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BBVA Bank Reviews [Online banking with full service experience]

BBVA bank – Looking for an online banking that affords a full service option in the U.S. BBVA bank does that with a full  service online banking experience, yet with an option that meets a number of needs at the same time to suit customer ideal requirements.

About BBVA bank

BBVA bank is an online bank founded in 1964, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. A subsidiary of Spanish service and multinational company Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.

BBVA operates in few states in the U.S. (Alabama, California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and New Mexico.

Note: BBVA is now PNC

Who should use BBVA bank?

All customers looking for a full service online banking without stress, swift and seamless banking experience on the spot.

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As a customer, you can operate several accounts, consummates transactions online via mobile and internet banking, ideal customers should have less appetite for interest earning on both savings and checking account. There are array of ATM service network, however you are required to keep huge account balances to avoid monthly service fees.

Services offered by BBVA bank

BBVA offers several services from which ideal customers can choose what suits their financial status and product requirements.

These services include but not limited to

  • Savings accounts
  • Checking accounts
  • Money market/instruments accounts
  • Commercial deposits
  • Auto loans
  • Purchase mortgages
  • Refinance mortgages
  • Home equity loans
  • Home equity line of credit
  • IRAs
  • Investment accounts
  • Small business banking solutions
  • Personal loans
  • Commercial banking solutions
  • Corporate banking solutions and
  • Wealth management services

BBVA savings accounts

Here is a savings account that offers customers a 0.01% APY, you will need $25 as opening balance, ATMs are free to access, however, you have a window to effect only four withdrawals within a statement period before fees could apply.

A downside to this account is that you are charged a $15 quarterly service fee, however can be waived on setting automatic monthly transfer of at least $25 from a BBVA checking account or you maintain a daily balance of at least $500.

BBVA online savings account

In this category of savings account you do not need to pay a quarterly maintenance fee, where you earn a 0.01% APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

You are required to make a $25 opening deposit, where you are allowed a grace of four withdrawals per statement period before fees are charged.

BBVA checking account

BBVA checking account affords you a 0.01% APY accompanied by a $19 monthly maintenance fee waved having kept a daily balance of at least $4,000 better still making a direct deposit of same amount monthly.

You are required to make a $25 opening deposit, where you can access upward of 64,000 BBVA points, 7-11 ATMs across the U.S. You have access to personalized debit cards, with an automatic rebate of two out of network ATM fees monthly.

BBVA online checking account

To open the online checking account you are required to make a $25 initial opening deposit, where no maintenance fee applies, you can access 64,000 BBVA, allPoint, and 7-11 ATMs across the U.S. You get a free Visa card with BBVA features.

You can earn cash back rewards for qualified purchases online using the BBVA debit card.


  • Availability of a full service banking options
  • You earn a cash back reward with select checking accounts for debit card purchases
  • You have access to full banking service
  • Array of ATM network in the U.S.
  • Mobile app and online banking service available


  • Not ideal for customers who are looking for a high interest rate
  • There are no options for arrays of branches, as there are only few branches in few states
  • Most transactions attract fees monthly
  • Overdraft fees are high.

How to open an account with BBVA bank

There are basically two ways to open an account with BBA, either you walk into any of its branches in the U.S. or open one on the BBVA website.

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However, you will require some documents to complete your account opening which could be (a driver’s license, Passport or a state issued ID card with your photo clearly attached.

Do understand that you are required to make available an opening balance which could be transferred from another bank, BBVA bank or a debit/credit card whichever is suitable for the potential customer.

BBVA customer service

You may have enquiry or complaints to make, or to open an account, it’s always advisable to reach out to the customer service and get it sorted at once.

Phone: 1-844-228-2872 (for customers in California, Ala., Ariz., Colo., Fla., N.M., and Texas)

Phone: 1-866-534-4482 (for customers in all other states).

BBVA location

To get any BBVA or ATM location, kindly check the locator for your preferred location.

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