Business Ideas for Students


Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions

Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions. If you are an undergraduate in any Nigerian University this article is exclusively for you, living the student lifestyle does not entail being broke?

Sorry enough students are categorized as broke fellows with flimsy assertions to justify such claim.

Disappointingly and advantageously information has changed the trend and more students are becoming financially stable and buoyant simply by taking their destinies into their own hands. The purpose of this guide is to bring to your attention business ideas you could leverage on while in school and make money for yourself.

The truth is, you may continue with these businesses after school and run them full time. Giving to scarcity of jobs in this country, you may not have to bother after graduation as you’ll likely take your business to the next level and become an employer of labor.

I don’t mean to twat your dreams and aspirations of working in oil companies and multinationals, but truth be told, it always looks greener from the other side.

The business ideas I’m listing here are not just ordinary, they have been practically tested and proved reliable with avalanche of markets available. Read carefully through the below ideas.

Business Ideas for Students
Business Ideas for Students

BUSINESS IDEAS FOR STUDENTS: Money Lending- What, I don’t understand this, and what exactly didn’t you understand? Probably how to get the money to start lending out, time and all that. You’ve got to deal with it, that’s being an entrepreneur. There’s no free lunch anywhere not even in free town.

You can provide money lending services in school, fellow students will come and borrow money from you to solve their problems. Students are always in need of cash and you can provide this services and make profit. Some will have a cause to borrow and settle their school fees before money comes from home, take advantage of this services and make a difference.

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You must not have come from a buoyant home to start this business, most of your clients are from wealthy homes, and are ready to meet your rate. Your ability to meet demands at all times will put you ahead of the business. Money lending is one of the business ideas for students to take advantage of.

BUSINESS IDEAS FOR STUDENTS: How to Source the Funds and Legal Backing- You may not readily have the funds to start this business, kindly go to Microfinance Banks for soft loan. They will definitely help out provided you keep to terms and return money subsequently for higher facilities.

You will then need to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission, this is very necessary for legal backing since you will be dealing with money. It’s a business and sentiments should be put apart. That’s just it for this category.

I have a younger brother in the University who has set a path for himself doing money lending, you won’t believe how much interest this guy is making. It’s very viable and you can start today.

Business Ideas for Students
Business Ideas for Students

BUSINESS IDEAS FOR STUDENTS: Transportation/Shuttle- Not many know that a student can buy shuttle bus and start a transport service business in school. This is very viable, you can rake a N100000 return in a month after expenses doing this business.

You can raise some money then get a hire purchase, a shuttle bus goes for about N800000 depending on the grade. You must drive yourself, register it with the appropriate transport authority in school just in case the driver misbehaves or fails to render proper accounting, that way you will be free from driver owner rancor. You may drive your shuttle yourself during less academic activities, it pays to do that, go get the money. Driving does not necessary make you an “agbero”, you are fighting for survival.

BUSINESS IDEAS FOR STUDENTS: Buy and Sell Kerosene- We are in the era of cooking gas no doubt, however there are still a good number of kerosene users. You can buy kerosene from the filling stations and sell to your fellow students in the hostels and lounge, do not despise the days of little beginning.

It’s not always easy for everyone to go get it from the filling stations, students are known to cherish comfort to the later, and they will pay your biddings provided it’s not outrageous.

You can likewise buy in quantity if by any means price goes high, soon the filling stations will stop selling and you will become the already made black market.

Make friends with the pump attendants in the filling stations, they will tip you off when there’s about to be scarcity, use this information to your advantage and make temporary storage. This business is very viable.

You can as well get a tank, buy from deport if you have the link, you will get it at cheaper and competitive price could even compete with the filling stations if you know how.

Business Ideas for Students
Business Ideas for Students

BUSINESS IDEAS FOR STUDENTS: Own a Barbing Saloon- This shouldn’t be a news, but one of most lucrative business ideas for students, you think barbers are lay about right? You are wrong my dear, it’s one of the effective money spinners of our time.

A hair cut goes for N250 to N300 in school, and students are found of barbing and looking good like no body’s business weekly. It doesn’t cost much to set up a shop, get your wall mirrors, clippers, chairs, fan, television, your generator and little accessories then you are good to go.

You can hire a qualified barber first, you guys should reach a compromise on what everyone gets weekly or daily. Learn under his tutelage this is very important because a day will come when you will be the only one available, imagine if you can’t barb and customers keep trooping in for haircut.

Keep your shop lively by installing a television for relaxation and all that, you could include video game and make more money, this is one of the proactive business ideas students should strive to establish.

Business Ideas for Students
Business Ideas for Students

BUSINESS IDEAS FOR STUDENTS: Tailoring/seamstress- Being of the view to encourage skill acquisition, this is a reliable way or how to make money in Nigerian University. It doesn’t take anything to learn this skill and you will be happy you did.

Have you cared to check how fellow students now embrace native attires? Native cloths are the in thing now and getting any of them sowed is not less than N3000 just for a giveaway, it goes for as high as N5000. Your expertise is just the trading point, if your work appeals to people you will get referrals who will come badging your door steps with money.

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Learn this skills and you will be happy you did, if you are trendy about fashion then this for you. Chances are you will continue with this business after school and will probably end up a professional fashion designer.

There is no job anywhere, kindly heed to this advice and help yourself out of poverty, you could sow about seven clothes in two weeks do the math; N3000 X 7= 21000. This is just for a start, a whopping N21000 in two weeks is a good bargain and will exceed that with time, take advantage of this opportunity. Start learning how to make dresses, you will never regret you did.

Business Ideas for Students
Business Ideas for Students

BUSINESS IDEAS FOR STUDENTS: Become a Freelancer- This could sound Greek, do people really make money as freelancers? The answer is yes, if you can manipulate the pen with a good communication in written English, hop in here. Freelancing is a good business idea for students and only smart fellows will take advantage.

There are so many websites online looking out for content creators true to the needs of their audience, go in search of them and start making money online. You must not have a website to land a job, but if you can afford one that’s an added advantage being that you’ll always refer your clients to your site for accreditation before they offer you a job.

The truth is you can be a good writer but may find it difficult to get a job because you are just a newbie, but don’t worry there’s a solution to that: writer in charge has a solution to all that kindly visit to learn how to be a successful freelancer today.

You stand chances of making thousands of dollars monthly, freelancing is one of the lucrative business ideas for students to take advantage of.


Having read all the above business ideas for students, they will not in any way impact to your life except you take responsibility, many have done and are still exploring, why not join the bandwagon today and say goodbye to poverty.

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