Benue State deploys Remita: Uncovered 500 duplicate names on salary payroll

Benue State deploys Remita: Uncovered 500 duplicate names on salary payroll. Following the discovery of N3.5 billion salary fraud in Benue State civil service payroll, the state government has taken a safer measure to forestall re-occurrence .

In this regard, Benue State deploys Remita which has unravel so many ill development within its payroll system.  The state commissioner for Finance and Economic Planning Mr David Olofu confirmed this while stressing that the State has engage SystemSpecs Remita in managing the salary payment had as well helped get rid of fraud prevalent on the payroll system.

“Since Benue State deploys Remita software, about 500 duplicate names and over 20 bank verification numbers (BVN) were discovered through the system.”

“We must always use a platform for payment of workers’ salaries, before this time we were using U-pay platform which provides so many challenges.”

“When we took over, we discovered that salaries were paid through the platform but the system had many problems, which include duplication of names and we wanted to find out where the problems were coming from.”

Could it be safe to say such fraud has been tamed going forward as Benue State deploys Remita Software in its’ payroll? More of this likes are existing both at the federal and other state levels of the federation and the presidency has a duty of staying true to its’ corruption campaign by investigating and prosecuting all who are culpable of this offence.


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