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Access bank leads sustainability goals through CSR project

Access bank leads sustainability goals – Over the years Access Bank’s sustainability goals have bordered on several organisational policies including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The idea of CSR was set into motion to integrate social and environmental goals into a company’s business.

This is based on the fact that CSR drives for loyalty with customers, engagement with employees and positive public attention which is in tune with the sustainability goals of Access Bank. Our CSR initiatives include social innovations like the “W” initiative, financial innovations such as the Green bond and environmental campaigns like the Zero waste campaign.

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Access Bank as a financial institution dedicated to impacting lives has developed initiatives to support different aspects of society. Herbert Wigwe, the Group Managing Director/ CEO of Access Bank at a press conference with World Finance stated that “Over the past decade, our sustainability journey has led us to restructure our business operations and develop new strategies that aim to create a brighter future for our customers and the wider world, this journey has not been easy, but our commitment remains unwavering.

It is, after all, the only approach that can deliver long-term prosperity.”

Taking a look into these initiatives, which range from gender equality to youth empowerment, Access Bank has set a benchmark for other financial institutions.

The-Malaria-to-Zero innovation was set in place as a financing platform to aid private sectors to get the equipment and resources necessary to abate at least one million malaria cases and deaths by 2020.

The “W” Initiative was created to empower women entrepreneurs in the society; it includes skill development programs exclusive to women, mentoring programs, and maternal health services which are aimed at the development and strengthening of women in society.

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Sponsorship of the Access Lagos City Marathon was kicked off to enhance economic development as well as promoting sports and a fitness lifestyle in the country.

Furthermore, health awareness programs have been structured to support the World Health Days, with offerings such as free testing, medication, counselling and consultation, symposia, conferences, walkathons, community engagements, and media campaigns.
These are executed locally and across every area of the country to raise awareness about the different health-related issues in society. The Green Bond initiative was created to finance environmentally friendly projects, these projects cover renewable energy, flood defence and agriculture irrigation projects.
The benefits of the Green Bond project include funding a range of climate-related initiatives, access to capital for sustainability-related projects, attract new investors and also transition from fossil fuel.

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The diverse CSR initiatives that Access Bank has championed have opened up a new world to the society through economic growth, inclusive banking and global placement. It has also set a standard for other financial institutions to grow the society in which they thrive.

This, in the long run, has created an eco-system where sustainability takes precedence over short term investment.

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