Credpal: Let me show you a pocket friendly credit card with cash-back in Nigeria

Credpal – How does it feel to have a credit partner that puts money in your pocket at every given time without subjecting you to unnecessary protocols and paper works?

OK, what if I tell you, money won’t limit you anymore when:

  • In need of grocery shopping
  • You need to pay electricity bill and cable TV subscription ( No dull moment with your favorite channels/internet access)
  • In need of online subscription (Never miss out on your favorite platforms like Netflix, Iroko TV, Apple music when cash trapped)

How about not missing a chance to dine at your favorite restaurant in town (I mean not missing that yummy experience for being cash trapped, aren’t you a glutton?…..winks….. I’m a victim). Earn a cash back on the move for your delicious experience, tell me a credit partner that affords these and I’ll wait.

That’s not all even, you’ll neither get to miss a trip nor your favorite hotels for lack of cash.

As an employee, you’ll no longer have to wait for the pay day to execute or meet your financial obligations, Credpal is simply the money solution distorting the credit card industry in Nigeria and beyond.

These are just a tip of the whole pie….there are endless funding opportunities when you align your wallet with a CredPal credit card.

Despite easing your finances, CredPal helps you save money through cashback rewards, low interest rate, I mean competitively low.

Note: Your CredPal card is not a loan, you do not incur charges or interest when your card is not in use.

You probably haven’t heard about this credpal? Let me save you the stress at once.

About credpal

Credpal is a revolutionary credit solution that provide seamless and unlimited credit access for businesses and individuals across developing countries with Nigeria at the top gear here.

With credpal access, consumers can buy virtually anything online and offline across merchants and remit payment in installments.

The company was co-founded in 2018 by Fehintolu Olaogun and Olorufemi Jegede.

Credpal products

  • Personal credit cards
  • Business credit cards

#1. Personal credit cards: These cards are tailored to meet your personal financial obligations timelessly irrespective of your location be it online or offline at the merchant store.

#2. Business credit cards: These cards offer expense management solution which enable businesses issue credit or debit cards to take absolute control of their spending.


The credpal credit card comes with varying plans and pricing to meet all income class, these include

  • Standard plan for N1000, billed annually with 8% monthly interest
  • Premium plan for N5000, billed annually with 5% monthly interest, unlimited deals and discounts inclusive.
  • Prestige plan for N52,000, billed annually with 2.5% monthly interest, unlimited deals and discount.

How to get this card, APPLY HERE.

Frequently asked questions on Credpal credit card

Q1. Credpal login

Ans. A login is strictly for returning users who have registered already and probably enjoying the benefits of this credit card, sign up here first, request a card of your choice then you can log in subsequently.

Q2. Who is Credpal founder?

Ans. Credpal was founded by the duo of Fehintolu Olaogun and Olorufemi Jegede in 2018, the company started by providing Point of sale consumer credit to lower-to-middle class income earners in Nigeria.

Q3. Who can apply for Credpal card?

Ans. Salary earners can have access to this credit card, create an account here immediately to access a credit card that suits your budget.

Q4. Where can I used the card

Ans. Your card can be used on all payment channels that accept card payments.


What next? APPLY HERE to receive a credit card that listens to the sounds of your financial-heartbeat.

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