Inheritance tax in Nigeria


Integrated tax administration system (ITAS) development

The Federal Inland Revenue Service recently launched the Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS), a comprehensive tax administration solution which will enable the tax authority automate the tax management processes in order to serve taxpayers better. The ITAS solution encompasses the… Continue Reading…


Car rental in Lagos: List of cheap car rental service providers in [Lagos, Port Harcourt etc]

Car rental in Lagos – Against the backdrop of time, a number of people have concerned themselves often times on the suitability and objective of owning a car particularly in an African setting like Nigeria. Often times, there are misconception… Continue Reading…

phone charging


How to make over N100k monthly running a phone charging business, anywhere in Nigeria

How to make over N100k monthly running a phone charging business, anywhere in Nigeria Phone charging – According to a recent report, estimates from different sources put the number of smart phone users in Nigeria at roughly 25 and 40 million.… Continue Reading…



Inksnation Review: Is this the beginning of the end of poverty in Nigeria, how true is this claim? Find out

Inksnation Review: Is this the beginning of the end of poverty in Nigeria, how true is this claim? Find out Inksnation – Are you aware that forty percent of Nigerians live below the poverty line, has it occur to you… Continue Reading…

Digital business card


How to create a digital business card

Digital business card – In the course of my conversation with an elite marketer few years back, I learnt how not putting what one may term little things in their proper place can hamper once opportunity in life. Even though… Continue Reading…

Fundvine Hathaway Asset Management


Fundvine Hathaway Asset Management [Rebrands Launches New Website & Products]

Fundvine Hathaway Asset Management Ltd recently announced the rebranding of the company. This it stated, is to effectively position her as a serious player within the industry whilst assuring her clients of her desire to satisfy their needs. As part… Continue Reading…

Business idea for students


COVID-19: Lucrative stay at home  business idea for students, undergraduates & graduates in 2020

Business idea for students – The effect of the on-going lockdown around the world arguably comes with untold hardship, hunger, financial stress, emotional and psychological trauma to say the least. This to a great extent brought so many businesses to… Continue Reading…


BankingBuisnessCrime watch

Giftalworld Review – Is the program legit or scam? See things for yourself inside

Giftalworld – The easiest way to make money these days is online, either legit or scam, those who work smart will continue to cash in for long decades ahead, this is pure reality, there’s no mincing words about that. If… Continue Reading…

Rosabon financial services


Save now to Earn Now With Rosabon

Rosabon Financial Services – A Non-Bank Financial Institution has introduced savings opportunities to Nigerians. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the institution is offering customers the opportunity to save money while earning high-yield returns on their funds. Rosabon understands the peculiarity of… Continue Reading…

Daniel Amadi


Learn how a street Bread seller sold his way into a sales strategist, marketing consultant, now helps businesses overcome sales challenges (Interview with Daniel Amadi)

 Daniel Amadi – Sales is to a business what water is to a Fish, business failure isn’t what you want to think about when you start a business, regrettably more businesses fail than they’d ever imagined prior setting out. According… Continue Reading…

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