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Boss Revolution money transfer – How to send money from the U.S. to Nigeria

Boss revolution money transfer is a platform that allows its clients to send and receive money from the United States to any destination where the Boss revolution service is enabled, as well as Nigeria.

As a cross bother money solution, funds can be sent to family and friends for various reasons, Boss revolution is safe, swift, fast, cheap, and reliable.

Boss revolution money transfer service was launched for U.S. customers in 2013, under the IDT payment services. Over the years, the Boss revolution has expanded and now offers international money transfer services to over 59 countries across the globe.

Boss Revolution money transfer countries, but are not limited to;

  • Mexico
  • Guatemala
  • Dominican Republic
  • Colombia
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana and
  • Senegal, etc.

How Boss Revolution works

To start sending money from the U.S., all you’ve got to do is select “Nigeria” as the destination country, and enter the amount of fund you’d wish to send to your beneficiary back home. Select your preferred payment method, in this case, either cash pick up or bank deposit.

Kindly login to your Boss Revolution account, add your recipient and select a payment method, it’s as easy as that.

Bear in mind that transfers come with a few charges depending on the destination, however, first-time users are not charged for sending money, charges apply subsequently.

Exchange rates: The Boss Revolution exchange rate is stated as to how much markup they add to the mid-market rate for your international transfers.

However, this changes according to the currency and country your transfer is being targeted.

From a competitive view, Boss Revolution offers a more competitive exchange rate than other money transfer providers like; Moneygram, Western Union, etc., However not as competitive as WorldRemit transfer does.

Transfer fees: For first-time senders, international money transfers are enabled for free, first-time customers have a gateway to send up to $300 with the app.

Subsequently, fees apply to start from $1.99, and can as well go higher. Note, that fees vary depending on the destination country and the payment method selected in each case.

How to send money using Boss Revolution money transfer

Step one: Download the Boss Revolution money transfer app available on Google and Apple Store for Android and IOS operating systems.

Sign up for a verified user account, this is granted free.

Step two: Select the destination country, enter the amount you are looking to send, choose a payment method; usually credit or debit card, and delivery method.

The delivery method in Nigeria is through bank or cash pick up.

Step three: Proceed and enter your recipients’ details; usually full name, address, bank account information, and your payment details.

How to receive Boss Revolution money transfers in Nigeria

If you wish to receive a transfer in Nigeria, you can access this service in two ways;

Through bank account or Cash pick up

Through bank account: The sender can route the money via your bank account, however, you will need to send him your account number, full name as it appears on your bank account, and bank SWIFT/Sort code.

In this case, the money will be routed straight to your bank account, go to the bank, complete a withdrawal slip, and cash out your money.

Through cash pickup: If the send routes the money via cash pickup, in this case, you will still have to visit the bank, but with your transaction reference code, and a valid ID card with a name contained on the transaction.

By this arrangement, you should have sent the sender your complete name as it appears on your valid ID card in Nigeria.

Valid ID here falls among; Voter’s cards, National IDs, International Passports, Driver’s License, and BVN where applicable.

Note: You are required to complete a Boss Revolution money transfer form in addition to the aforementioned details.

Thereafter, your transfer will be processed, and payment completed immediately, all things being equal.

For receiver’s in other African countries like Ghana and Senegal, you may have to use the mobile money wallet. In this case, the transaction should have been routed via your mobile money phone number.

Kindly visit the mobile money agent with your mobile money phone number and the transaction reference code to cash out.

Boss Revolution money transfer reviews

As a safe, swift, and easy way to send money, we have the below feelings about Boss Revolution.

What we like about Boss Revolution

  • It covers a wide number of countries across the globe
  • There are several delivery options available
  • A transfer is free for first-time customers
  • The app is available on Google and Apple stores for Android and IOS operating systems
  • Quick delivery time

What we don’t like about Boss Revolution

  • User reviews are mixed
  • Send out only for U.S. customers
  • Payment method only by card

Customer service is not too effective

Frequently asked questions on Boss Revolution money transfer

How long does it take to send money through the Boss Revolution money transfer app?

The duration and transfer speed depend on the preferred pay-out method. Cash transfer delivery could take up to 30 minutes, while bank transfer could take several days, subject to the receiving bank’s process. However, the moment money is available, the recipient will be notified.

How secure is Boss Revolution?

In its response, Boss Revolution confirms that all money transfers sent from its website and apps are conducted according to high-level security standards and SSL encryption.

How can I wire money to bank accounts in Nigeria?

Sending money to your recipient’s bank account is easy, fast, and safe via the Boss Revolution.

All you’ve got to do is, open the Boss Revolution app or stay on the website to start your transaction.

Select “Bank Deposit” and enter the amount you want to send in USD. You’ll be shown the amount in local currency (USD) based on the latest exchange rate; enter the recipient’s full name, address, mobile number, and email.

Select a payment method, either credit or debit card, and click on send, your money will be wired to a recipient bank account in Nigeria.

Banks you can receive Boss Revolution in Nigeria?

  • Access bank
  • UBA
  • Zenith bank
  • FCMB
  • Fidelity bank
  • First bank of Nigeria
  • GTBank and
  • Polaris bank, are lists of partnered banks in Nigeria.

How much does it cost to send money to Nigeria?

Your first transaction with Boss Revolution is free to a maximum of $300, subsequently, sending money to Nigeria will cost the amount you send and a fee of $1 if you pay with a debit card, and as low as $4.99 if you pay by credit card.

There may be an additional fee from the card issuer for a credit card transaction.

How fast will a recipient get money in Nigeria?

  • Bank deposits are generally available within minutes
  • Cash pick up available within minutes

Boss Revolution contact number

You can reach Boss revolution by calling 716-215-BOSS (2677)

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