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FCMB transfer code: How to register/activate, and send money with FCMB USSD

FCMB transfer code: How to register/activate, and send money with FCMB USSD

FCMB transfer code – The need for financial inclusion in the Nigeria’s financial sector cannot be undermined. The growing need for customers to send, receive money, and accomplish several transactions on their own without visiting the banks has never gone unnoticed.

Given this, FCMB as one of the commercial banks in Nigeria with a densely populated customer base, like any other bank avails you the opportunity to access the USSD channel.

In view of this, I will show you how to carry out several transactions with the FCMB transfer code.

What is FCMB transfer code?

FCMB transfer code is the “USSD” (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) through which customers could carry out series of transactions on their own without visiting any of the FCMB branches nationwide.

Tasks you can accomplish with the USSD include but not limited to,

  • You may use it to send money to family and friends
  • Airtime and data top-up for yourself and third party
  • Account opening
  • As a means to check your account balance
  • Bill payment, etc.

How to activate the FCMB USSD

Before you can start making use of the FCMB transfer code or any other purpose, you will have to get activated first. This may be referred to as the onboarding process.

  • Dial *389*214# from a registered phone number linked to your FCMB account. You will receive a message with three options; 1) Activate with ATM card 2) Activate with account 3) Activate with Mwallet.
  • Kindly choose the second option “Activate with account.”
  • In the next slide, enter your account number
  • Subsequently you’ll receive a message indicating that you’ve successfully synchronized .

Having done this the next step you may need to take is to activate your PIN.

To activate your PIN,

  • Dial *389*214# from the same registered phone number
  • From the list of options available, choose “Security” and select “Change PIN.”
  • Enter your default Pin, thereafter enter your new 4-digit PIN.

It’s advisable to use numbers you can recognize as PIN, additionally, these set of numbers must not be disclosed to a third party.

You have successfully enrolled on the FCMB USSD service.

How to send money with the FCMB transfer code

  •  Dial *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer money

The below USSDs represents how you can carry out various transactions

To top-up your mobile phoneDial *329*Amount#
To check account balanceDial *329*00#
To reset your PINDial *329*0#
To buy data on your phoneDial *329*1*Mobile number#
To pay for Dstv/Gotv subscriptionDial *329*2*Smartcard number#
To increase/reduce your transfer limitDial *328*2# self-service, 3 to increase/reduce transfer limit
To block debit cardDial *329#, select self-service, select block card
To block accountDial *329#, select self-service, select block account
To link BVNDial *329#, select self-service, select link BVN
Statement of accountDial *329#, select statement, select full statement, select the duration. You will receive your statement of account in your registered email address

How to unblock FCMB account

You probably blocked your account to avoid unauthorized users from gaining access into your account for one reason or the other. Most times customers would want to have these accounts unblocked so that they can continue their usual transactions.

Note: When your account is being blocked, funds can be credited into such account but you cannot effect withdrawal.

In the event that you wish to effect withdrawal from such account you will have to visit the nearest FCMB branch to give your consent in writing before the account could get back to status.


FCMB transfer code can be used as seen in the table above, are there concerns you’d wish addressed, share your experience with us.

One comment on “FCMB transfer code: How to register/activate, and send money with FCMB USSD

Raphael Orji
Itsuokor Jochybed

i opened an Fcmb Account in 2008, for some time i did not use the account, but i did a bvn on it. i cannot remember the account number.
can you send me my account number through my mobile phone


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