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How to check Zenith bank account number in simple steps

How to check Zenith bank account number – If you want to have access to your Zenith bank account number but can’t access it handy given a reason or two, do not worry this guide is meant to help you… Continue Reading…


List of virtual dollar cards in Nigeria and how to get one

Virtual dollar cards in Nigeria – If you have followed the economic policy closely in Nigeria you will understand that while Nigerians are trying to embrace digital trends certain policies are scuffing efforts, and that’s not too good for all.… Continue Reading…

How to check GTBank account number


How to check GTBank account number

How to check GTBank account number – To access your bank account in most transactions without ATM card or e-channel platforms, you will need to keep your account number handy especially in the bank. Given this, GTBank customers are in… Continue Reading…


Standard Chartered Bank hints on its PTA/BTA FX procedure

In line with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) policy to improve access to foreign exchange (FX) for legitimate transactions, we are committed to providing you with foreign exchange for your Personal and Business Travel as well as payment for… Continue Reading…

Minor account


Minor account: Can a 16-year old open a bank account in Nigeria?

Minor account in Nigeria – The concept of minor and under age has been a reoccurring decimal in banking just like has been the case in everyday life. For example, most home videos are rated not for viewers under certain… Continue Reading…


How to check Access bank account number via USSD code

How to check Access bank account number – I understand you are an Access bank customer looking to retrieve your account number without visiting the branch since virtually most services could be accessed through the USSD banking. That in its… Continue Reading…


e-Naira: CBN issues guideline, dynamics to Nigerian banks on the onboarding process

e-Naira – Following the Central Bank’s preparedness and commitment to fulfil its promise on creating/designing a home grown digital currency the apex bank has sent guideline and expected transaction dynamics to Nigerian participating banks in view of the kick off… Continue Reading…

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How to get Koinwa crypto loan in simple steps

Koinwa crypto loan – According to a data by guardian in 2018, only 2% of Nigerians have access to credit facilities, this suggests that the Nigeria’s financial institutions were not keen in growing Small and Medium Enterprises, as well personal… Continue Reading…

Bankingpersonal finance

ATM card collection: Can a third party collect my ATM card from the bank?

ATM card collection – In a bid to make banking easy and free of stress, the ATM card and other financial instruments were created, however, their mode of operations and receipt from the bank has remained a huge source of… Continue Reading…


How to send and receive money via Access Africa

Access Africa – If you’ve been having issues sending money across African countries, this guide will rightly shift the needle for you, with Access Africa sending and receiving money across African countries doesn’t only get easier, but fast, swift and… Continue Reading…

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