CFD stocks


Reasons to Trade CFD Stocks

CFD stocks – Many people these days are getting into investment strategies like trading shares on the stock market. And they’re doing this for a variety of reasons. First off, it can be a great way to grow your money… Continue Reading…


What is Primary market in Nigeria?

What is primary market – The concept of market involves a setting where people buy and sell/trade commodity of choice, however, in this concept market is viewed as the arrangement in the financial and investment market. What is Primary market?… Continue Reading…

treasury bills in Nigeria


What is financial market in Nigeria?

What is financial market – The investment market undoubtedly drives the economy, it provides a platform for both financial suppliers and users. However, financial market is the biggest platform in the investment sphere. The concept what is financial market? Financial… Continue Reading…

Principles of insurance

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What are the principles of insurance policy?

Principles of insurance – Are you a business owner, property owner, who wants to buy insurance for whatever reason or a student who is looking to explore the concept of insurance for a knowledge depth, etc. If this appears like… Continue Reading…

Federal mortgage bank

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Federal mortgage bank loan in Nigeria [How to apply, eligibility, threshold, etc.]

Federal mortgage bank – Are you a low or middle income earner looking to own, build, purchase or renovate a house in Nigeria? If this feels like you, today you’re going to learn how to go about it on affordable… Continue Reading…


Roqqu sign up: How to register, deposit, buy/sell and withdraw

Roqqu sign up – The raising case of devaluation of the Naira in three succession and inflation is a direct signal that infers all is not well with the Naira. Given this, there has been mass crypto adoption in Nigeria… Continue Reading…

Fidelity 401k


Fidelity 401k, how it works, and what you should know

Fidelity 401k – The instance of retirement calls for deep thought and how an employee tends to survive at retirement, a time you are no longer considered active to work and fend for yourself. Given this retirement, several companies deal… Continue Reading…


401k plan what you should know and how it works

401k plan – There’s this need to safeguard one’s future financially to live a stress free-life having retired from active employment, there’s a life after work, and the earlier you put this in perspective the better for you afterward. Here’s… Continue Reading…

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What you should know about data recapture for RSA holders

What you should know about data recapture for RSA holders Data recapture – The growing need for transparency and accountability led to the introduction of the data recapture exercise by the National Pension Commission in 2018. Thereafter, the guideline mandated all Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) to… Continue Reading…

National Pension Fund

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How to access your fund with Stanbic Ibtc Pension

How to access your fund with Stanbic Ibtc Pension Stanbic Ibtc pension – Are you a retiree with a RSA, did you suddenly find yourself out of employment, or probably wish to access a deceased relative funds in the Retirement Savings… Continue Reading…

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