Zenith bank account upgrade


A simple guide to your Zenith bank account upgrade

Zenith bank account upgrade – If you are reading this guide because your Zenith bank account has been restricted or you are looking to get it upgraded at the snap of a finger, this is the best guide you’ll get on this topic.

I’ve not promised to upgrade your account myself, rather I’ll show you how to go about it without wasting your time.

The big question is, “Why would you want to upgrade your account?” Whatever your reason, follow me.

  • You may want to upgrade your account because it’s limited to certain thresholds?
  • You’ve been reliably informed unless you upgrade there are transactions you may not consummate?
  • Certain amount has been credited to your account, however, you cannot access it under account restriction?

There are a number of reasons that may warrant Zenith bank account upgrade, whatever it’s rest assured you’ll get over it in this guide. The next question you may wish to ask is

What is Zenith bank account upgrade or bank account upgrade generally?

Note: What you will learn in this guide can be applied to any bank in Nigeria, in this case you can upgrade any other bank account from the information I’ll provide here while citing Zenith bank.

A bank account upgrade is the process where your bank account is moved from its current status that made it difficult for you to access certain services to an advance class of account where you can access various services.

The challenges usually are; single deposit limit and account threshold, a typical case with a tier 1 and tier 2 accounts in Nigeria.

In this case your account will be upgrade to a tier 3 account where you can have a full-fledge service 24/7.

For a better understanding, read my guide on tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 accounts in Nigeria.

Requirements to upgrade your Zenith bank account

You will need to make the following available for a possible account upgrade,

  • A valid ID card in any of these arrangements (National ID, Voters card, Driver’s License or International passport)
  • A utility bill not later than 90 days or three months
  • Copy of a clear passport photograph and any other supporting document as the bank may find necessary.

Where do you go from here?

How to upgrade your Zenith bank account 

Kindly visit the nearest branch in your location, having arrived inform the customer service that you are looking to upgrade your account.

The officer will inquire the availability of the documents mentioned above, make them available at once.

In turn you will be issued a Zenith bank customer account upgrade form to complete as part of the process.

Contained in the form are;

  • Your complete name (First, middle and last name)
  • Date of birth (DOB)
  • Your current address
  • Landmark
  • Your ID type
  • Phone number and email if available, etc.

Having completed the form return same to the officer who will advise you on your account subsequently.

All protocols being met your account should be upgraded within 24 hours.

How long does it take to upgrade Zenith bank account?

Ans. This generally depends on your ability to provide the requisite items for this upgrade,

  • Valid ID card
  • Valid utility bill and
  • A clear passport photograph

Having completed required process in the bank your account should be upgraded within 24 hours.

How to upgrade my Zenith bank account from student account?

Ans. There’s no rocket science involved in upgrading your student account. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to get your account upgraded provided you now have the requisite documents.

How to upgrade Zenith bank account online?

Ans. Sincerely regret to inform you that your account upgrade is strictly done at the branch level at this time. You’ll be abreast once the online process is gets going.

How to know if my Zenith bank account is upgraded?

Ans. Once your account is upgraded most times you get an SMS to that effect, you will get instant access to your account against your initial experience.

Try buying airtime or data, etc. Once any of these happens you are good to go.


Your Zenith account upgrade can be completed in 24 hours on provision of requisite documents and completion of the customer account upgrade forma as directed.

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