), Itex played a key role in the initial implementation of an interoperability platform for the successful cash-less Nigeria rollout; where TAMS platform supported 150,000 POS terminal deployed nationwide.

In addition, Uduje said Itex facilitated the multi-card acceptance (Visa, MasterCard, Verve etc), and payment channels across all major financial institutions in Nigeria.

Itex has continued to create the Implementation of cutting-edge technology to design secure solutions for diverse customers and has a flexible back-end that enables stakeholders plug in seamlessly.

Itex’s brand revamp will also help to reflect the company’s unique approach to delivering flawless payment solutions. The creative mix of deep blue, pale blue and lime green signify stability, freshness, professionalism and nobility, reinforcing the company’s ethos as an innovative Fintech company with secured solutions.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Uduje said the firm places considerable emphasis on investments that are beneficial to the society.

“As part of the company’s drive to push business boundaries and deliver exceptional value, it has continued to invest in its employees to be able to provide the right strategic response to the complex and dynamic operating environment. The company has also adopted methodical strategies and technologically differentiated its products offering ensuring best quality, at affordable prices. Itex’s environmental efforts involve creating sustainable business practices and giving people greater access to the financial system, creating a more diverse group of engaged contributors and participants,” he stated.

Source: The Guardian 

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