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11 effective business promotion pattern for Nigerian entrepreneurs with little or no budget

11 effective business promotion pattern for Nigerian entrepreneurs with little or no budget. Business promotion is a core aspect of every business development and such should be accorded the necessary priority to enhance a wide reach in awareness and sensitivity as well create product acceptance amongst consumers of such goods and services.

Effort to promote your business should not be undervalued in any way, rather improvise to get the product to its target market, considering that it will spell income generation.

You may however adopt a combination of any of the below recommendations to fast track your business promotion.

1. BUSINESS PROMOTION: Brand gift items- As simple as it sounds, this has proved to be an effective method when you talk about business promotion. It’s in your own interest to do this if you had not considered it before now. Business owners give out gifts to their loyal customers occasionally especially at festive periods as a way of saying “thank you very much for choosing to patronize us all these while”, the idea is that these gifts items should be branded with your business name, location, address, phone number, email address, business website url if you have any.

This will go a long way to promote your business in the eyes of wider audience who could pick up your contact from the brand, make enquiry and possibly visit your business location for patronage. If you have not been doing this, kindly imbibe this idea and see how things will turn out.

2. BUSINESS PROMOTION: Give discount on bulk purchase- The truth with this point is that every buyer no matter how rich they are deserve a give away from you, you should be able to part with something to make your customers feel valued for patronizing you because they are actually doing you a favor otherwise they would have to patronize other competitors who may offer fair price with same value. Let them enjoy some discounts on bulk purchase, it gladdens the soul. Don’t be too greedy and stingy not to give out even when your customers ask for it. These same customers will bring you referrals if you treat them well and are vital to your business promotion.

3. BUSINESS PROMOTION: SMS Broadcast- This is a modern and one of the most effective business promotion tools, have you gotten an SMS from a shop you once visited and may probably not remember you even visited, thanking you for your patronage as well informing you the arrival of a similar or new product you purchased with them sometime just in case you need to try something new. This is the power of SMS broadcast, it keeps you in regular touch with your customers.

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You can Improve bonding which hubs relationship in a business, send text messages on their birthdays to share that special day with them possibly just like you normally get from your bank, they’ll appreciate that. Not forgetting to wish them well in accordance with any festive season, it sends one thing to their minds, “they are valued”. Everybody wants to be treated with air of importance. Do this and start seeing  rapid result.

4. BUSINESS PROMOTION: Print customize business T-shirts- This could be an old but effective business promotion tool, buying T-shirts and handing them over to get customized with your business name is not a bad idea at all. Who should wear these T-shirts? You and your customers inclusive, however should be targeted at regular customers who are capable of bringing referrals to your business, give it out as a way of returning back their favor, tell them how you value them and wish this process will be a continuous one.

By wearing the T-shirts your business will travel beyond boundaries as well creating more awareness about your brand, your email address and contact number could as well be printed on it for rapid contact, gradually you will become a household name.

5. BUSINESS PROMOTION: Create a website for your business- The internet has been a credible marketing strategy in recent times, if you have not embraced it, then you are losing big. You can reach a wider and targeted audience with the use of internet, in fact this is the most effective business promotion tool today. 6 out of every 10 Nigerians are online today searching for information, with adequate site optimization thousands of Nigerians will arrive at your site daily  if they eventually search for keywords you are ranking for. The reach on this platform is far beyond what you have offline.

You can use the social media to your advantage, use facebook ads to get targeted audience and convert them to loyal customers, twitter and Instagram are there for you only if you know how to use them to your advantage. The internet is a veritable tool you should strive to harness to its potential.

6. BUSINESS PROMOTION: Partner with blogs in your product niche- I don’t mean to sound confusing, modern businesses have leveraged on this method and will continue to be a veritable business promotion tool. This is a practice whereby you identify blogs who are writing and promoting articles relevant to your business category. Contact such blogs and partner with them, when you do they will have to write reviews about your products and showcase to their audience who will in turn patronize you.

Example is say may be the very blog you are reading now which is which is a finance blog that deals on banking, personal finance, entrepreneurial development and importation. If a bank wants to promote any product existing or new, they could choose to contact me to write a review about the product. I will do that and publish here for you my reader and others to get to know about it, they will pay me for doing that. While their product gets exposure to the right audience who are interested in financials.

You could as well place banner ads and pay the blog owner for leaving it there for a wider view, this will in turn promote your business for a wider view. Trust you are comfortable with that.

7. BUSINESS PROMOTION: Write for a local newspaper if you are a blogger- This strictly concerns bloggers, a blogger is a person who write and publish information online for people like you and me to read and could get to understand how to solve a prevalent problems. I am a blogger here while you are my reader, you get that?

We are looking at business promotion, every blogger wants to promote his/her blog so as to get to a wider audience. This is as well concerned with how to market products in Nigeria, the blog and its contents are the products.

If by chance a local newspaper grants you the opportunity to write and get your writing published on a section of its column, you can imagine how much traffic that will drive to your blog, isn’t that a good business promotion approach, yes because your link will be attached to the post for interested readers to visit your blog for more valuable contents.

A blogger can also contact free advertising sites in Nigeria, where he could submit directory and get audience/traffic in return.

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8. BUSINESS PROMOTION: Donate branded stand to traffic wardens- You probably heard that for the first time right, well that’s one of the best ways to advertise in Nigeria, just imagine how many eyes that will get to look at the traffic warden stand in a day and envisage if it’s been branded with your business name and contacts around it. Passengers on traffic will definitely try out your site and get busy while the traffic last.

Your product will remain evergreen in their grey matter as much as they pass through that terminal and will definitely try it out. Don’t go about asking best ways you can advertise in Nigeria when you already have more than enough avenues. It takes only eagle eye to identify this business promotion method. If their stand is old, take advantage of this and change it for business optimization.

9. BUSINESS PROMOTION: Subscribe to bulletins and magazines- Subscribing for bulletins is an integral aspect of business promotion you must not neglect if you ever expect result in your promotion campaign. Imagine how many readers that will get to see your business on the bulletin or magazine, you must not have direct sales immediately if that is the case, but your business and product remains fresh in the eyes and minds of your consumers, whenever they need a product in that line they could patronize you.

10. BUSINESS PROMOTION: Sponsor TV/radio programs- This is very popular and needs no explanation, just that you may have to increase your budget a little bit to fund the cost, the response rate is very encouraging, you could end up being a house hold name.

11. BUSINESS PROMOTION: Sponsor a local football team- This as well could demand huge budget, sponsoring a local football team is a good idea. You may have to buy their jerseys, pay their transport when they are playing away from home, could even donate buses. What do you gain in return, you may have your banner ads displayed in their home stadium during matches, fans are having a view of it, viewers watching the game on Television will sight it as well, and it goes a long way.

You could have your business name on their jerseys, buses as well on their football websites as a partner. Which will definitely avail you the required exposure.


Business promotion is not a rocket science and there’s no definite pattern to it, try out what you think could work out for your business, but must have the ability to interface with required audience. Start implementing the above strategies according to your budget and see how you could make a difference. You can also relate to for wider spectrum.

If you have any business promotion strategy you think should had made this list, kindly include it using the comment box below.

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