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All you need to know about Unity1 account in Nigeria

All you need to know about Unity1 account in Nigeria

Unity1 account – The ease at which any one can own a bank account in recent time will hardly go unnoticed. The financial institution has been on intense repositioning to further improve customer experience, within reasonable turn-around-time (TAT).

If you’ve been a regular to any of the Nigerian commercial banks, you should have no puzzle coming to a conclusion that they have never prioritized time, when you seek to get things hasten up, just be prepared to receive attitude.

It has happened to me personally, I’ve lose counts even, so I know these things already, not as though I’m trying to sugar coat words or give false impression of what does not actually exist in practice.

That said, if you’re a Nigerian staying in diaspora, a student or salary earner with a recognized outfit in Nigeria, Unity1 account is strictly for you.

What is Unity1 account?

Unity1 is an online account package which avails non account holders with Unity bank, usually youths and Nigerians in diaspora the opportunity to open a tier 1 account with the bank.

Specifically, this account can be opened on the bank’s website and other related social media platforms like;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedln
  • Mobile and internet banking platforms.


  • Maximum single deposit of N50,000
  • Maximum cumulative balance of N300,000
  • Mobile banking transaction limit of N3,000 and daily limit of N30,000
  • International fund transfer is not allowed on this account.
  • It’s a zero balance account

How to open Unity1 account

Kindly proceed to any of the Unity banks social media accounts, or go through the website, Mobile or Internet banking.

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Alternatively new and existing customers should click this link, you will be directed to a page where you’re expected to sign up, thereafter an account number will be generated and sent to you via SMS and email within 24hrs of such application.

Documentation and KYC

After successful account opening online, you are expected to proceed to the nearest Unity bank branch for your KYC (Know Your Customer) due diligence, you are required to visit with the below details

  • Valid ID card
  • Utility bill not later than 90 days
  • Copy of passport photograph

Unity bank customer care

Get in touch with the bank’s customer care department by following this link.

Unity bank checking accounts

All Unity bank checking accounts have the following features;

  • Free order of Starter checks
  • Free online statements
  • Free online banking and bill pay
  • Free Mobile app
  • Free Mobile deposits
  • Free bank by phone
  • Free Uchoose rewards
  • Free Visa debit card

Unity bank checking accounts and their respective/individual features

Checking typeOpening depositMinimum balanceEarn interestfeatureService/ATM fees
True checking$1NoneNoUnlimited check writing, no teller transaction fees, free e-statement included ($5/month paper statement feeFree
Opportunity checking$100$100YesUnlimited check writing, no teller transaction fees$12 below $2000 balance ATM is free
Prosperity checking Age 55+$1NoneNoFree treasurers checks, free unlimited unity specialty checks, unlimited check writing, no teller transaction feesNone
Prosperity plus Age 55+$100$500YesFree treasurers checks, free unlimited unity specialty checks, unlimited check writing, no teller transaction fees$6 below $500 balance
Student checking$1NoneYesInterest earned on all balance, unlimited check writing, no teller transaction fees, exclusively for students age 14-24Free debit Visa card for students 17 years and older
Opportunity money market$1$10,000YesSix monthly withdrawal with a maximum of three third-party checks.$15 below $10,000 balance Free ATM fees
New Jersey consumer checking$1NoneNoneYour first eight checks paid during each statement cycle are free. For each check paid in excess of eight during the statement cycle, there’s a $50 per check charge 


You can sign up for a Unity1 account effect immediately from your preferred location, it’s very simple and seamless in every step.

Have questions and concerns about this package, kindly use the comment box.

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