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86fb review: Legit or scam, should I invest with them? Find out..

86fb review – Are you looking to make easy money by simple stakes and predictions, your answer should be as good as my guess. However, if you are not thinking in this direction, the 86fb review you are about to read may not tickle your fancy.

To set the record straight, the essence of this review is to afford you a first-hand information, the way forward to either invest or stay away from this program by providing sensitive pointers that would inform your decision thereafter.

In the meantime, kindly understand that I do not have anything to gain or lose for writing this review, there’s no personal interest attached, rather my quest to provide a fair double-ends coin where you feel safe, certain and take responsibility for where you choose to put your money.

Either ways, your discretion remains your guide, in the end you’ll be responsible for the choice you made.

About 86fb

Quoting the website without mincing words;

“86fb is one of the companies under the acclaimed City Football Group, with a football related businesses in major cities around the world.

Where football clubs, academies, technical support and marketing companies are all involved.

In its perspective, 86fb looks to increase participation of on-and-off the field football, seek and cultivate the best football match analysis talent, and provide a wonderful and avant-garde match result quiz project hedge fund.

The platform was said to established in 2015, don’t get it twisted I’ll get more clarity on this, a contrary opinion that should be studied closely.

How 86fb works

This is a game where users place a stake, if such prediction fails and provides a different outcome everyone who purchased it won for having a different outcome other than the accurate prediction.

It’s more like a reverse bet/stake where you depend on multiple opposites of stake to make huge returns on investment. However, you are being provided with games to stake every day.

If you are given a possible outcome/score line in a game say 1:3 and the final result fails to meet this ratio or turns out to be something else, you’ve won.

That’s interesting right?

The minimum registration/purchase plan on the 86fb platform is pegged at N3,500. It’s something you can afford to gamble with right? I think I heard you gesticulate that in your mind, read on anyways.

Three predictions are usually released every day by 11 AM, 4:30 PM and 9PM.

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You are guaranteed to make 3% daily profit of your investment, by this narrative the more you invest the better your returns on investment.

According 86fb, there are no losses, it’s all way profits and wins.

You can request withdrawal/payout at any time of the day or night up to three times regardless

The 86fb program has a referral commission plan attached, though not mandatory for every user.

The referral model works thus,

  • Invite 5 people to register and fund their 86fb with your referral link and the system will reward you with N7,000
  • Invite 20 people and receive N33,000
  • Invite 50 people and receive N80,000
  • Invite 200 people and receive N200,000 and the process continues.

To qualify for a referral commission your referrals must register and fund their accounts respectively with at list the minimum investment amount of N3,500.

86fb review

I would give you an honest review from my finding, however, you have the express right to decide what to do with your money, either to invest or look elsewhere.

What I like about 86fb

  • They have a motive to enhance financial inclusion through wealth creation and financial prosperity according to their mission statement
  • They stay true to their payout at the moment
  • There are comments from users which infers they are getting paid at the time of writing this guide.
  • Users show a level of confidence though typical of a program that pays its investors
  • The basic investment amount is low

What I don’t like about 86fb

  • Programs like this are most likely not to be sustainable since they depend on investor’s funds, the moment such funds stop coming problems set in
  • The website owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service, this is a common trait with Ponzi scheme platforms
  • Cryptocurrency service was detected which can be high risk, we encourage you to check diligently before you invest or part with your money
  • From my finding, the platform is operating on an expired domain renewed late 2021. In this case it can be easily concluded that the platform lied about its age and date of commencement despite being registered with the CAC as purported.
  • It’s a Ponzi kind of website which has relative ability of folding any time
  • The platform doesn’t appear to have any branch abroad as it claimed, in this case it’s being run by Nigerians in Nigeria.

The owner of the website is hiding his identity, spammers use this information to promote services

Is 86fb legit

Given that I couldn’t find complaints from its users as at the time of writing this piece as whether they’ve been scammed, though I found few comments by customers who complained about deposits not hitting their accounts and non-response from a dummy customer service.

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It may be difficult to classify 86fb as a scam at the moment from a point of being honest, however, this assertion stays true strictly as at the time of writing this review and does not cover eventuality in the future, members are getting paid week-in-week-out.

Is 86fb scam?

From my finding, 86fb is still paying its investor’s given this light it may not be justified to pronounce it as scam as the time of writing 86fb review. This does not in any way guarantees that the trend will continue in the future since it has been found to have qualities of a Ponzi scheme.

Should I go ahead and invest with 86fb?

The choice to invest with 86fb is strictly at your own discretion, considering the investment threshold, some persons would rather take the risk than watch from the sideline.

Life itself is a huge risk, however, this does not infer a green light from me but subject to your risk appetite. Given every standard, there are chances the program will crash with your money while you can still make money before it says goodbye.

But personally I would say they are not to be trusted.


Here you have the 86fb review, it appears more like a Ponzi scheme than a football betting program, I haven’t found qualities associating it with the type of websites it portrays or claims to be

In betting platform, users can place stakes on their own with an outcome either positive or negative, but users on 86fb will only receive games from their lead up liner via WhatsApp, otherwise they’ll run into huge loss depending on how much they invest.

Besides, the returns appear magical and manipulated given the position of things, this leaves a lot to question on how exactly 86fb could be sustainable which is most certain it won’t, until then keep testing the waters with what you can afford to lose while hoping for the worst if you choose to. 

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