COVID-19: Rensource develops online trading platform for SMEs

Rensource – In line with the growing technological advancement for ease of doing business online especially at this time of the novel COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Daily trust

Rensource has launched – a digital platform that helps small and medium-sized retailers get discovered quickly while enabling servicing and fulfillment of customer orders online.

The platform was rapidly developed as a solution to keep SMEs viable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has two main features including BUY – which allows customers purchase directly from SMEs, and DISCOVER – which aggregates services, contact details and delivery methods, ensuring that end users can see service availability in real-time.

Partner SMEs on include Grocery Bazaar, Grand Square, Rx Pharmacy, Food Jaar, and The Meat Shop While the platform is currently in its beta testing stage, only accepting a limited number of orders per day, plans are underway to roll out in additional markets across Nigeria– allowing more SMEs and merchants to go digital and access end-users.

Speaking on the launch of, Chief Operating Officer of Rensource, Anu Adasolum, said the platform aims to connect as many small businesses as possible to the millions of internet users in Nigeria– simply, easily and quickly.


From this development, it’s not difficult to see that Nigeria is getting evenly prepared to match the competitiveness that abounds within the e-channel space to better enhance user and customer experience.

Businesses will have no option than to key in since this affords more exposure which invariably generates leads and closing more sales in the process.


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