6 comments on “Estate account: 6 steps to access a dead person’s money in Nigerian bank

Raphael Orji
Oluwaseyi Isaac ADEOYE

Very educative but is this practice of banks requiring the opening of an estate account backed by any law? or is it just a banking policy?

Raphael Orji

Hello Oluwaseyi, glad to know you found value in this guide.

By default, certain amounts are being paid accross the counter.

However, a particular threshold should go through account, this is why an estate account is necessary, since in practice, certain amounts cannot be paid accross the counter.

It’s strictly a policy thing.

Raphael Orji
Ngune Bakari Benneth Maidambe

Thanks for this article, it is really educative.

I have a case here, I have letter of Administration and death certificate and proceeded to the bank to start the process of accessing the funds in the account of the deceased person of whom letter of administration was prepared in my name. But on reaching the bank the person that attended to me said I will have to go back to the court and obtain uhmm…Banking certificate or so where the court is demanding for the balance in the deceased account.

I am confuse, I thought a letter of Administration is suppose to be enough for me to have access to the funds in the account upon verification of its authenticity?

Hoping to hear your response and please do reply through my mail.

Thanking you for your kind assistance and cooperation.

Raphael Orji

Hello Ngune,

Was the balance requisition slip issued to the bank as at the time of LA processing?

If not, kindly reach out to the probate registry accordingly.

But if it has been issued, kindly disregard and inform the registry about the bank’s nonchalance in processing the deceased benefit/funds in your favor.

Hope this helps?

Raphael Orji
favour nwoke

Hi thank u for this helpful article. But I want to know if it’s possible for a next of kin to demand for statement of account directly from the deceased account.

Raphael Orji
Sir Gee

In the case where you do not want to open account with the bank, because the deceased had other bank accounts and it has been agreed by the family to maintain just one account, what is the bank supposed to do then?


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