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Cheque book request – How do you write letter to a bank manager requesting cheque book for your account?

Cheque book request – As a bank customer who operates a current or company account, the need for a cheque book is practically unavoidable.

To say the least, banking has even gone passed the era of manual application and as a matter of fact I am afraid cheque book will soon be relegated to the background.

Just recently, the Central of Nigeria modified certain features in the use of cheque book as a financial instrument in Nigeria.

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This was in view to adopting a better and far suitable approach to the use of cheque book in a broader sense.

That said now, the first question a newbie may have to ask is;

  • What is a cheque in the first place?

On a lighter note, cheque is an instrument which the holder/owner who supposedly has a bank account with the issuing bank orders his/her bank in writing to pay the bearer of such cheque a stated amount as contained on the cheque.

Additionally, the cheque must not be presented to the bank after six months with respect to the date of issuance, during which such cheque is considered to be stale.

While a cheque book itself is a collection and aggregation of chque leaves.

There are however certain guidelines surrounding the use of a cheque, these include but not limited to;

  • A cheque can only be signed by an authorized signatory to the account, where a joint or company account is involved, there are bound to be two or more signatories as deem necessary during the account opening, which otherwise could be termed mandate instruction.
  • Mandate instruction could be both to sign or either to sign. It’s both to sign when both or all signatories are required to append their signature on the cheque leave before such cheque could be honored. It’s either to sign when any of the signatories could append their signature alone without requiring that of a second party to get paid. Either ways, both have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • A cheque could only be signed by authorized signatory, this means the beneficiary of a cheque or any other person do not have a right to append their signature on such cheque, when such practice is found, it is treated as a criminal offence.
  • All alterations must be signed off accordingly by an authorized signatory only.
  • A cheque could be termed open or crossed, when a cheque is open, it can be paid across the counter, when a cheque is however crossed, such cheques are paid into an account only. A closed cheque may be thrown open by the owner by signing two signatures in between the two crossed lines.
  • Post-dated cheque may not be paid before the schedule day.

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Assuming Mr. KC IKE has an account with bank ABC, he may be issues a cheque for settlement of debt to Mr. Darlington Osho in Feb 2020 to the tune of N1,000,000 and dated the cheque march 31st, 2020.

The idea here is that Mr. Darlington Osho must not present this cheque to the bank for payment before March 31st ,2020.

Now on how to write a letter to bank manager for a cheque book request

You see, there’s no special arrangement mapped out for a letter to the bank for a cheque book request.

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While this may not be a trending experience, a good number of bank product consumers have continued to put their enquiries in this direction.

That said, I will leave you with a template that will guide you into achieving this request going forward.

To achieve this, kindly walk into any branch of your bank, locate the customer service desk and place a request for a check book.

The customer service officer will then ask you to write a letter to the bank officially, requesting a cheque book.

Why does the bank wants you to put your request in writing, this is to put the bank in safe position, in case you come up with stories tomorrow how you didn’t actually request for a cheque book, which probably was used to defraud you.

This letter will be accompanied by your signature as contained in your mandate with the bank, likewise verified, stamped and filed against record.

Now check the below template for your perusal.

Explanation of the above template

At the top right corner should be your own address.

While you address the bank manager at the left corner just below your own address.

You may configure the body of the letter to suit your own language, this is just a sample copy to help you.


There’s no strict guideline or pattern towards making a cheque book request, just make sure you have the financial ability to accommodate charges that come with this request.

I’ll be glad to give clarity to further puzzles you may have using bank instruments.

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