AFDB Okays $258m intervention fund for Northeast Nigeria

AFDB Okays $258m intervention fund for Northeast Nigeria

AFDB Okays $258 intervention fund – African Development bank (AFDB) has contributed $258m towards the development and intervention of North East Nigeria faced with insurgent attacks.

Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbanjo unveils this project in Abuja yesterday.

As expected, this program partners with the Nigerian government and is aimed to hasten recovery of both human resources and infrastructures destroyed by Boko Haram insurgence attacks.

Speaking at the launch of this program termed Inclusive Basic Service Delivery and Livelihood Empowerment (IBSIP) for the good people of Northeast, Osinbanjo said this program will enjoy a joint implementation by the Federal Government of Nigeria AFDB.

He highlighted that the intervention will focus on infrastructural restoration, activation of social services and rejuvenation of livelihoods and culture of enterprise deemed necessary for the recovery of post conflict communities.

“The AFDB is investing roughly $258m in the effort to activate critical impact areas of recovery in the Northeast identified in President Buhari’s plan,” he noted.

“Our goal is to achieve, through this project, transformative improvements in water security and sanitation, food security, hygiene, nutrition, the provision of primary health care, basic education, access to markets, entrepreneurship and job creation.

“We are particularly interested in empowering the youth, women and vulnerable in ways that are not typical of such interventions. This is because for us as an administration, we recognize that a commitment to transform Nigerian is invariably a commitment to transform the lives of the weakest and most vulnerable persons in our country.”

He as well said he is happy the AFDB designed the implementation of IBSIP to key into President Buhari’s plan, however the funding will benefit about 14 million affected people and 2.3 million internally displaced persons inclusive.

On the causes of Boko Haram, governor Mohammed Abdullah Abubakar of Bauchi State in his remark and applauds to this initiative said illiteracy and lack of economic capacity fuelled the Boko Haram insurgency and the intervention will go a long way in reducing or end the ugly trend in the volatile.

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