Boss Revolution money transfer

Money transfer

Boss Revolution money transfer – How to send money from the U.S. to Nigeria

Boss revolution money transfer is a platform that allows its clients to send and receive money from the United States to any destination where the Boss revolution service is enabled, as well as Nigeria. As a cross bother money solution,… Continue Reading…

Money transfer app Paysend

Money transfer

Money transfer app Paysend – How to send money from the USA, Dubai to Nigeria, Ghana, etc.

Money transfer app Paysend is known as the next generation money transfer, even though it has been rendering cross bother money transfer services. With Paysend, you can send money to over 150 countries across the globe.    Paysend is authorized… Continue Reading…

Is sendwave legit

Money transfer

Is Sendwave legit to send and receive cross-border transfers?

Is Sendwave legit – Sendwave is a money transfer platform that allows its users to send money across to family and friends, as well as to pay freelancers for services rendered, etc. Sendwave can meet and solve the barrier of… Continue Reading…

How to activate chime card

Money transfer

Can zelle send money to Chime? See how to go about it..

Can zelle send money to Chime? –  Zelle like you are aware is a fund transfer platform through which clients in the U.S can send and receive money from friends and family. Zelle is integrated with most banks apps to… Continue Reading…

Zelle money transfer limits

Money transfer

Zelle money transfer limits – How to send and receive money in the US

Zelle money transfer limits – If you are looking to send money to friends and family in the US even if they operate with a different bank other than yours, you can achieve that with Zelle, it’s safe, fast, and… Continue Reading…

Is worldRemit legit

Money transfer

Is worldRemit legit, can it be trusted with my money?

Is worldRemit legit – You probably are looking to use the WorldRemit money transfer platform for the first time, if this applies to you then the question “Is worldRemit legit” is inevitable. However, this guide will answer the aforesaid question… Continue Reading…

Wave money transfer

Money transfer

How to send and receive wave money transfer

Wave money transfer – On a continent where over half of the population has no bank account, deepening financial inclusion remains on top of priority to provide affordable financial services to everyone irrespective of their locations. Wave money transfer is… Continue Reading…

Send cash money transfer

Money transfer

How to send and receive send cash money transfer

Send cash money transfer – If you are looking to send money to Nigeria or from Nigeria to any other country, this may just be the best guide you’d ever read on this topic. It’s no rocket science that using… Continue Reading…

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