Principles of insurance

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What are the principles of insurance policy?

Principles of insurance – Are you a business owner, property owner, who wants to buy insurance for whatever reason or a student who is looking to explore the concept of insurance for a knowledge depth, etc. If this appears like… Continue Reading…

Federal mortgage bank

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Federal mortgage bank loan in Nigeria [How to apply, eligibility, threshold, etc.]

Federal mortgage bank – Are you a low or middle income earner looking to own, build, purchase or renovate a house in Nigeria? If this feels like you, today you’re going to learn how to go about it on affordable… Continue Reading…

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Losses caused by the eNaira are strictly at owner’s risk – CBN

eNaira discretion – The Central Bank of Nigeria has made a public note to Nigerians on the use of its latest rolled out CBDC, stressing that any risk encountered is at owner’s discretion. Recall, the apex bank has just rolled… Continue Reading…

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How to get Koinwa crypto loan in simple steps

Koinwa crypto loan – According to a data by guardian in 2018, only 2% of Nigerians have access to credit facilities, this suggests that the Nigeria’s financial institutions were not keen in growing Small and Medium Enterprises, as well personal… Continue Reading…

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ATM card collection: Can a third party collect my ATM card from the bank?

ATM card collection – In a bid to make banking easy and free of stress, the ATM card and other financial instruments were created, however, their mode of operations and receipt from the bank has remained a huge source of… Continue Reading…

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How a 23-year old Nigerian made N20 million from Real Estate

Real estate – You may never be financially balanced with just a single income, smart Nigerians are continuously leveraging their networks and abilities to make more money for themselves despite the nation’s economic limitations. Here is one of such stories… Continue Reading…

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How to get your first foreign client as a freelance writer

I feel like sharing a little but yet untapped secret with you that has helped me land foreign clients without using content mills like Fiverr, Up-work, etc. If you know me closely, you’ll understand my obsession with content mill platforms,… Continue Reading…

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List of licensed PFAs in Nigeria [Pension Fund Administrators]

List of licensed PFAs in Nigeria [Pension Fund Administrators] PFAs in Nigeria – If you are a civil servant, staff of a privately owned company, or a student who wishes to understand the dynamism of the Pension Fund Administration in Nigeria for education… Continue Reading…

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What you should know about data recapture for RSA holders

What you should know about data recapture for RSA holders Data recapture – The growing need for transparency and accountability led to the introduction of the data recapture exercise by the National Pension Commission in 2018. Thereafter, the guideline mandated all Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) to… Continue Reading…

National Pension Fund

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How to access your fund with Stanbic Ibtc Pension

How to access your fund with Stanbic Ibtc Pension Stanbic Ibtc pension – Are you a retiree with a RSA, did you suddenly find yourself out of employment, or probably wish to access a deceased relative funds in the Retirement Savings… Continue Reading…

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