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Customer complain: How to lodge your complain with CBN for timely resolution

Customer complain –  The Nigerian system of banking is streamlined in a fashion that you’ll hardly consummate five transactions without encountering hitches in one or more, no thanks to e-channel which primarily should make transactions seamless, easier for a top notch banking experience.

Not forgetting the gains and benefits of electronic channels like the Mobile banking app, Internet banking, USSD, ATM etc.

Consequently, Nigerian bank customers have been more at the receiving end, attributed to network downtime, technical know-how, nonchalant attitude from bank staff as well not prioritizing The turn Around time (TAT) for each complaint resolution.

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It’s on this premise that the consumer protection council finds it pertinent to alleviate these sufferings, time wasted and unheard prolonged complaint resolution without success, customers have endured with labored breath to say the least.

Personally I’ve been a victim of this unfortunate trend countless times, so I can tell the story better on behalf of other customers who may not have the opportunity of getting their voices heard and all that.


It was on a Friday evening, was all up for an eventful weekend, dashed to a near-by ATM to withdraw what could be referred to as my widow’s might, the last N10k in my account;

Having waited patiently for my turn in such an unending queue, it was finally my turn to do the needful.

With the highest optimism, I got my card straight into the hardware, reached for an instruction to withdraw my N10k, was faced with unending but yet what appears to be a static non-performing screen.

Before I could utter a word, my card was thrown back at me like a hot coal, then followed by a debit alert to the tune of my instruction.

There they go again thinking it’s business as usual, they’ll most often effect a reversal within minutes of such error, I had to step aside for the next user.

I waited patiently for the reversal all to no avail, little did I know that I was in for a very long thing in Dbanj’s voice.

My weekend was blown up like a dynamite, I went through untold pains, agony and disappointment.

On Monday, I reached out to my issuer bank for customer complain, laments my ordeal. I was greeted with every assurances that the situation is under control.

Just like any other Nigerian, all I’d ever wanted to see was a credit of N10k back to my account.

Unfortunately enough, time, patience and event could not rescue the situation, it was series of stories taking turns after another, it was three weeks already, no head start, no refund, no reasonable explanation. I was lost in the middle of nowhere.

How I survived is a story for another day.

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You then see why we aren’t ripped enough for electronic banking, conflict resolution does not come without pains on the consumers/customers, it’s very pathetic, it’s so unheard.

This type of experience necessitates the need to lodge complaints like this and its likes to the Central Bank (CBN) of Nigeria, which has been found to speed up proceedings.

I assume you are aware that CBN regulates the activities of these commercial banks as the apex bank, it as well ensures that customer complaints are being attended to promptly.

Customer Complain/Report procedures

However, to report a situation or lodge complaints to CBN, there are procedures, you are expected to have followed as a rule of practice before ever involving the apex bank. The following apply;

Having encountered any issue with any bank, you are expected to file in complaints with the bank affected. This you can  do in two dimensions;

  • Either you leverage their online platforms like the Facebook, twitter or customer care lines or
  • You visit a nearest branch to your location.

However, having lodged your complaints online, you’re expected to take the details of such conversation to the nearest branch evidencing you’ve really been on the matter.

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Point to note:

Having visited the branch, request to put your complain in writing, having done that, kindly ask the customer service officer in charge to acknowledge the letter, make a copy and avail you a copy of such letter.

Why are you doing this? The acknowledged copy available to you will make case for you pa adventure they do not attain to your request, or try to deny you in a future date when issues crystalize.

The truth is that some bank staff are very lazy and are not committed to duty, such staff may end up misplacing your letter, or deliberately fail to attend to it only to deny you ever wrote any thereafter.

Your copy will floor them, you’ll then be coasting to victory.


Having made a complaint to your bank, insist on getting Consumer Complaint Management System (CCMS) tracking number from your bank after lodging a complaint, this will enable CBN to do a follow up.

Time frame for report on Account Management Issues

Having lodged in a customer complain, you’re expected to wait for at least a maximum of 14 working days for “Account Management Issues” (two weeks), which if nothing comes out of your request, you may then proceed to file in a report with CBN, by sending a mail to or call +2347002255226

Time frame for report on Excess Charges Issues

If you make a complaint to your bank on Excess Charges, you are expected to allow a period of 30 days for resolution after which you may contact CBN for resolution by sending a mail to or or call +2347002255226

Time frame for Card related and Funds Transfer Issues

You are to allow 72 hours i.e 3 days for resolution after which you can contact CBN by sending a mail to or or call +2347002255226.

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Frequently asked questions on customer complain

  • CBN email to report banks: Reporting a bank has procedure you’re expected to adhere to strictly, however to report a bank means they fail to get issues resolved within approved time frame, for clarity, kindly refer to time frame and associated issues above. or
  • How to report failed transactions to CBN: Refer to the instructions above.
  • CBN complaint form, kindly follow this LINK.

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