Grooming microfinance bank


Grooming Microfinance bank, savings, loans, requirements (How to get started)

Grooming microfinance bank – Are you a residence of Oyo state and its environ looking to save gradually in your capacity or access loans to mobilize your financial quest, small business, employee, etc. Should you fit into any of the… Continue Reading…

Zenith bank account upgrade


A simple guide to your Zenith bank account upgrade

Zenith bank account upgrade – If you are reading this guide because your Zenith bank account has been restricted or you are looking to get it upgraded at the snap of a finger, this is the best guide you’ll get… Continue Reading…

What is tier 3 account


What is tier 3 account: Beginner’s guide to tier 1, tier 2 and 3 accounts in Nigeria

What is tier 3 account – Richard opened a bank account with a leading commercial bank in Nigeria, though noted neither his ID card nor utility bill was required from him at the time the account was opened. On this… Continue Reading…

Green dot bank


The in-depth guide to Green dot bank (common issues and solutions)

Green dot bank – You probably have come across “Green dot card,” or have used any Green dot bank financial channels, yet you never seem to understand how the bank works, operates or its functional dynamics. In this guide I… Continue Reading…

What is reference letter


What is reference letter, an inside look at its uses in Nigeria?

What is reference letter? – At some point in dealing with the bank, an institution (school), corporation, the embassy, (etc.) as the case may be you are required to provide a reference letter to make your application or request binding.… Continue Reading…

Green dot card


Beginner’s guide to Green dot card

Green dot card has been a major succor to users who are looking to facilitate payments with ease at every given time, this range from making purchases and completing payments, in this case transactions are carried out with any of… Continue Reading…

What is statement account


What is statement of account in Nigerian bank?

What is statement of account – Today I’ll teach you one of the basics of traditional banking, you at one point or the other may have heard about the term “Statement of account,” in financial transactions. In this piece you’ll… Continue Reading…

Access bank domiciliary account


How to open Access bank domiciliary account, features and requirements

Access bank domiciliary account is an account used to receive and transfer foreign currency. With the domiciliary account you can carry out local and international transactions irrespective of your location real time 24/7. The Access bank domiciliary account is funded… Continue Reading…

Fidelity bank token


How to activate Fidelity bank token in Nigeria

Fidelity bank token is a transaction authenticator as well as PIN where Fidelity bank customers are required to supply before certain transactions could be consummated, usually transfers above certain thresholds require the Fidelity bank token to be completed. Why do… Continue Reading…

How to fund Nairabet account


How to fund Nairabet account in 11 different ways

How to fund Nairabet account in 11 different ways How to fund Nairabet account – The history of sports reward cannot be complete in Nigeria without particular recourse to Nairabet of the Akin Alabi’s brainchild, supposedly one of the foremost… Continue Reading…

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