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6 things to note before you pick a contract banking job in Nigeria, number “4” will shock you

6 things to note before you pick a contract banking job in Nigeria, number “4” will shock you

Contract banking job in Nigeria is fast becoming one of the most sought after job, giving the fact that we live in a country where job scarcity is now the order of the day.

If you are reading this article because you probably want a job or will like to build a career in banking, I wish to categorically say you’re at the right place and very timely.

However, I’m not an employer of labor, I can’t afford to give you a job in the Nigerian banking sector, but I can afford to educate you on what you will most likely be faced with if you wish to pick a contract banking job in Nigeria.

Particularly, people view and approach bank jobs from a very rather wrong perspective, this had led many into deep regrets, instead of living a happy life after landing a bank job, they languish in regrets because they set their expectations so high, that their goals may not be achievable in 10 years doing a contract banking job in Nigeria.

Kindly follow me patiently as I am ready to address these issues in this article as we advance.


  • You are a support staff popularly referred to as outsourced staff as well: Being an outsourced staff means you are not a full bank staff, you were instead recruited by an outsourcing agent then seconded to the bank.

A very close look at your offer letter will tell you that, you are a staff of an outsourcing company, however you will be seconded or deployed to a particular bank where you are expected to serve.

Why then is it so?

Friend, the truth is the bank hardly recruit directly, they prefer and feel safer giving out this recruitment process as a contract to competent outsourcing firms as deemed fit by them.

They pay these agents monthly, who in turn pay you miserably.

The bulk work in banks are divided into two broad and narrow categories usually (1) The lighter task and (2) The heavy task.

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The full staff reorganized by the bank are called professional staff who accomplish the lighter category of these tasks which include supervisory role, reporting and authorization of tickets.

The contract staff or outsourced staff are the laborers in the bank vineyard who toil day and night, putting in their sweat for pea nuts in return as wages.

They are the bulk tellers as they are fondly called you see across the counter, some of these tellers depending on daily activities or transaction volumes could treat about 400 tickets a day, little wonder they often times lose money  and will always pay back almost immediately, respecting the slogan “Vault must balance”.

Their salary will hardly see them through half of the next pay day, even on below average economic daily expenditure they subject themselves.

This is why contract banking job in Nigeria is often times referred to as a modern day slavery in a rather fast becoming civilized world.

The bank wants cheap labor, this is why outsourced staff make up 85% of any Nigerian bank work force.


  • You will hardly get converted: Ordinarily, having worked for few years with a Nigerian bank as a contract staff, you ought to be converted to full staff, to at least improve your financial well being which in turn have you put in your best. There is a direct correlation between a happy employee and excellent service delivery.

Conversion is not your right, it’s a privilege if it ever comes your way at missing point.

Most often, it has been a cause to worry when a bank will throw open an advert to recruit fresher’s, without giving their existing so called support staff the opportunity to get converted first even on appraisal and performance evaluation. Isn’t that a great disservice to mankind.

Why are they doing this?

The obvious truth is that banks are in constant need of employing youths of even younger age at a slightest opening.

They’ll always put their benchmark at 24 years at most 26 years.

This same bank might had employ you at the age of 26, you’ve worked for may be 6 years, you’re probably 32 year old. This bank will advertises a job opening with 24 years as its’ benchmark for entry level, how then do you fit into this arrangement?

This has always been the scenario, except very minute occasions, where they will ask existing staff not older than 28 or 29 to apply, which is mostly not obtainable once you are into contract banking job in Nigeria.


  • Forget about auto loan: If one of your dreams of picking up career in banking is to apply for auto loan, forget it especially if you are into contract banking job in Nigeria, better have a rethink. Set your goals within affordable limits, it will save you from depression.

You can still buy a car if you so wish, but of course not expensive or millennium cars, except it comes at give away price.


  • You earn miserably: You don’t get paid reasonably doing contract banking job in Nigeria. At this point, it very important you get so open and honest with your family about your earning status. Knowing how little you earn, they will not have to place excessive demands on you.

Do tell them the clear difference between a banker and a bank worker as the case is, of which you are a bank worker probably working on bank street, lol. Funny.


  • Save aggressively and plan for your exit: Plan your exit from the very first day of resumption, there’s absolutely no fun about being an outsourced staff. You get a very poor treatment from the so called full staff, they treat you as though you are less human. It so be that they are your supervisors.

However, do believe in yourself and be determined to reach your potential. Always put away your savings from your salary before you consider your expenses, it’s very advisable to do that as you could lose this horrible job without preparing for the worst.

Sometimes you lose your job not because it’s actually your fault, collective errors and missing funds not in your possession could show you the way out, if that happens dust up and thank God for putting an end to modern slavery in your life.

Start a small business from your savings, work hard and pray, divine mighty forces will rewrite your story within a very short while.

You could grow so old on this job without achieving anything, once you are over employable age, you will have yourself to blame. You don’t have time, your day starts and ends on the job.

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  • Get additional qualification: Let me be frank with you, bank tellers are OND and HND holders. The bank prefer these set of employee, cheap labor in its entirety, do not let your life start and end on that contract banking job in Nigeria.

Improve your qualification and seek better opportunities elsewhere, make friends on your desk and spread your CV in case a better offer comes up, otherwise you will end up a retched fellow. The bank does not have any plan for you, they are just after profit making and utilizing you to full potential then discard you at old age.

Are you not aware of and HND dichotomy in Nigeria? Some banks will even refuse to upgrade you with your HND, they are just comfortable exploiting you with OND, even HND is nothing to write home about in case they use it.

You need a if at all you want to be converted as they will promise but never fulfilled.


A passionate appeal goes for Contract banking job in Nigeria offer to be reviewed, many have been so far rendered useless in life through this scheme, the terms and offers should be improved. Nigerian banks should at least come up with something if financial inclusion is anything to be considered seriously.

Labor and organized private sectors should harmonize this scheme and eliminate poverty in its entirety, many are stocked, they have given in their youthful years and are now very old to seek employment elsewhere, the most disheartening is you watch them get relieved of their duty without benefit. Isn’t this a modern day slavery (contract banking job in Nigeria), think I have said it all, be wise be warned. It’s your turn now, let’s here from you, bye.

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