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Cardless Withdrawal: How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Your Debit Card

Cardless Withdrawal: How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Your Debit Card

The advent of technology has continued to “waooo” everyone and we can’t help but ask for more (winks).

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you ran out of cash, then race down to the nearest ATM to make withdrawals just to find out that either you’ve misplaced your ATM card or left it at home?

You wouldn’t want to remember such ugly experience if you’ve been there. However, I’ve got a good news for you.

You can now make cardless withdrawal from any ATM enabled machine in town. Now you’ll be like “Are you kidding me?” No jokes, I’m for real. How does it actually work?

I seek your indulgence to kindly be patient with me as I walk you down the lane of this discovery. In this guide,

I will show you how you can make your cash withdrawal from the ATM without your debit card, particularly the following banks:

  • GTBank
  • UBA
  • Diamond Bank
  • Access Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Union Bank and
  • Wema Bank.

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GTBank is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria, who had stand the test of time in customer service, good customer experience as well seamless technology in service delivery. Using GTBank cardless withdrawal is that ease, hence the below steps apply:

  • Dial *737# from your registered number with the bank. This is the phone number you filled on the account opening package while subscribing to the bank.
  • From the list of drop down menue select ‘8’ to navigate then ‘1’ to select GTBank or ‘2’ for other banks.
  • In put amount you wish to withdraw after choosing ‘1’ to select ATM or ‘2’ for POS.
  • Next is withdrawal amount
  • You’re required to enter a four digit code for your Cash out PIN.
  • Reference code will arrive at your phone through SMS.

Having done this, kindly proceed to any GTBank ATM for your cash cardless withdrawal. On arrival you complete the following tax

  • Press enter key on the ATM, select cardless withdrawal shown as (GT- Rescue)
  • A field will appear where you should type in the code you received via SMS
  • Enter amount you wish to withdraw, same as the one on your phone earlier, dial the enter button, your cash will be dispensed immediately.

Cardless withdrawal from other Banks using GTBank generated code earlier, you will have to follow the below procedures.

  • Go to any bank ATM which enables cardless withdrawal
  • Select the enter button, select paycode if any, then input the code you received via SMS initially.
  • Enter your cash out PIN, refer to the above for trhis, set during your request via mobile, select same amount earlier, then dial the enter key, your cash will be dispensed. Isn’t that super easy? Sure it is.

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To use Access bank cardless withdrawal,

  • Dial *903# from your registered phone number just like above.
  • Select Withdraw money, enter withdrawal amount, then validate with your PIN.
  • Transaction code will be sent to your phone at once through SMS.
  • On Access bank ATM, press ‘0’ on the machine to enable you carry out a cardless withdrawal.
  • Select Access Money from the list of options, input your phone number, amount, transaction code received, then select continue, your cash is dispensed. Are you enjoying this flow?


UBA is not left out in the league of banks with cardless withdrawal, adhere to the below steps

  • Dial *919*30* Amount# from your registered number, follow your screen prompt.
  • Cash out code will be sent to your mobile phone automatically via SMS.
  • Go to a cardless enabled ATM, press any button, select paycode cash out, if prompted, enter your cash out code, then the amount you wish to withdraw as earlier. Press the Ok key.
  • Upon successful verification of your transaction, your cash will be dispensed.


Visit any Diamond bank branch to register for this service before you can start using it or call 0700-300-0000.

  • From your registered phone number, Text ‘ATM’ to 30811, this is to generate a 6 digit magic code.
  • Go to Diamond bank ATM, select the magic cash option, and enter your registered phone number starting with 234, followed by the six magic code you received earlier.
  • Enter 4 digit code for your magic PIN. If prompted to confirm same, enter the magic code again, then proceed finally to complete your transaction, while cash is dispensed.


  • Dial *770*8*Amount#, follow the screen prompt to create your OTP
  • Input your instant banking PIN to confirm transaction
  • A paycode will be generated from your Fidelity account then sent to your registered phone number.
  • Go to any ATM, select paycode cashout or Dial4cash, enter the 4 digit one time password created (OTP), Input the Paycode you received earlier, enter the amount to withdraw same as above, cash is dispensed.

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To use this service, do the following

  • Dial *945*8*Amount#, follow the prompt to generate transaction code.
  • Visit any Wema bank ATM and complete your withdrawal


  • Dial *826# from your mobile registered with the bank, follow the screen prompt and generate a paycode PIN.
  • Go to a cardless enabled ATM, select paycode, follow the prompt and receive your cash.

Note: The maximum you can receive from Cardless withdrawal is N20K, the code you generate will expire in 24hrs.


I want to believe you enjoyed every step of this experience, you can start going cardless immediately to explore the unlimited boundaries that abound.

If your bank is not listed in this solution, kindly visit any of your branches and enquire if they’re offering this service to key in at once.

Are you aware of any bank’s cardless withdrawal dynamics not included here, kindly include such using the comment box below, everyone here will be most grateful to know. Up to you now.

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