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Bank account opening Dubai – How to open a bank account in UAE

Bank account opening Dubai – If you are looking to open a bank account with a bank designated in Dubai, or you are probably looking to own an account with any of the residence banks while you are in another country other than Dubai, this guide will provide the ample details that’ll see you through.

Dubai, as you are aware can be referred to as one of the economic hubs of the world with so many expatriates as well as indigenous citizens, people visit from all walks of life to execute businesses as well as work for a living.

In this case, you can open a Dubai bank account from the UK, the US, etc., to facilitate your financial transactions once you touch down in Dubai.

Think of a country that has the most diversified economy in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the second-largest economy in the Arab world just after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai fills that void as much comes with the developed banking sector.

Banking in the UAE

If you just moved to UAE, you will find it quite easy to cash from the ATMs, however, each transaction comes with a corresponding charge usually in AED.

If you want to shop, you can do that easily with your credit or debit card, a wide range of cards are being accepted like; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and China Union Pay.

In essence, to consummate some little transactions like taxi fares you will need to arm yourself with cash.

Make certain, it’s easy to open a UAE savings bank account before you arrive, however, you are required to operate such accounts with a high minimum operational balance.

If you do not fancy the balance requirements, you may have to wait until you are in the UAE and you have your residence visa stamped in your passport before you open an account.

Who can open a bank account in Dubai?

Dubai runs an open economy, this means you can access financial services from in and outside the UAE. However, there’s always a provision for non-residents and residents’ clients to open an account.

While you can open a bank account outside Dubai, the processes are not always easy given there are documents you will need to sign, like the account mandate, indemnity where necessary, and signature.

Also, be aware that such accounts come with a minimum operational balance which may not be ideal for every client.

How to open a bank account in Dubai/UAE for Non-residents

As a non-resident you do not have a residence permit, you probably visited UAE and do not intend to apply to be a resident, in this case, you can open a non-resident account in Dubai.

Requirements for bank account opening in Dubai

  • Your international passport
  • Letter from your employer
  • Your UAE identification card
  • A copy of your visa and
  • A local utility bill with your address.

Background and financial checks will be carried on you which may take longer, this most times delay your account. As a non-residence, you will only open a savings account and will not be able to ask for a checkbook.

While you cannot ask for a checkbook, you will be availed of a debit card to withdraw money at the ATM spots for your expenses.

Resident customer’s account

If you have a residence permit, account opening becomes easier and simple. In this case, you could walk out of the bank with your account number and other requisite bank details like the cheque, etc.

Account types you can open in the UAE

There are four types of accounts you can operate, though strictly according to your choice and what suits your lifestyle.

  • Commercial banks
  • Investment banks
  • Industrial banks and
  • Islamic bank

Bank account opening Dubai Current accounts

Current accounts are used for everyday transactions and are ideal for employees. For example, you will have access to a check through which you are required to issue a post-dated rent check to your Landlord.

However, kindly be informed that banks over here offer two types of current accounts, accounts through which you can receive salary transfers and those without this feature.

In this case, endeavor to open an account with your employer’s bank, in this case, you are sure to receive your salary timely without delays.

Savings account

Savings accounts allow clients to save money for investments as well as earn higher interest rates other than the current account. You may have limited access to funds as well as some penalties for excess withdrawals.

Questions to ask before you open a bank account in the UAE

  • What is the minimum balance required?
  • Are there salary transfer requirements?
  • How many withdrawals can you make each month?
  • When and why are you required to pay fees and penalties?
  • Are there fees applicable to new checkbooks and debit cards
  • Do you need to transfer money abroad, if yes, what are the destinations and how long does it take to get such funds to your preferred country?
  • Can ATMs be found near your residence?
  • Does your employer bank with them, if yes, then good. You are sure to have your salary delivered timely into your account?
  • Ask around to know who your colleagues bank with and the possible challenge they have with such banks.
  • If you lose your job but have an outstanding loan, can the bank freeze your account for this?

These questions are meant to help you avoid possible pitfalls you may regret by banking with the wrong bank ahead.

Can I open a bank account in Dubai without an Emirate ID?

Some banks in Dubai may require for Emirates ID card for an account opening, however, you can usually provide this later if you haven’t received it yet. Additionally, they may just ask for a copy of your Emirates ID registration form.

Minimum salary to open a bank account in Dubai

For the record, the minimum salary to open a bank account in Dubai is AED 3000. Should your salary fits this requirement, you can easily have a way to open a current or salary account in Dubai.

How to open a bank account in UAE without a salary

While some banks require you to open an account with a specific minimum salary requirement like AED 3000, some banks could afford to open an account for you without minimum salary requirements.

Kindly find a list of banks that allow you to open; an account without a salary,

  • Abu Dhabi commercial bank
  • Mashreq bank and
  • Emirates NBD bank

How to open a business bank account in Dubai for non-residents

To open a business/corporate account in Dubai as a resident or non-resident, you will need the following,

  • Passport
  • Copy of Emirates ID card and shareholder representative
  • Utility bill
  • Detailed business plan
  • Information about the activity on the account
  • List of names of at least five suppliers and five customers
  • Disclosure of the source of funds
  • Certified company incorporation documents, the complete set is required
  • Shareholders registry
  • Company extract and
  • Certificate of good standing.

Having provided these documents as required by the bank, your account should be ready within three to four weeks.


To effect a bank account opening Dubai duly, you will need to stick to the provision of this guide and avail yourself of the opportunity to enroll with the bank that meets your lifestyle the best by asking the necessary questions before you sign up.

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